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A moment spent perusing a noticeboard could easily suggest new ambitions.


Over the past three months, several events have occurred which are of significance to the Empire and may require a response from her champions. You can also read about the progress of the Empire's military campaigns here.

In each case, we've tried to tag the Winds of Fortune entry with the nations, or political bodies, to which it is most relevant. We've done this to help people who are interested only in events that are especially relevant to them. In no way are these tags intended to be exhaustive; the Empire is a complex place and very little happens in isolation.

As always, how much or how little of this information you choose to know in character is up to you. Part of the purpose of Winds of Fortune is to maintain the illusion of the Empire as a living, breathing place where things happen - and to make players aware of things their characters 'should' know based on what their roleplaying says they have been doing for the past three months.

Many winds of fortune open with a short section of in-character text. In all cases, these pieces are intended to help create an atmosphere and provide a little entertainment. Where they contain opinions, those are the opinions of the fictional people depicted - and where they contain information or rumours the assumption is that the reader will create their own context for that information or gossip. They're mostly just a bit of fun and they tend not to contain anything vital to the understanding of the wind of Fortune.

Winds of Fortune

A Broken Frame (Conjunctions)

  • Imperial Heroes

During each Solstice and Equinox opportunities exist for Imperial heroes to use the Sentinel Gate to travel to places around the Empire and occasionally beyond. There they can intercede at moments of crisis to determine the direction that events will take. Many of the conjunctions of the Gate are opportunities for heroes to fight the enemies of the Empire, while others are more peaceful in nature. As much as possible, the civil servants, the war scouts, and the egregores of each nation work together to determine where these conjunctions will go and what might be achieved if they are taken advantage of.

This season there are conjunctions across the Empire, including some in the marshes, in the new territory of Ossium, in the wild lands of Spiral, in the sewers beneath Sarvos, in Sermersuaq, and even further afield.

You can learn about the conjunctions here. There are other conjunctions mentioned in other Winds of Fortune where they are specifically appropriate. These conjunctions also represent only the ones that are likely to include combat, and that have been identified by civil servants and egregores - other conjunctions will certainly exist that are not commong knowledge.

All the News From Twin Town

  • Citizens of Tassato and Miaren; Imperial Senate; League Assembly; Imperial Consul; Arratan Gamble

Tassato - foremost city of the League - is home to the most articulate and diplomatic people in the Empire. Centuries of arguing among themselves have honed their talent for verbal interplay. While Sarvos and Holberg wrestle with supernatural curses, and Temeschwar suspiciously looks for enemies within and without, the people of Tassato concentrate on the important things - politics and prosperity.

No city - and no nation - exists in a vacuum. In the coffee houses and lecture halls of Mestra and Regario, and in the pages of the newspapers and broadsheets, the cleverest people of the Empire discuss matters as diverse as the prestige of the Imperial Consul, the status of the city of Seren, and the problematic situation of the Whittle folk across the border in the Mournwold. Surely the most savy politicians in the Empire can find opportunities - and solutions - to these pressing problems?

You can learn about the proposals of the politicians of Tassato here.

The Blessing Way (Orc Affairs)

  • Imperial Orcs, citizens of Holberg and Sermersuaq; Prosperity Assembly; Imperial heroes; Imperial Consul, Ambassador to Otkodov, and Imperial Fleet Master

The Empire is surrounded by orc nations, with many more orcs now living within Imperial territory. The Druj, Jotun and the Grendel are barbarian enemies, whilst the orcs of Otkodov and the Great Forest, the Sand Fishers of Misericorde, the former Jotun thralls of the Mournwold, and the orcs of Ossium are all foreigners. Each nation has their own agenda, which is often counter to the needs of the Empire, and each has their own unique relationship with their Imperial neighbours

With the Autumn Equinox fast approaching, now is the time to speak of hands outreached, of treaties honoured, of conquerors and thralls, of diplomatic delegations, and of the cruel intentions of the Druj.

You can learn about the pressing orc affairs this season here. Additional information about the Mournwold orcs can be found here.

Crowned in Rose and Heather

  • Imperial citizens; especially the Synod and the Senate

On the last night of the Summer Solstice, Imperatrix Lisabetta Giacomi von Holberg and her husband Juha the Cave Spider, the Imperial Magus, retired together as normal. By the next morning they were gone. No-one saw them leave their quarters. No-one has seen them since.

On the available evidence, the Constitutional Court has had little choice but to announce that both the Throne and the Magus must be legally considered to either be dead, or to have resigned their positions.

Easy enough for them to say, but there are still many questions to be answered. The Empire had become used to having a Throne again, and the repercussions of losing the Imperatrix and her husband have the potential to be far reaching indeed.

You can learn about these questions and repercussions here.

Desolation of Yoorn

  • Navarr; Imperial Senate

Last Summer, a union of Navarr magicians placed the potent Winter curse Wither the Seed on Liathaven; this Summer they also laid it on Brocéliande. The purpose of the curse was to impede the spread of the vallorn and weaken its spawn - provided nobody provokes the vallornspawn of course.

But the curse is one of the most enduring known to Imperial magicians, taking fully three decades to run its course and having far-reaching implications for everyone who lives under its shadow.

Corey Wayfarer and the national assembly have urged the nation to come together to support the inhabitants of Liathaven and Brocéliande, and now the people of Navarr are faced with difficult choices about how to proceed.

You can learn about the impact of the curse on Liathaven and Brocéliande here. There are two other Winds of Fortune of particular interest to the Navarr this season which you can find here and here.

The DOOM That Came to Sarvos

  • Citizens of Sarvos; Imperial Senate; Imperial Synod; General of the Iron Helms

Sarvos - foremost city of the League - is known across the Empire for the refinement of its citizens. yet now the Hag Queen has sent agents to bring her curse to Sarvos - shattering every mirror in the Jewelled City and darkening the glittering beacons that adorned every roof forever.

The people of Sarvos have long believed that if the mirrors were destroyed some DOOM would surely follow in their wake. Water, fire, or the claws of the dead... it is hard to shake the certainty that some terrible fate is imminent. Yet Sarvos has weathered curses before, and storms, and orc invasion. The malice of Skathe is just another challenge to be met with the head held high. For the people of Sarvos are not mirrors to be broken; they are the most sophisticated people in the Empire and they will not be beaten by the spite of one jealous eternal.

You can learn more about the situation in Sarvos here.

Double Dare

  • Brass Coast

The recent endeavour to have the inhabitants of Segura contribute to the defence of the territory to encourage military units to fight there have been successful. The only flaw was that no actual fighting took place, though of course that did at least mean the Empire lost no more territory there. Sadly the focus of the barbarians appears to have shifted to Feroz, where the Grendel have made significant advances. As a result there is a proposal to extend the Segura scheme to cover Feroz as well, albeit with some caveats.

Although there were mixed messages from the Freeborn Assembly in the Imperial Synod, they did endorse a mandate encouraging corsairs to attack Grendel shipping and to look for opportunities to take the fight to the invaders. In response captains have pooled their information and managed to identify four possible targets. If the Assembly can pick one for them to focus on, then they will carry out all the planning needed to prepare a fully-fledged raid.

You can learn more about these opportunities for the Brass Coast here.

Fall of Brocéliande

  • Navarr, Dawn, and Highguard; Imperial Senate; Navarr and Highborn assemblies; Imperial Conclave

For the past year, a tempest has raged in Brocéliande. Driven by the Heirs of Terunael and the Children of the Green Mother, the vallorn strove to pour its filth into Boar's Dell and Elerael.

After the Summer Solstice the strength of the vallorn reached its peak but with the aid of many allies the hungry tide was weathered and driven back.

Now the tide recedes, and a well-earned respite begins. Now is the time to look to the future of Brocéliande; to consider how to prepare for future battles and perhaps to take a chance to free a little more of the world form the terrible green grasp of the vallorn.

You can learn about the situation in Brocéliande here. There are two other Winds of Fortune of particular interest to the Navarr this season which you can find here and here.

Great Prosperity and Strength

  • Dawn, Wintermark, Imperial Orc, Urizen, and League national assemblies; Prosperity assembly; Marchers; Esteban I Del Rio Blanco I Guerra

It has been a rocky couple of years for the Imperial Bourse, with no fewer than five Seats now in the hands of orcs of one kind or another. Certainly there have been successes - the Crawling Depths are being brought up to Imperial standards, and a new weirwood grove has been discovered in Liathaven. Yet stability in the Bourse feels like a distant memory.

It's also been a rocky year for the public auction at Anvil. With the Cinderpath Exchange finally built, with the Iron Roundtower constructed in Varushka, and the Invisible Cord Brokerage commissioned it seems that the people of the Empire would rather have a fair price and the knowledge their Bourse materials will go to strengthen their nation that simply line their pockets. Much of this disruption has been sponsored by the Prosperity Assembly, but even the Imperatrix herself was clear that the public auction was not operating for the benefit of the common people of the Empire. Now, other nations are seeing the possibilities presented by national Bourse ministries over the vagaries of the public auction and its days are surely numbered.

You can learn more about developments in the Bourse, and opportunities for the various nations to take control of their own resources, here.

In the Flat Field

  • Marchers; Imperial Senate; Imperial Synod

The Marchers have continued to press forward with their plans to bring the Jotun thralls living in the Mournwold into their nation. Lily Guildenstern made the breadbasket available to the folk of the Marches with the intent that it be used to encourage both peoples to come together to celebrate the Autumn Wassail. But there is one group of folk living in the Mournwold who are not remotely prepared to countenance celebrating the Wassail with the hated Jotun.

The village of Whittle. Their heretical Hatred of the orcs, and the Jotun in particular, is well known. Now the Marcher assembly has spoken plainly on the matter, the Whittle folk must recant their spiritual crimes, or face the consequences. Yet even though the area is known to be a hotbed of Hatred, the law as it stands at present only allows the Imperial Synod to condemn people by name. People cannot be tried and executed simply on suspicion of being hateful. The first step has been taken. Now the second step must follow, and it promises to be a very painful step.

You can learn about the situation in the Mournwold here.

In the Garden of Defiance

  • Citizens of Holberg; Imperial Senate; Imperial Synod, especially the League, Highborn, and Marcher Assemblies; Keeper of the Kennels

Holberg - foremost city of the League - is known across the Empire for the imagination and innovation of its citizens. Who else could have kept the hated Druj at bay for thirty years? Who else could have built the grand Walls of Holberg - a true wonder of the age? Yet the city has proved all too vulnerable to treachery. Agents of the Hag Queen have unleashed a malignant curse that has ruined the beauy of Holmauer Park, and threatened the civic pride of every citizen of the eastern city.

While the destruction of the park is a tragedy the people of Holberg refuse to be bowed by it. This is an chance for them to show their character - and to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the disaster. Every cloud has a silver lining - and every setback contains a chance for profit if one is just clever enough to identify it. And the people of Holberg are nothing if not clever.

You can learn about the destruction of Holmauer Park - and the opportunities that destruction presents - here.

Large But Far Away (Trade Winds)

  • Fleet captains; Ambassadors; Imperial Senate

The churning sea of international politics is dangerous at the best of times, home to vicious sharks, hidden reefs, and unplumbed depths of treachery and pragmatism. Relations between nations can change in an instant. The Empire is powerful, but there are five other great nations of similar power that jostle shoulder-to-shoulder to dominate the world stage. The Empire is not without allies - the Commonwealth and the Sumaah Republic are fellow members of the Liberty Pact. The Pact has its opponents as well - the Asavean Archipelago and the Principalities of Jarm are increasingly dissatisfied with the Empire's stance on slavery. In the middle, there are the Sarcophan Delves, who like to keep their options open.

While the Empire has any number of problems closer to home, it would be dangerous to ignore the influence that these five other great nations may wield within its borders - or over those who dwell just beyond them.

You can learn about recent developments among the great powers of the known world here.

The Lights of Temeschwar

  • Citizens of Temeschwar; Imperial Senate; Imperial Synod

Temeschwar - foremost city of the League - is known across the Empire for the grim ruthlessness of its citizens. Perhaps one of the oldest cities in the Empire, it was raised by the strength of the Vard, protected by the wisdom of the Ushkans, and yet still exemplifies the ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit of the League. They are no stranger to curses, and while the Hag Queen's agents have not directly harmed the city, many of its citizens feel the lash of the insult given to the League nonetheless.

Perhaps Skathe knew better than to risk drawing their wrath. Even an eternal should tread carefully around the descendants of Ratibor, relentless heirs to a hard city at the very edge of civilisation.

You can read more about the situation in Temeschwar here.

Love and Rockets

  • Dawnish troubadours; Highguard; Highborn assembly

For two seasons, the Grey Pilgrims walked the trods in Dawn, speaking to yeomen and noble alike, asking honest questions about faith and spirituality. Alone of all the other nations of the Empire, the Dawnish welcomed this open conversation of faith, relishing the chance to share conversation with the Pilgrims as fellow wayfarers. Inspired by the Highborn example, and proud of their faith and keen to share it, the Dawnish offered to return the gift, to send their troubadours to Highguard to show them Dawn's way.

That offer has now been taken up. The Dawnish have encouraged every troubadour to travel to Highguard to teach them about glory and love... and the Highborn have welcomed them with open arms.

You can learn about how this exchange of faith has gone here.

Mercy is Weakness

  • Imperial Synod; Sword scholars; Urizen national assembly

Despite the best efforts of the Druj, the sword scholar Temple of the Winds has been completed in Morrow, a year since it was originally commissioned. Their numbers greatly reduced by their fight against the Mallum orcs, the scholars nonetheless gather under the banner of the Tempest Jade Maiden to resume their crusade against foolishness and irrationality. With the full support of the Wisdom assembly, their example will now spread across the entire Empire preventing any Synod mandate that does not have a clear greater majority from being enacted.

So far the Synod has welcomed the return of the sword scholars, but not everyone shares their enthusiasm. While opportunities exist for assemblies to embrace the sword scholars' example, there are those who are deeply concerned about what will happen if the followers of Sulemaine become more influential.

You can learn more about the impact of the sword scholars on the Imperial synod, and the opportunities to increase it here.

A Mountain of Vipers

  • Ship captains; Imperial Senate; Imperial Synod; Quaymaster of Black Sails, Eastern Broker, and Ambassador to Axos

The Empire has long laboured to bring change to the citadels of Axos. The eastern nation may be smaller and less influential than their neighbours to the west, but the Axou are nothing if not proud and ambitious. With the aid of Imperial sponsors they have joined the Liberty Pact - taking their place as partners with the giants of the Empire, Sumaah, and the Commonwealth. They have seized every opportunity this new status grants them with both hands. This includes the recent Synod mandate encouraging Imperial Citizens to reach out to the sorcerous citadels in the name of mutual prosperity; a mandate that promises significant economic benefits for both nations.

You can read about these opportunities here. You can also read more general details of the diplomatic and trading relationship between the Empire and Axos here.

No Time For Ease (Imperial Address)

  • All Imperial citizens

The Throne, Imperatrix Lisabetta, used her power to address the Empire to permit Gabriel Barossa, General of the Wolves of War present a personal message to all Imperial citizens. You can read his message here.

A Pleasing and Deceptive Face (Plenipotentiary)

  • Archmages; Sagua i Ezmara; Ceinwen Eternal, Urien Novarion of Dawn; Lady Izett, Knight-protector of Summer; Alan Fletcher, Jacques Flayer, Lady Claudia Varkulova Remys, Lord Armand Remys, Lord Romande Remys, Mael Donjeon and Olivia Sepulchre, Victor van Holberg, Natasha Ivanova Arkady von Holberg, Monzcarro van Holberg, Gancio, Flávio Capra Gláucio de Regario, Estella Krazentia Callabrese Von Holberg, Dr. Marlien von Holburg, Warrakine Ashenhide Arch; Xanthius of the New Imperial Artisan; Imperial Consul; Imperial Seer, Penumbral Watcher, and Imperial Spymaster; Silver Chalice

The archmages have each invited an eternal of the appropriate realm to attend a parley with them as representatives of the Empire. Replies have duly been received.

During the Autumn Equinox the courtiers of the Queen of Pennants will host a gathering and the agents of the Mistress of Shikal will arrange a veilingmarkt; the Ashen Prince and the Seer Clad in Raiment of Light will both speak to certain chosen guests; and the Caucus Forum opens its doors once again to the Archmage of Night and the Imperial Consul.

So far so ordinary; but while the Green Mother declines the offer of parley a seventh eternal places a request of their own - an eternal who seems to be entirely unknown within the Empire. Just who is this "Lord Rain", and why have his emissaries requested a parley with the Archmage of Spring? Only one way to find out...

You can learn about the responses to the plenipotentiary messages, and the unexpected additional request for a parley, here.

Power, Corruption, and Lies (Winds of Magic)

  • Practically anyone

The Winds of Magic blow, and bring with them news of magics celestial, mortal, and eternal. Of a conjunction of destruction and transformation; of curses laid and broken; of shrouds and stars; of magic castles and lights in the sky; of dreams visionary and mystic; of ice giants; of challenges and games and tontines and charms; of the wrath of Eleonaris; and of the riddles of the whispering wind.

Something for everyone, blown on the Winds of Magic.

You can learn all about these magical effects here.

Rise of Terunael

  • Navarr; Military Units;Generals; Assembly of Nine; Vigilance assembly

The Heirs of Terunael are traitors to the dream of the Navarr. Most recently they helped drive the chaos in the Liathaven and Brocéliande, working with the monstrous Children of Yaw'nagrah to spread the vallorn's terrible green grasp.

With their defeat in Brocéliande, the assumption is that they will be forced to fall back... and assumption that could have been dangerously premature.

Fortunately, the vigilance of the Assembly of Nine has set the Silent Bell to investigate their activities - and discovered that far from receding they are gathering in force in Therunin, Hercynia, and Liathaven. Now they are poised to drive the vallornspawn into a murderous frenzy that, while it won't spread the vallorn's infestation, could be disastrous for the Navarr nation.

You can read about this threat here. There are two other Winds of Fortune of particular interest to the Navarr this season which you can find here and here.

Small But Nearby (Trade Winds)

  • Fleet captains; Ambassadors; Imperial Synod; Imperial Orc assembly; Livia of the Spire of Celestial Cascade, Lord Colwynn de Rondell and Astrid Fjellrevening Rezia di Tassato.

The Empire and its peers are considered "great nations" - countries who have a visible impact on the world stage. Not every nation is as powerful and influential however. Around each of the great nations cluster a number of smaller, less powerful nations. While they are weaker, and while their impact on the rest of the known world is very limited, their size does not prevent them having an effect on their larger neighbours. Three human nations lie in close proximity to the Empire - the Citadels of Axos, the Faraden trading empire, and the Duchies of the Iron Confederacy - and for the Empire at least relations with these three is at least as important as relations with the five other great nations.

You can learn about recent developments among the Empire's human neighbours here.

Something Must Break

  • Urizen; Imperial Synod; General Nicassia; Doyen of the Spires; Galene Netherwatch

In the heavens, the stars shift. The Wanderer brings the Great Wyrm, the Drowned Man, and the Claw into triune alignment. Transformation. Ending. Destruction. Baleful influences softened and subverted through transformation. Change arising from destruction. An end to the old, and an embrace of the new. All concepts that have particular resonance right now for the people of Urizen.

It reflects the changes that have overtaken the nation in recent years, supporting the idea that despite a period of destruction and suffering this is a time for transformation and not for endings. It brings with it a singular opportunity to empower the Citadel Guard. It reflects the transformation arising from loss that has led to the Great Library, and to the Doyen of the Spires. It even echoes in the raising of the Three Watchers - and in the potential for a new alignment between the people of the Empire and the denizens of the realms.

You can learn more about these opportunities here.

Three Soldiers

  • Highguard; Urizen

During the Spring Equinox, the Ashen Flame invoked a boon from the eternal Adamant, to send a legion of his koboldi to aid in the construction of a great wonder. In the months that followed the little creatures carved three immense statues out of the mountains - each nearly two hundred foot tall - of Highborn soldiers guarding the pass from Morrow to Zenith. Towering over the surrounding landscape, they are a permanent tribute memorialising the Highborn blood spilled to protect the people of Urizen.

At the base of the central statue is a small shrine created in anticipation that people might travel to gaze upon the work. The shrine was consecrated with true liao by Aurum of the Nightingale Temple, and now bears a powerful aura of Loyalty. The scale of the statues is breathtaking, but combined with the power of the true aura, the Urizen works will have a dramatic effect, and ensure the story of the fight against the Druj will resound through the ages.

You can learn about the Three Watcher and their effects here.

Three's A Crowd

  • Ambassadors to Axos, the Commonwealth, and Sumaah

Any of the signatories of the Liberty Pact is entitled to call a meeting of the membership if they have an issue to discuss. At the recent Summer Solstice, notification was sent by the Empire to the other nations of the Pact to indicate that the Empire wished to discuss the situation regarding the nation of Faraden. Two of the three delegates have arrived, but the delegation from Axos is missing.

Given the situation, the Sumaah and the Commonwealth delegates politely request that the Empire delay the meeting for a season. This will allow more time to ensure that all signatories are fully briefed on the purpose of the meeting - and give time for Sumaah and the Commonwealth to present suggestions of their own.

You can read about the Liberty Pact situation here.

Woven as a Weapon

  • Imperial Senate; Imperial Synod; Aquillian Effugere of Ankarien's Revenge

The trod network was created by the ancestors of the Navarr after the fall of the Terunael Empire to combat the vallorn. The magic employed is elegant and subtle, creating a web of pathways crisscrossing the Empire. People walking the trods draw on the magical strength of the vallorn, weakening the corrupt Spring infestation in to process.

This approach has endured for centuries, allowing the Navarr to steadily weaken the vallorn. Now the Imperial Senate has passed a motion to commission Graciana i Lopez i Guerra to appraise the trods to research options to improve their effectiveness at depleting the vallorn.

You can read more about the appraisal here.

Other Events

There are a number of other events and situations which are noteworthy, but which for whatever reason have not led to a full Wind of Fortune in their own right.

The Briar Question

  • Imperial Synod; Briars

During the Summer Solstice, four statements of principle were raised in various assemblies that were upheld with greater majorities. In matter of fact, the statement that seemed to kick off the discussion, raised by Brat Umbral Path was defeated by a greater majority rather than being upheld. But his call for the people of Navarr to address the dangers posed by allowing those of briar lineage to achieve high office resulted in three counter statements that were fully supported by the assemblies where they were raised - including that of Raelyn Holdfast which was also raised in the Navarr national assembly.

The problem is that the Navarr nation, as a whole, are more inclined to agree with Brat Umbral Path than they are with Raelyn Holdfast and the Navarr assembly. As far as the majority of the Navarr are concerned, briars may well have a connection the vallorn. They are certainly prone to odd behaviour - as evidenced by the peculiar dreams experienced in Brocéliande, and the reports of odd briar behaviour reported in Reikos before that. It may not be pleasant to address, but briars do make powerful servants of the vallorn when they fall to the miasma - more powerful than any other lineage or unlineaged humans. Worse, as recent events have reinforced, as far as the Navarr can tell all the Heirs of Terunael traitors are briars. And while you can't say that all briars are traitors... it does appear to be true that all traitors are briars.

While intellectually many Navarr understand that a briar has their place in the Dance like everyone else, few are entirely comfortable in the presence of such a being, and they are rarely welcome among the Navarr, and there is some concern that the priests of the national assembly have forgotten just how significant a threat they potentially pose.

The response is similar, albeit somewhat more muted, in Varushka. The statement of Irina Vasilova Dukov condemns the persecution of briars. Unfortunately, it also appears to attempt to demand that the Varushkan people be Loyal to the briars - something that does not sit well with the Varushkan people especially in light of the statments of the Loyalty assembly and the mandate enacted by Anastasiya Volkov. They also rankle slightly at the suggestion they may persecute their briar neighbours. The majority of the Varushkan people have no interest in persecuting briars - but it is well known that their wilful nature often makes it difficult for them follow the rules, and that a briar left to their own devices in a dangerous situation will simply end up harming themselves and others. It would be foolish - unwise even - to ignore these solid facts and risk a briar who gave in to the urging of the Spring magic in their blood bringing disaster on a vale.

As such, these statements, and the statement of Josephine of Adina's Charge in the Pride Assembly, have so far achieved little beyond raising a few grumbles in Navarr, Varushka, and among the Highborn (who have their own opinions on the challenges faced by lineaged folk). It is possible that a statement raised in the General assembly would be more effective but it should be noted that prejudices against briars - against all lineaged people - often have some basis in incidents where they have given in to their magical nature and acted in a way that invites criticism.

Due to the connection to the vallorn, Navarr briars should not be given the freedom to interfere with the war against our great enemy. As such, the nation should not vote for them to assume Imperial positions.

Brat Umbral Path, Statement of Principle, Navaarr National Assembly, Summer 383YE, Not Upheld 14-146

We the Navarr assembly recognise that the briars among us are human, capable of Virtue, and citizens of the Empire. To prevent them from standing for or holding Imperial Positions based on their lineage instead of their actions runs directly counter to the teachings of Pride, Ambition, and the Doctrine of Human Destiny.

Raelyn Holdfast, Statement of Principle, Navaarr National Assembly, Summer 383YE, Upheld 150-8

Pride inspires others, it does not demean them." People all over the Empire judge and demean briars for what they are rather than what they do. This is a massive failing of Pride and we encourage everyone to challenge any who would demean briars based on their lineage alone.

Josephine of Adina's Charge, Statement of Principle, Pride Assembly, Summer 383YE, Upheld 277-0

In concert with our fellows in virtue across other assemblies, we the Varushkan national assembly utterly condemn the persecution and disloyalty being displayed to the Empire's briar citizens. We urge all virtuous citizens to treat our briar fellows with the same Loyalty and Pride they show any other citizens.

Irina Vasilova Dukov, Statement of Principle, Varushkan National Assembly, Summer 383YE, Upheld 120-0


  • Varushka; Imperial Orcs

Spy Network

During the Spring Solstice, a spy network was established in Ossium by the Imperial Senate. Completed just before the Summer Solstice, it supported Imperial military captains in exploring the grasslands, marshes, and forests of the new Varushkan territory. Characters who participated in this activity will receive a copy of the territory map, and information about key features of the territory, in their packs at the event. This information will be added to the main wiki following the Autumn Equinox.

The scouts have also located two more of the Druj miasma pillars that anchor the atmosphere of dread. You can learn more about them here

The civil service are examining the information gathered by the scouts, and will present a number of spoils of war and other opportunities to take advantage of the territory at the Winter Solstice.


A slow wave of settlement spreads across the newly conquered territory of Ossium in the north-west. New Varushkan vales are being established across Bittershore and the Galath Fields, but only the most adventurous or ambitious settlers are establishing themselves in the forests or the marshes. There have been a few altercations with the local orcs, and a few attacks by the Druj-sponsored bandits still in the woodlands, but for the most part the settlement is progressing without a hitch.

Following the declaration of the Imperial Conclave that the nest in Webwood belongs to Arhallogen, settlers are advised to give the area around the temple there a wide berth - meaning there are even fewer Varushkans prepared to risk that area of the woods than there are interested in settling in Echofell, Nearweald, or the Drownbark Forest.


During the Summer Solstice, a tricky decision faced the Senate. They could declare the orcs living in Ossium - those who are not Druj or Druj sympathisers - to be foreigners easily enough but the question of what to do about them also needed addressing. Would the Senate choose to encourage them to stay in Ossium and live alongside the Varushkan settlers, or encourage them to move through the deep forests and haunted hills of Varushka to Skarsind? In the end the Senate motion simply declared "the former orc tribes subjugated by the Druj in Ossium as being foreigners in Imperial Lands."

As a consequence, the assumption from both the civil service and the orcs of Ossium themselves is that they are free to continue living in their villages, and that the Varushkans are free to trade with them and employ them. Not every orc is interested in working for humans, of course. Some are still afraid that the moderately benign face the Empire is showing them will slip at any moment and reveal their true, cruel nature. Yet as the Druj miasma is slowly rolled back from the territory, and the Empire continues to station armies in Ossium, the orcs see more and more of the benefits of being allies of the Empire, the number of orcs prepared to risk working with the Imperials increases. This will certainly present new opportunities to the Varushkan settlers in the coming months; and will also mean that the contribution of Ossium to the Imperial Treasury will improve much more quickly.

It is not impossible to encourage the orcs of Ossium to move to Skarsind; indeed some may make the journey under their own recognisance. The majority of orcs will remain in Ossium however, unless the Empire makes further steps to encourage large numbers of them to leave the territory.

This could be done by passing a new Senate motion encouraging them to move, which would allow the Eastern Sky who are present in the territory to escort them to Skarsind this coming season by taking an appropriate order. (The Senate could also pass a motion encouraging them to stay which would ensure the future prosperity of Ossium, and put paid to any further efforts to move them).

We the Varushkan National Assembly welcome the priests of the Imperial Orcs to preach the Way and that of the life of opportunity of the legions, to the former subjugated tribes of orcs by the Druj, living in Ossium.

Belakov, Wolf of Karsk, Varushkan Assembly, Summer Solstice 383YE, Upheld (156-0)

Matters of Virtue

If the Senate prefer not to settle the matter, then the Synod could take action. If the Synod wish the Ossium orcs to move then one way to increase the likelihood of them doing so would be for Imperial Orc preachers to come to the territory. During the Summer Solstice, Belakov, Wolf of Karsk, raised a statement of principle in the Varushkan assembly to "welcome the priests of the Imperial Orcs to preach the Way and that of the life of opportunity of the legions, to the former subjugated tribes of orcs." The statement was upheld by the Varushkan assembly with a greater majority.

If the Imperial Orcs wish to take advantage of this offer, then their assembly will need to raise a suitably worded statement of principle of their own. If it achieves a greater majority the likelihood is that it will lead to opportunities for preachers to visit the territory and speak in more detail with the orcs who dwell there.

Although this approach would not require a senate motion, it would take considerably longer, which would mean lengthy delays for the Eastern Sky if they still plan to escort the orcs.

Fire at the Bitter Vats

Despite the relatively smooth settlement process, there are a few hiccups. A month after the Summer Solstice, the Bitter Vats in Lomaa are ruined by fire. Attempts to combat the flames are hampered by heavy clouds of smoke, heady with narcotic and poisonous vapours. The damage is contained, thankfully, but the hall is gutted. An investigation by magistrates suggests that an accident, rather than malice, is to blame for the flames but that does not prevent some of the residents muttering about "orc saboteurs in their midst"

The Druj and the Sand Fishers

By now, news of the alleged threat posed to the Sand Fishers in Holberg by the Druj has reached Ossium. Some of the local orcs are very concerned indeed about what is going to happen there. If Imperial heroes defeat the Druj and protect the Sand Fishers it will likely have a positive influence on relationships between Imperial citizens and the orcs of Ossium. On the other hand, as a particularly pragmatic Ketsov points out to anyone who will listen, if the Empire doesn't protect the Sand Fishers and they are punished by the Druj, then many of the orcs will be much more receptive to any suggestion that they leave Ossium. Of course, many of them will simply flee into the woods or hide from the Empire, but most would simply do what they were told for fear of meeting the same fate as the Sand Fishers.

We have Pride in our shared history and heritage between Suaq and Hylje. The Hylje have demonstrated their Loyalty and Courage as has been recognised. It is time for the people of Wintermark to match such Loyalty and display Vigilance and Prosperity though action. We encourage all Suaq to reach out to the Hylje where they can do safely and respectfully to reconnect via this shared heritage and offer aid to them where it is needed.

Elvar Vulfson, Wintermark Assembly, Summer Solstice 383YE, Upheld (214-0)


  • Wintermark

During the Summer Solstice, after a great deal of discussion, Alfa Dunning was appointed as Mediator of Hyljehal, with a responsibility to maintain good relations between Wintermark and the hylje. Furthermore, Elvar Vulfson raised a statement of principle to the Wintermark assembly calling for "all Suaq to reach out to the Hylje." The assembly agreed, upholding the statement with a greater majority. In the months since, a number of Suaq bands have made trips to the Hyljehal on the Rikkivesi to trade, exchange tales, and talk about the sorry state of Sermersuaq.

As a consequence of the Hyljehal being built, and as a result of Elvar's judgement in the Wintermark assembly, news has reached Anvil that a representative of the hylje coming to Anvil in the company with some Suaq friends. They wish to formally meet "the people of Wintermark" and to "cement relations between the people of the lakes and the people of the marshes, the hills, and the tundra". They are expected to arrive around seven o'clock in the evening on Saturday, and will be looking for the Wintermark camp. They especially want to meet Alfa Dunning; to thank Elvar Vulfson for their words; and to renew oaths of friendship with the people of the tundra.

Frederick di Sarvos

  • Imperial Senate

Frederick di Sarvos, noted architect, has accepted his vindication by the Ambition assembly but has complained bitterly at what he feels is the grudging manner with which it was worded. He remains unhappy at the way he was treated and does not intend to offer any further "Statements of Endeavour" to the Synod or to the Empire. Indeed, he has several times publicly warned his peers against getting tangled up with the Synod, and at least some of them have listened.

Regardless of his unhappiness, he is prepared to make good on his word and build one of the great commissions he designed and presented. The Senate can still commission either the Frederick di Sarvos Faculty of Architecture, Diora University College of Autumn Magic and Dramaturgy, the Lepidean Library and Garden of Atun, or the Siroc School of Shipbuilding and International Trade. As he suggested back in Winter 382YE, the Senate will need to decide whether to commission one of these projects during the Autumn equinox, and begin construction before the start of the Winter Solstice, or Frederick will withdraw his support for the works.

Once that is done, he intends to set sail for the Commonwealth by all accounts and renounce his Imperial citizenship.

Zemress Seminary

  • Brass Coast; Prosperity Assembly

Shortly before the Autumn Equinox, work is completed on the Zemress seminary in Calvos. As well as being a beautiful building, the seminary represents a triumph in cooperation between the Zemress islanders of the Brass Coast (who provided half the money needed to pay for the building work), the Sumaah Republic House of Prosperity (who provided the white granite), and Adan i DelToro i Riqueza (representing the Empire). Now that it is complete, the präster of Sumaah intend to supply carefully created copies of the life and works of the exemplar that are currently stored in Sumaah in recognition of the Empire's commitment that the seminary remain open to any pilgrim of the Way who wishes to study the life of this inspirational figure.

Virtue's Rest and the White Roads

  • Highguard

Following the Summer Solstice, the last of the materials required to complete Virtue's Rest were provided by Rhesa of the Scions of Ravenfell and as the Autumn Equinox begins the work has finally been completed. Initially proposed by Philemon of the Chapter of Fulmon's Bounty, they represent a series of hostels and facilities intended to support the increased number of pilgrims taking advantage of the simple and safe passage to the birthplace of the Way down the Blood Red Roads. They were proposed before the grey pilgrimage really got underway, but their presence has proved a boon to the people of Highguard setting off on the long journey along the trods.

The only problem is that the roads of Highguard - while adequate to their task - are not quite as good as they could be. Indeed, the hostels offer only half the benefit they might otherwise provide. For them to be at their most effective, the roads of Highguard would need attention. A project which could help would be the one proposed in Summer last year to build the "White Roads" to help pilgrims reach the Black City and the Necropolis. The roads would also be good for the benefactors, and for those building new homes in Reikos.

Grey Pilgrims

  • Every nation except the Imperial Orcs

During the Summer Solstice 383YE, the General Assembly upheld a number of mandates indicating that various elements of national belief that the grey pilgrims had identified as potentially problematic were not against doctrine. Each of the seven mandates was enacted by the chosen priests; people across the Empire are now in no doubt as to whether the Synod disapproves of these practices.

Covered in the mandates were the decisions that Dead Reckoning is an embodiment of prosperity, that there is nothing in the Great Dance that is incompatible with the Way, that the Festival of the Broken Wheel does not demean the Way, that both shriving and the belief that humans can be reborn in the bodies of trees or animals are not counter to doctrine, that it is as acceptable to bargain with sovereigns as it is with eternals, that it is not problematic to be inspired by the heroic and virtuous achievements of our forebears, and that it is acceptable to call for any virtuous human to be recognised as a paragon.

At the same time, the Highborn nation assembly sent Vashti of the Shattered Tower to commit every citizen of Highguard to rooting out and opposing blasphemy, heresy, and idolatry. As a consequence of this, any statement of principle in the Highborn Assembly that does not directly address matters of orthodoxy and false beliefs in the Empire will be significantly less likely to result in a mandate. The penalties on eight of the nine nations that were suffering a penalty have seen those penalties removed following the Summer Solstice.

The nation of Dawn, however, found their own answer to the questions the pilgrims were raising about love and glory, which you can read about here.

The Marvellous Book

  • John of Meade apparently has a copy of a marvellous book to sell

As people begin to gather at Anvil, news is circulating about an opportunity to purchase a small wonder. John of Meade - the Speaker for the Senate is apparently selling copies of a marvellous book that is also a game. Written by Lincin of Urizen (with some minor editorial assistance from the Marcher civil servant), the book apparently educates at the same time that it entertains. Copies are selling for 2 Crowns each, and only a limited number are available. John of Meade can be found at the Hub in the center of Anvil, should anyone wish to learn more about this enchanting publication.

Sign of Tamar

A statement of principle raised by Sister Tabitha during the Summer Solstice to rebuild Reikos has attracted only a smattering of interest as most of the people of Reikos are either in the process of rebuilding, or have rebuilt their chapters. There is one area that is in need of attention however - the Sign of Tamar is being reclaimed by the wilderness. As a result of the statement, a small number of people have gone to start maintaining it - but its a losing battle. Their presence has slowed the destruction of the earthworks; but it will be beyond saving by the start of the Spring Equinox. A properly worded statement of principle in the Highborn assembly that achieved a greater majority; an appraisal by the Senate; or the actions of an Imperial army with defensive orders including instructions to repair the earthworks.


A number of mandates were upheld at the Summer Solstice and enacted in the months that followed. You can find a complete list here.

Imperial Lore

Three rituals were proposed for addition to Imperial lore during the Summer Solstice.

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