In some ways, Yantl mused, it would be easier to understand these people if they were shouting. Back home, someone would have shoved someone by now and someone else would be holding them back and trying to talk sense. Here... the crowd was as damp as the day was.

He felt guilty for that thought as soon as it crossed his mind. Kejek was doing her best, but she'd basically said the same thing three times now. It was like the Sand Fishers were so scared they didn't know which way to run. He'd seen it with rabbits from time to time. To be honest, he'd faced the Druj himself and they even scared his ancestors so he couldn't imagine how badly they were terrifying people who'd actually lived under their thumb.

A movement at knee-height caught his eye. He looked down. An orc boy - no more than eight or nine years old - tugged at the corner of his tunic.

"Please, master," said the boy. "What is going to happen to us?"

The lad was trembling, staring up with frightened eyes and tear-stained cheeks. Yantl squatted down next to him.

"It's going to be alright," he lied with a broad smile, putting one hand on the lads shoulder. "I think you're just going to have to move west for a little bit while we sort the Druj out."

The boy flinched and bit his lip, eyes welling with tears. Yantl remembered then that these people never named the Druj - always referring to them by euphemisms - and cursed himself for his stupidity. He was not good at being reassuring. He wished Eft was here, he was better at these kinds of situations.

Thinking of Eft gave him an idea. He reached into one of the pouches at his belt and pulled out a piece of leather thong with a tooth hanging from it. More a fang really. Eft had given it to him as a gift on the last Night of Worth. He weighed it in his hand for a moment. A surge of anger went through him, directed at the Druj. He heard a distant voice at the back of his head shouting at him to stop messing around with these people and go immediately east and kill as many of the enemy as he could with his bare hands. He ignored it. His grandfather always seemed to think that problems could be solved by punching them.

Moving carefully so as not to spook the boy, he hung the tooth around the youngster's neck, explaining as he did so the same reassuring voice he used when talking to a trapped goat.

"This was a gift from someone I care about a lot. He gave it to me during the Night of Worth. It's a token for me to carry out into the world, and then next Night of Worth I'll pull it out and tell stories about it. One of the human priests blessed it for me. You know what that is?"

The boy shook his head, eyes wide. His tears had dried.

"It's ... uh ... a special thing the humans do." Yantl floundered slightly. "When they call up the spirits of their ancestors, I think."

Yantl hoped there were no actual preachers around to hear him mangling the Way. Again, Eft or Kejek would have known exactly what to say but he didn't really grasp how any of this worked. He'd never bothered to ask.

"This priest called up a hero called Inga Tarn," he extemporised. "And asked her to watch over the necklace and help whoever wears it,"

The boy looked down at the necklace with wondering eyes.

"The tooth came from a wolf our eldest son killed in the winter that had been hurting our goats." he said, with a hint of pride in his voice. "It reminds me of home, and of my family, and of the importance of not giving in to bullies. I think they'd both want you to have it."

The orc child held the tooth in one hand, staring down at it. His body was rigid, and he had stopped blinking. Yantl was suddenly worried. He glanced up toward Kejek but she was busy explaining, as patiently as she could for the fourth time, that if they stayed here they would most likely be slaughtered by the Druj within the week.

The boy still hadn't moved. Yantl poked him gently with his finger. Then a little harder.

The lad suddenly blinked, three times rapidly. He closed his fist around the tooth, his face suddenly serious.

"We should kill them," he said in a matter of fact way. "All of them. All the... Druj."

He said the last word quietly, and stumbled over it. But he still said it. Yantl blinked several times rapidly himself.

"Uh... yes." he said at last. "Yes, that's exactly what we should do. That's... yes."

"We need to show them we aren't... we aren't afraid of them?" The boy was talking, but there was a questioning lilt in his tone. Yantl couldn't shake the suspicion he was not talking to him. "Or else... they'll think they can take everything from us?"

The big warrior straightened up, patted the boy on the shoulder a few times in an awkward way, and moved back over to stand behind Kejek, hoping he had done the right thing. The boy wasn't looking at him - wasn't paying any attention to anything much. He just stood with his head cocked slightly as if listening to something, and if anything the smile on his face was getting wider.


The Empire is surrounded by orc nations, several of them living within Imperial territory. The Druj, Jotun and the Grendel are all considered barbarians, whilst the orcs of Otkodov, the Great Forest Orcs, the Sand Fishers, the former Jotun thralls of the Mournwold, and the orcs of Ossium are all foreigners. Each nation has their own agenda, which often manifest counter to the needs of the Empire.

There is little constancy in international politics, and the complex interplay of politics and diplomacy can change the relations between nations in an instance. As such, the broad overviews discussed here represent only the state-of-play as it is generally understood at the start of the Autumn Equinox.

This Wind of Fortune only covers some of the orc nations. Developments involving the great powers of the world are detailed here, and matters involving the human nations surrounding the Empire are detailed here. Developments with the Mournwold orcs are covered here.

Sand Fishers

The Sand Fishers are broken, they survived under the Druj, but now they are foreigners living in the Empire. It is our duty to show them that they can be more. We send Leonora van Holberg with 50 doses of liao to urge every Citizen of Holberg to do what they can to support them.

Lieselotte van Holberg, Mandate, League Assembly, Summer Solstice 383YE, 214-0
  • The Sand Fishers have been ceded control of the Misericorde region of Holberg.
  • The Druj have moved a major military force into Holberg to threaten the Sand Fishers.

The Sand Fisher Tribe, formerly of Ossium have begun to settle in Misericorde, the region of Holberg ceded to them by the Imperial Senate.

The new market has been commissioned by Tristan of Exile’s End, and though work has not yet started on it Leonora van Holberg has great success encouraging the citizens of Holberg to provide substantial support for the Sand Fishers to help them get established. This material support has been gratefully received by the Sand Fishers, and put to good use, building basic shelters for them to dwell in, as well as using the wealth to buy essential tools they need to survive. A small school has been established to teach not only their children but also many of their adults basic skills - especially literacy and numeracy. Likewise, a basic hospital has been established where the small number of Sand Fisher healers can work with volunteers from Holberg University of Medicine. The orcs' gratitude is genuine and heartfelt and it is clearly working to break down their suspicions of their wealthy city-dwelling neighbours.

The Sand Fishers are broken, they embrace oblivion in the Howling Abyss. It is our duty to show them that they can be more. We send Skywise Rykana with 50 doses of liao to urge every Imperial Orc to support them with the fruits of our prosperous endeavour and, upon delivery, detail its value in Worth that shall carry us beyond the Abyss.

Skywise Gralka, Mandate, Imperial Orc assembly, Summer Solstice 383YE, 121-0

Skywise Rykana also works to provide support for the Sand Fishers from the Imperial Orcs. This is harder to achieve since Skarsind is so much further away, but the benefits are still substantial. Crucially, it gives Rykana an opportunity to discuss faith with the Sand Fishers. He works hard to convince the Sand Fishers that there is hope for a better fate than the oblivion of the Howling Abyss - that those who strive for the virtues might hope for something more. To reach across the Abyss to join with the ancestors. Like the thralls of the Mournwold, the Sand Fishers believe in reincarnation, but unlike the Western orcs, these people seem much less wedded to their beliefs. The people of Holberg have already given the Sand Fishers hope for a better life in this world, which makes it easier for Rykana to convince them to hope for something better in the next.

The Sand Fishers are entirely without Ambition, Courage or Pride. They lack the strength of character the virtues provide, they will never prosper without them. We send Kaspar Yakovich von Holberg with 25 doses of liao to teach the Sand Fishers of Misericorde the Seven Virtues.

Kaspar Yakovich von Holberg, Mandate, General Assembly, Summer Solstice 383YE, 1299-72

Meanwhile, Kaspar Yakovich von Holberg, is working to spread knowledge and acceptance of the Virtues. On previous occasions when the Empire has attempted to bring the Way to people they have faced some resistance. Whatever the reason, Kaspar finds no such problems here. He finds the Sand Fishers receptive and ready to listen. They are deeply impressed by the power of auras, which they regard as an extraordinarily powerful magic, similar to the miasmic terror that the Druj raise wherever they go.

Some of the priests helping Kaspar report that it is almost going too well. The Sand Fishers are fascinated by the idea of the virtues and though it is clear that they do not yet believe it, they are intrigued by the idea that the virtues might help them to cross the Abyss to avoid both eternal oblivion and the horrors of reincarnation. A handful of wary Sand Fishers even allow Kaspar to place personal auras on them, though their positive experiences quickly result in demand for auras exceeding the possible supply of liao.

Some of the priests working with Kaspar are moved to tears by their experiences among the Sand Fishers. In some cases, where the orcs are directly exposed to auras of virtue, it seems that they are experiencing feelings of pride, confidence, and self-worth for the first time in their lives. Some of them struggle to process the experience - especially when the aura runs its course.

After three months, everyone involved in bringing the virtues to the Sand Fishers reports the same thing, they appear genuinely interested and enthusiastic to learn more. They have no problem viewing the virtues as deeply powerful spiritual forces, albeit they don't seem able to distinguish between them and mundane auras of the kind created using magic. The benefits for the Sand Fishers are slow but steady - with each passing day they are growing in Ambition and Pride. The Druj have spent decades crushing the Sand Fisher's spirits - the Empire seems on course to reverse that destruction within a matter of years.

The Eastern Threat

  • The Sand Fishers believe the Druj have sent a force of warriors to punish them

Unfortunately, the frantic pace of spiritual progress grinds to a halt, when news of the Druj invasion of Holberg reaches them. Their new confidence gives them some hope that they will find a way to flee once more in the face of the Druj assault, but it is clear that they are deeply worried. When asked about the attack they say that it was too much to hope for that the Druj would simply let them go. They believe that the Druj have come to Holberg to punish them more for attempting to escape than for siding with the Imperials. Any Sand Fishers that fall into their clutches will face weeks of agonising torture and then death.

Despite the progress made the Sand Fishers are simply unable to believe that the Empire might find a way to stop the Druj from attacking them. They acknowledge that the Empire has given them land and more resources than they have ever known, but they struggle to conceive of anyone fighting the Druj, so the idea of someone fighting the Druj to protect them is simply too much.

If the Empire are unable to help and the Sand Fishers are right that the Druj are here to punish them for fleeing - then it will make progress in the future much more difficult for those that survive. Their plan appears to be to hide - it is perhaps not the best of plans - but it is not like they have anywhere to go or any way to resist the Druj advance. Their hope - and it is clear that they are hopeful - is that those who are successful and escape the Druj's wrath will be able to emerge once the Druj have lost interest and moved on and pick up their current lives.

If the Empire are able to turn back the Druj advance then it would be a great step forward in relations with the Sand Fishers, giving them confidence that they might finally be safe from the Druj in Misericorde and putting them even more in the Empire's debt than they already are.

Grafflers Old Camp, Misericorde, Holberg23:00 Saturday16 people30 minutes

The Missing Musicians

While the matter of the Druj invaders is one for the Imperial Military Council to address during the Muster there is another matter concerning the Sand Fishers that may be of interest to Imperial heroes. Some of the patrols from Holberg city, when travelling through the wild forests and marshes, some have made a point of visiting the Sand Fisher camps near the river. With news of the Druj incursion spreading through the orcs, the soldiers have been told that a small group of Fishers, distressed by rumours of the Druj coming to punish them, have disappeared into the woods to hide. Among their number were several respected musicians - rare Sand Fishers with the ability to create music and raise spirits, and remember the history of the tribe.

Heading across Misericorde scouting forward movements of the Druj, some war scouts report that they believe they know where these Sand Fishers are. Sounds of violins playing mournfully and voices of orcs were heard at Grafflers Old Camp. The scouts were unable to get close - a supernatural force interfered with their attempt to reach the Sand Fishers. They report a strange crimson glow that stopped them in their tracks, filling them with a terrible sense of doom. One of the war scouts - a magician with some understanding of astronomancy - is of the opinion that the area has become the lair of a tulpa. The good news is that the area is not in the path of the Druj forces, nor are there any Mallum orc patrols reported in the area.

A conjunction of the Sentinel Gate has been identified by the League egregore. Given their involvement with the Sand Fishers, it is likely that Skywise Rykana, Leonora van Holberg, and Kaspar Yakovich von Holberg will want to discuss how best to take advantage of this opportunity to help the orcs of Misericorde.

Accessibility note: This is a high threat skirmish - it is designed to be tense and carries in-character risks. Out of character it has been rated combat unlikely - our lowest combat rating. Please ask a referee or egregore for more details on the location and type of threat if you need information to work out if it meets your access needs. It will be run in the woods after dark; everyone attending should bring a source of light

The Sand Fishers have begun the slow recovery from the tortures inflicted on the Druj. The Prosperity assembly calls upon its priests, and all those who trade with these foreigners to set prosperous prices and trade fairly - to teach and demonstrate the first tenet of Prosperity. Strive, toil, and claim the just rewards of your labours.

Bartimaeus, Prosperity Assembly, Summer Solstice 383YE, Upheld (226-10)

A Dream of Prosperity

During the Summer Solstice, Bartimaeus raised a statement of principle calling for the Prosperity assembly to bring understanding of the virtue to the Sand Fishers. So far, the orcs have focused more on the virtues of Pride and Ambition - useful virtues for helping them to understand that their lives can be improved. With the Druj threatening to murder every Sand Fisher as they can find, it is perhaps not the best time to be worrying about spiritual instruction - but nonetheless there are priests who have heard Bartimaeus' words and been inspired by them.

The Sand Fishers have some understanding of Prosperity already, and that has already made it harder for anyone to take advantage of them in matters of trade. Bartimaeus' statement, however, does not only focus on the orcs themselves, but also on the human inhabitants of Holberg, reminding them of the importance of recognising and rewarding hard work. As a statement that promotes virtue over profit, it is not surprising that it has received attention given previous mandates from the Prosperity Assembly - some of them also by Bartimaeus - and statements encouraging the accountability of the Bourse and by extension the merchants of the Empire such as that of Onan of the Chantry supported by the Assembly during the previous summit.

The Prosperity assembly believes that it is vital that not only the Sand Fishers but all who deal with them respect the first tenet of Prosperity. We send {named priest} with 50 doses of liao to urge both foreign orc and Imperial citizen to set prosperous prices and trade fairly so that all may claim the just rewards of their labours

Synod Mandate, Prosperity Assembly

If the Prosperity assembly enacts this mandate - and doing so will require a greater majority thanks to the intervention of the Wisdom assembly and the sword scholars - then not only the Sand Fishers but those Imperial citizens dealing with them will be urged to engage in "fair" trading practices. Assuming the mandate is successful, it will build on the successes achieved by Kaspar Yakovich von Holberg and increase the Sand Fishers' understanding of the teachings of Prosperity.

Perhaps, more importantly, it will also reinforce the importance of dealing fairly with the Sand Fishers among the people of Holberg. It will discourage League citizens from engaging in exploitative activities or taking advantage of the Sand Fisher's relative naivety. It will have the added effect of encouraging some of the followers of the Little Mother to reach out to the Sand Fishers, creating the possibility of establishing a missionary presence among the orcs, reinforcing the importance of Prosperity ahead of the other virtues.


  • The Jotun have not refused a suggestion that the Empire build a meeting hall but have suggested it be built in Skarsind, on the edge of Jotun territory, rather than in Kalsea.
  • The hall would be a folly that required 45 wains of white granite, 15 wains of weirwood, 120 crowns, and a senate motion
  • In the absence of an Ambassador to the Jotun, diplomatic duties fall to Skywise Fal, the Imperial Consul

During the Summer Solstice, a warband of elite Jotun came to Anvil under the leadership of accompanied Jarl Geir. Accompanying them was the Jotun ghodi Aloang. The ghodi accepted the 200 throne weregild agreed with the mediators of Wintermark. In accordance with Jotun tradition, the blood-price owed for the deaths of the Jotun warriors slain during the destruction of the Meeting Place is considered settled.

During the Ghodi's visit, the Imperial Consul Skywise Fal, made a request for permission to send builders through the Jotun territory of Sermersuaq in order to build a new meeting hall for use as an embassy between the Empire and the Jotun. In the months following the Summer Solstice a warband of Jotun journeys to the gates of Atalaq, there Jarl Sigrun Emblason delivers the judgement of the Queen of Kalsea. With the destruction of the Meeting Place, that chapter in the relationship between the Jotun and the people of Wintermark has come to an end. One does not easily replace a thing of such storied worth - it was not the stone itself that had value but the understanding it represented.

The Jotun will grant no safe passage to Imperial citizens through Sermersuaq, nor will they assist in the replacement of the meeting stone. Skywise Fal is an Imperial Orc. If he wishes to build a great hall, then it should be built in Skarsind, on the edge of the current border between Kalsea and the Empire. Build it in Pakaanan's Pass, in Skarsind, if you must build such a thing.

But the Jarl goes on to make clear that this is not an embassy. If this is intended as a peace offering - then the Jotun reject it. If this is a place set aside for meeting, then for now it will stand empty. When the Jotun are ready to talk to the Empire as equals, they will send messengers to the hall. Until then, the war will continue.

The hall would be a folly requiring at least 45 wains of white granite and 15 wains of weirwood, requiring 120 crowns in labour costs and taking three months to build. It would have no effect until such time as the Jotun chose to engage in diplomacy with the Empire - something that does not seem to be on the cards any time soon.

The thralls of Sermersuaq

  • There are opportunities to aid some of the thralls in Sermersuaq
  • There are reports of attacks against occupied halls

Following the Summer Solstice, a daring raid was launched against the Pride of Ikka's Tears in northern Sermersuaq. Many Imperial heroes accompanied their warbands deep behind enemy lines to strike at the Jotun. Some of those who have returned from the frigid wastes in the north have brought with them peculiar stories - stories that hint that some of the people of Sermersuaq are fighting against their orc conquerors.

There is talk of escaped thralls approaching scouts in Sermersuaq with news of an opportunity to strike a serious blow against the Jotun. According to these thralls, there is a chance to assault a particularly high status group of Jotun deep behind the enemy lines who they are confident will be both unaware and unprepared. One of the thralls has made their way to Anvil with information about this opportunity - confident that the runes Gralm and Ull will ensure a conjunction of the Sentinel Gate that will allow heroes of the Empire to assist them in their planned assault. The former thrall is particularly interested in talking to members of Hendel Hearth, who they say have helped them in the past - as soon as they reach Anvil they will seek out the Wintermark encampment and the Hendel Hearth.

Some of those crossing the territory reported peculiar incidents of the rune Naeve etched into old trees and occasional stones, particularly those that watch over routes frequently travelled by Jotun patrols. There are few actual woodlands in Sermersuaq, and most of them are near Suaq halls. Where these odd runes are discovered, scouts have apparently found evidence of serious violence done to occupied settlements by unknown assailants - signs of homes burned and stories of soldiers lost in the sparse woodlands where the signs are most common. Someone, or something, is hunting the Jotun in Sermersuaq it seems.

Stag Fount, Suaq Fount,Sermersuaq15:45 Saturday20 people20 minutes
Asiaat's Hollow, Stark, Sermersuaq16:15 Saturday20 people20 minutes

Reports have also emerged that the Jotun have been putting thralls to work gathering mana from sites in Sermersuaq. Scouts in the area have reported groups of labourers escorted by heavily armed and armoured guards. It's not clear what the Jotun want with this much mana - but there may be an opportunity for Imperial heroes to disrupt their schemes. A report has been compiled for the war scout who will know more once the summit starts. It is believed that the Wintermark egregore has identified at least two conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate that would bring Imperial heroes near the areas where these mana-gathering expeditions are apparently operating. Both mana sites are near the locations of former Wintermark halls, and there are likely to be thralls - or former thralls - in the area who might be able to provide information about what is going on to any Imperial heroes who venture to the sites.

Finally, a small group of Winterfolk, ex-thralls of the Jotun, have again made the arduous journey from Sermersuaq to Anvil. They have visited Anvil before in the summer, when they traded goods looted from the Jotun for support in their campaign of resistance. They have made no secret of their maggotry and are looking for anyone prepared to give them tools to fight the Jotun oppressors in return for their stolen goods. It's not clear when they will arrive, but apparently they have expressed an intention to again deal with the Navarr rather than their fellow Winterfolk - perhaps understandable given the traditional Wintermark view of people who loot their fallen opponents.


  • The Imperial Senate voted to ratify a treaty with the Thule but there has been some queries from Otkodov as to the precise meaning of one section
  • The Ambassador to Otkodov is Yevgeni Katzev of Varushka

During the Summer Solstice a treaty was agreed upon following a productive meeting in the Caucus Forum of Lashonar between representatives of Otkodov and the Empire. The terms of the treaty are such that the Empire has managed to secure the freeing of almost three thousand imperial citizens who have been held as slaves in the lands of the Thule. These "land slaves" are the least valuable to the Thule, often being used to work farms, forests, and mines. In addition to the freeing of the land slaves the treaty also guarantees the return of the Navarr artisans taken in the fall of Treji, in return for the Sungold Pass.

The Thule have already moved a number of their people into the Pass - warriors, a handful of warlocks, and a large number of orc labourers. According to the Varushkan observers, they have re-opened the orichalcum mine and are bringing in large numbers of supplies and building materials. Rak Who-Speaks-For-The-Dragons-Undivided has indicated that as per the treaty, the Navarr artisans will be gathered, prepared, equipped, and delivered to Skogei before the Winter snows make the passes between Skarsind and Otkodov impassable.

He also proposes arrangements as to how the agreement to release Imperial slaves in return for Thrones may be achieved. Rak Who-Speaks-For-The-Dragons-Undivided indicates that an agreement has been made with the City of Gold and Lead. 300 Thrones are outstanding, but the Dragons have agreed that the Empire need not pay the full amount in one go. All that is required is that the money for the slaves be placed in a container along with a piece of parchment signed by the Ambassador to Otkodov indicating the money is for the Dragons, and then sent using the Ephisis' Scales ritual. As the payment is received, so a commensurate number of slaves will be delivered safely to either Skogei in Skarsind, to Wendell's Hope in Miekarova, or to Ivarsgard in Karsk. As always they will be delivered safe and warm after which they will be the Empire's problem.

The treaty also concerned the continued defence of Ossium, and it does appear the Thule have kept to their bargain. There is a significant force of orcs in the northern part of the territory, but their patrols have been sighted all along the eastern borders. They have presented a cordial face to soldiers from the Imperial army stationed there - the Fire of the South, the Eastern Sky and the Golden Axe. Toward the end of the season a small delegation led by Grand Warlock Fljajokull came down out of the Bonewood to visit the settlement of Lormaa in an informal capacity, spending some time discussing tactics with captains from the three Imperial armies. During that time, the Grand Warlock explained that the Thule would be reducing their presence in Ossium after the Autumn Equinox - only temporarily - but that something had come up in Sküld that required their attention. Despite this, the Grand Warlock was more than confident that the forces remaining behind combined with the newly completed fortification in the Bonewood would be more than enough to slow the Druj down should they attempt a counter-attack - especially if the Empire maintained two armies of its own in Ossium.

Scouts confirm the presence of a fortification in the Bonewood - a brand new fortress built in only six months. There are similar reports from some of the warden fellowships of Karsk indicating that work has also been completed on the fortification in the hills of Krevsaty. It appears the Dragons are making good use of the Immaculate Architect.


  • The Imperial Senate voted to grant the Imperial Fleet Master authority in dealing with the Grendel
  • The Grendel are sending a delegation to meet with the Imperial Fleet Master
  • The Imperial Fleet Master is Esteban i Del Rio Blanco i Guerra, of the Brass Coast

Shortly before the Autumn Equinox a sleek ship, adorned with finery in an Asavean style, arrives in the docks of Sarvos, bearing Grendel banners. The harbormaster makes clear to the dock workers, and the public, that the ship is expected and that the Grendel are here under a flag of truce. Speaker Morna and the orcs in his retinue travel overland from Sarvos, making good use of the Blood Red Roads on their way to Casinea. Morna stops often on the way to Anvil, granting small trinkets reminiscent of the Jarmish style to the owners of inns he rests at overnight. His guard, made up of a small force of Stone Born, seem eager to experience the sights of Anvil.

Speaker Morna is due to arrive at seven o'clock on Friday. He will journey first to the Senate building, expecting to be met there by Esteban i Del Rio Blanco i Guerra. Morna has suggested that this would not necessarily have to be the only meeting of the summit, and that he could theoretically return on the second day of the summit at around nine o'clock in the evening, should it prove fruitful.

The magistrates, somewhat wearily, remind everyone that while they are in Anvil under a flag of peace, and while travelling to and from Anvil, the Grendel are protected by Imperial law.


  • The Druj have offered an exchange
  • In the absence of an Ambassador to the Druj, diplomatic duties fall to Skywise Fal, the Imperial Consul

The Druj have been erratic as of late, or at least more erratic than usual. They fled the invasion of Ossium. They invaded Spiral just long enough to do something with the Black Plateau. They beat back the attempted invasion of the Barrens. They are now in the process of launching an invasion of the territory of Holberg.

Micha di Holberg arrived at the garrison of Holberg just one week before the Autumn Equinox. They were distraught, but after some time to calm down, and with the help of a hallowed pendant, Micha explained how they had been shocked awake in their bedroom in the cabin of their parents, located in the forests of Utterlund. They went on to recount how the menacing shadows had told them that they were to visit Holberg with a demand, an offer for the people of Holberg to take to their Senator, for their Senator to take to their Senate. Micha, who was apprenticing to become a forester, has refused to return to their now empty home and has enlisted as a runner for the garrison of Holberg.

The offer from the orcs of the Mallum is simple, they want the Empire to give them back the Sand Fishers. They understand that some Imperials feel sorry for the Sand Fishers, so they're offering to release one Imperial citizen they hold in torment for each Sand Fisher that is released to them.

Should the Empire wish to go ahead with this offer from the Druj then the civil service advise that the only way to achieve it would be for the Imperial Senate to declare war on the tribe, then for the general of an army to move into Holberg, making an attack order which explicitly references forcing the tribe into the Barrens. The civil service estimate that there are roughly three thousand Sand Fishers currently in the region of Misericorde.