The Freeborn senators of The Brass Coast

  • Senator for Feroz: Sallur I Mnajdra I Guerra (retained seat)
  • Senator for Kahraman: Rauul i Jannat i Riqueza
  • Senator for Madruga: Avisena i Ezmara i Guerra

The senators of Dawn

  • Senator for Astolat: Bohemond De Rondell
  • Senator for Semmerholm Ywain De Gauvain
  • Senator for Weirwater: Lady Adia of House Arwood (claimed seat from Marek)

The senators of Highguard

  • Seantor for Bastion: Gideon (claimed seat from Simiel of the Shattered Tower)
  • Senator for Casinea: Cyrus of Felix's Watch
  • Senator for Necropolis: Adamah of the Silent Tide

The senators of The League

  • Senator for Sarvos: Mirislav (retained seat)
  • Senator for Tassato: Arsenio Sanguineo Rezia di Tassato
  • Senator for Temeschwar: Oksana Kazaku von Temeschwar

The senators of The Marches

  • Senator for Bregasland, the Dour Fens: Richard of Bourholt
  • Senator for Mitwold, Pride of the Marches: Bridget Eastville (née Talbot)
  • Senator for Upwold, The Silver Chase: Henry Ward

The senators of the Navarr

  • Seantor for Hercynia: Rhain replaced Cei Windstrider who was revoked by the Navarr National Assembly in his absence
  • Senator for Miaren: Rhys (claimed seat from Bledri Eternal)
  • Senator for Therunin: Caerwyn Summer Crow

The senators of Urizen

  • Senator for Morrow: Ioseph
  • Senator for Redoubt: Probus (retained seat)
  • Senator for Zenith: Hector of the Spire of the Celestial Cascade.

Senator Hector was revoked by the Imperial Synod during the Spring Equinox, but then re-elected to the post; he cannot be revoked again until after the next time the Senatorship would be elected normally.

The senators of Varushka

  • Senator for Karov: Constantin (retained seat)
  • Senator for Miekarova: Yelislaveta Syrnova Vlanich
  • Senator for Volodmartz: Maxim

The senators of Wintermark

This scribe would like to offer humble apologies to the Senator for Hahnmark for consistently spelling his name incorrectly in multiple cases, and hopes that all such incidents are now corrected.

Other Imperial Senate positions

The Military Council

The Generals of The Brass Coast

  • General Estana I Mestiere I Guerra of the Red Wind Corsairs (replacing Yasmina i Ezmara i Erigo)
  • General Yasmina I Ezmara I Erieo replaced Deigo i Guerra of the Fire of the South TBC

The Generals of Dawn

The Generals of Highguard

The Generals of the Imperial Orcs

  • General Bloodcrow Martok replaced Klor of the Winter Sun TBC
  • General Braka of the Summer Storm (retained his position)

The General of The League

The Generals of The Marches

The Generals of Navarr

The General of Urizen

  • General Tanwyn Ankarien of the Citadel Guard (replacing Decius Cascade)

The Generals of Varushka

The Generals of Wintermark

  • General Vahne of the Green Shield Army 'replaced General Merrick whose position was revoked by the Wintermark National Assembly in his absence.
  • General Erkenbrand of Tyrsholm of the Fist of the Mountain (retained his position)

Other Military Council Positions

  • Septima of Shatterspire was appointed Warmage.

Cardinals and Gatekeepers of the Imperial Synod


  • Olek of the League remainedd Cardinal of Ambition
  • Serrusta Caeli Rezia di Tassato of the League remained as the Gatekeeper of the Ambition Assembly


  • Lazarus of Highguard remained Cardinal of Courage
  • Cyrus Cascade of Urizen was appointed as the Gatekeeper of the Courage Assembly


  • Jared of Highguard was appointed Cardinal of Loyalty
  • Friar Alan Young of the Marches remained as the Gatekeeper of the Loyalty Assembly


  • Epaph of Highguard was appointed Cardinal of Pride
  • Meurig Tystwarden of the Navarr remained as the Gatekeeper of the Pride Assembly


  • Bishop Alexandru Vintla of the League remained Cardinal of Prosperity
  • Darius i Esmara i Erigo of the Brass Coast remained as the Gatekeeper of the Prosperity Assembly


  • Petra Petrivna Melikov of Varushka remained Cardinal of Vigilance
  • Silas of Highguard remained as the Gatekeeper of the Vigilance Assembly


  • Agnetha De Rondell of Dawn was appointed Cardinal of Wisdom
  • Hywel Summercrow of Navarr was appointed as the Gatekeeper of the Wisdom Assembly

The Way

  • Bishop Antonnio Vanzetti of the League remained Cardinal of The Way
  • Gralka, an Imperial Orc, remained as the Conscience of the Senate

The Imperial Conclave


  • Kallendar Stormcrow declared Archmage of Spring
  • Corvus of Auric Horizon declared Archmage of Summer
  • Maurice de Gauvain declared Archmage of Autumn
  • Savik Summerstorm declared Archmage of Winter
  • Callisius Quicksilver declared Archmage of Day
  • Baba Ana declared Archmage of Night

Grandmasters of the Orders

These Grandmasters will serve with these voting strengths until re-election at the Autumn Equinox, 377YE.

Other Imperial Conclave Positions

The Imperial Bourse

Under normal circumstances, all White Granite Bourse Seats would have been re-elected or re-appointed during the Solstice. Due to concerns of economic stability in a time of Imperial crisis, the seats gained at the Winter Equinox 376 will run until the Winter Equinox 377 and then the normal process of re-election will begin again.

Imperial Bourse Positions

National Bourse Positions