The great black bird cocked its head one way then the other, alternately staring at Jorgen with either eye. It hopped from foot to foot on the desk in a way the Civil Servant could only describe as "shifty" and didn't answer the question, So Jorgen asked it again.

"And who is this second emissary representing?"

"They're a guest of the Kind Grandmother," said the bird at last. It ostentatiously strutted over to the mug in which Jorgen kept his pens, poking through them with its beak and refusing to meet the human's eyes. "A visitor to her hearth."

"You've said that already." Jorgen picked up the mug and moved it away. "And I'll thank you to look at me when you're talking to me. I feel like you're being deliberately evasive and I have to tell you it's just making me extremely suspicious."

The bird reared up and spread its wings in a mildly threatening manner. Behind it Jorgen saw John of Meade hefting the stick with which he'd already tried to shoo the bird out of the tent once already, a determined expression on his face. He shook his head slightly and the Speaker subsided. He didn't put the stick down.

"You've no reason to be suspicious," the bird squawked grumpily. "I've told you there's another emissary attending the parley and they want to talk to Winterfolk, and that ought to be enough. It's allowed, you know. I checked."

"It's Blood-on-the-Snow isn't it?" said Jorgen flatly, turning his head slightly to spit on the floor as the saliva in his mouth turned sour and bitter.

"I never said that!"

"It is though isn't it?" Jorgen repeated.

"You may think that, human servant of the Empire, but I could not possibly comment!" Now the bird seemed outraged and offended that Jorgen was continuing to question it.

"But it is, right?" he persisted.

The bird ruffled its feathers a little, and subsided a little.

"Alright then! Yes! It's Blood-on-the-Snow!" The creature sounded quite defensive. "Happy now?"

"Not especially, no," sighed Jorgen. "But it's the Archmage's problem not mine. All I have to do is tell them what's going on. So let's go over the 'special guest' element of the parley again. Without quite so much innuendo and subject-changing this time, please."

The bird muttered something rude under its breath, but bobbed its head in agreement.

"Fine, Whatever! But I'll tell you now, I've got no idea why the Wise One is letting one of that sort squat near her hearth. She didn't mention and I know better than to ask. But between you and me, they're all dreadful, the servants of the Wastewalker. If I was your Archmage I'd make my apologises and send the Marcher on their own, frankly. They never wash, they think they're clever, and the last time I had to be near one it tried to wring my neck. Me! Can you believe?"

"No," lied Jorgen, idly wondering if the bird meant servants of Agramant or Marchers. "I can't imagine why they'd want to do something like that to a delightful creature such as yourself."


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  • Six eternals responded to plenipotentiary messages from the Imperial archmages.
  • The eternal Sinokenon has requested a parley with the Archmage of Day.

The six archmages may each send a single plenipotentiary message to an eternal of their realm. The eternals are bound to respond, although not always in a way the archmage may wish. Following the Winter Solstice, an eternal from each of the six realms responded to invitations to parley via their emissaries. One additional message has been received - an uncommon event but not unprecedented in recent years - from an eternal requesting a parley without first having received a plenipotentiary.


  • The eternal Yaw'nagrah has agreed to a formal parley
  • The meeting will take place in Liathaven, via a conjunction of the Sentinel Gate, at 10pm Friday
  • The current Archmage of Spring is Ser Fabienne De Miel of Dawn

When it appears, the night before the Spring Equinox, the herald of Yaw'nagrah refuses to leave the regio. It appears as a handsome young lad with lambent eyes and flawless skin, shrouded in the strong scent of apple blossom and cinnamon, but when it moves there is the sound of creaking wood and it leaves unnaturally deep depressions in the packed earth between the stones. It demands to speak with someone who can discuss an offer of parley. A civil servant is fetched, and by the time they arrive a small group of militia have surrounded the regio under the watchful gaze of Chief Magistrate Karkovitch. The herald seems unfazed by the number of people in heavy armour with axes surrounding it. In a voice that bubbles with cruel laughter, it makes a comment about so many woodcutters for such a little tree.

Yaw'nagrah is under the enmity of the Conclave. Under normal circumstances they would be unable to have one of their heralds enter the Empire via a regio. However, the power of plenipotentiary provides a "loophole" to this rule allowing an eternal to send a messenger to respond to the Archmage's invitation. It would not be possible for Yaw'nagrah to send a herald to any other regio, or for any other purpose than replying to the archmage, without the direct assistance of Imperial wizards and ritual magic.

Once the Civil Servant is present, the creature wastes no time delivering its message. Despite all the harm heaped upon her and her children, the Green Mother accepts the invitation to parley offered by the Archmage of Spring. It agrees to some of the provisions, but not all. The meeting will be a formal parley; it will take place at the Cwllwch Stone in Liathaven, within the embrace of the vallorn. The Archmage may bring as many of their children as will pass through the Sentinel Gate. Yaw'nagrah will send the Old One of Liathaven, along with some of those Heirs of Terunael, and some children of her own - but how many she chooses to send will be for her to decide not for Ser Fabienne to presume to demand. The creature does not wait to see if there is any response to its message; it simply turns contemptuously and disappears back into the spaces between the worlds.

A quick check of the Sentinel Gate reveals a conjunction exists to a place called "the Cwllwch Stone" in Liath's Heart. The Civil Service has no useful information about the place beyond the fact it exists. They confirm that no more than 26 individuals will be able to use the conjunction, which opens at 10pm on Friday evening and will last half an hour. They suggest that the Archmage be responsible for determining who travels using it, given the meeting clearly exists as a result of their plenipotentiary.

  • Combat is possible - depending on player actions - you may go through the gate planning to use the non-contact gesture, but be aware that there is both an IC and OOC risk of being hit that is much higher than when using the gesture in Anvil.
  • This encounter is late and the area will not be well lit, there may be some smoke, but it is likely to be contained
  • The encounter takes place in the woods, so wheelchair access is likely to be limited and there is no seating.


  • The eternal Phaleron declines a formal parley and has rebuked the Archmage of Day
  • They intend to dispatch a messenger to speak with the Emissary to the Celestial Library at 9:30pm on Friday
  • The current Archmage of Day is Skywise Gralka
  • The current Emissary to the Celestial Library is Tiberius Echostorm

A week after the end of the Winter Solstice, a single robed librarian appears at the Imperial Regio, and asks to be directed to the Civil Service. Once they reach the Hub, they calmly deliver a formal response from the Celestial Library to the Archmage of Day. Phaleron declines the invitation to parley.

The herald lays out the reasons for this refusal quickly and clearly. The Celestial Library believes that it had been clear that the ritual Gift of Knowledge was not to be put into imperial lore. As part of Urizen lore, there would have been assurance that it could only be used with the consent of a member of that nation. Now, any Imperial citizen - even the most disreputable - can take it on themselves to add any ritual they wish to Urizen lore. Indeed, even citizens of the Commonwealth can decide to add their rituals to Urizen lore if they wish. The library is not pleased by this decision.

As such, it will not accept invitation to parley from the Archmage of Day at this time. It still intends to support the people of Urizen, and deal with the rest of the Empire as civilly as before, but further contact will be via the Emissary to the Celestial Library until the Archives of Silence are mollified. Consequently, they will be dispatching a messenger to speak to the Emissary on Friday evening at 22:30pm in the Hall of Worlds. Phaleron asks that the Emissary mediate a brief meeting between this messenger and Skywise Gralka in the Hall of Worlds, where the Archmage will have an opportunity to justify their actions. They do not anticipate it causing much disruption to the business of Conclave, should it still be ongoing.


  • The eternal Sinokenon has requested a formal parley with the Archmage of Day
  • They wish to meet with the Archmage and representatives of the Imperial Orcs at 3pm on Saturday
  • The current Archmage of Day is Skywise Gralka

The evening after the librarian has delivered its message from Phaleron, a little ball of glowing light appears from the Imperial regio just as the sun is setting. It drifts through Anvil unhurriedly, arriving eventually at the Hub. Once there, it speaks with cultured, polite tones and delivers a message that the Turning Mirror - the eternal Sinokenon - wishes to offer an invitation to parley to the Archmage of Day. The herald makes no bones of the fact that its master is aware that the Celestial Library has declined the Archmage, and considers this to offer an opportunity for a different kind of discussion.

Unlike previous parleys, the Celestial Apex suggests a focused discussion, one centred around the challenges faced by the nation of the Imperial Orcs. Consequently, they would like the Archmage to bring a selection of orcs to the meeting, perhaps as many as half a dozen. At least some of them should be magicians - ideally including the Weigher of Worth who they believe to be Skywise Tulva - but a representative of the Imperial Orc national assembly would also be a valuable addition.

Assuming the Archmage is prepared to accept the parley, Sinokenon will dispatch a herald to the Hall of Worlds at 3pm on Saturday during the Spring Equinox to guide them and their delegation to a suitable location for a discussion (and return them safely to the same location of course).



  • The eternal Prospero has agreed to a formal parley
  • The meeting will take place in the Hall of the Worlds at 2pm on Saturday afternoon
  • The current Archmage of Autumn is Edmundo

One afternoon not long before the Spring Equinox, an immense spider emerges from the Imperial Regio. Wrapped in garments of fine rainbow silk, and accompanied by the kind of four-armed bronze titan familiar to those who deal with the Autumn Realm, it makes its way down to the Hub. The pair attract quite a bit of attention; not least because the spider insists on making small talk with every trader it passes, enquiring in a gentle, breathy voice about what they are selling and how their business is going.

By the time it reaches the Hub, it's common knowledge that this is an emissary of Prospero, the Sovereign Lord of the City of Bridges. Settling on six of its eight legs, the spider delivers news that the Goiden Prince has accepted the invitation of the Autumn Archmage to parley. They plan to arrive at the Hall of Worlds at two o'clock on Saturday afternoon, and will be bringing a small entourage with them.

Prospero is interested in discussing two matters, one raised by the Archmage and one of interest to the eternal. The first topic of discussion will be the invitation to serve as patron of the novel Urizeni college of magic, empowered by the heliopticon and overseen by the Doyen of the Spires. The eternal believes that the unique nature of the college - a disparate group of magicians working together to codify magic selected by democratic vote - makes it a fascinatingly practical application of Net of the Heavens. That understanding of the world - the practical application of influence to achieve desired goals - is one that Propsero has always found deeply intriguing. The giant arachnid is at pains to make clear however that the Reckoner of Ebony and Bone is not interested in short-term support of the college; they expect this to be a permanent arrangement. They have a more detailed proposal to present, and have chosen to do so personally in recognition of their pleasure at being approached to take on such a role.

The other matter that they propose to discuss is also one of patronage; Prospero is seeking champions to represent the City of Bridges during the Summer Tourney for the Icy Crag of the Eternal Sun. Details of what this might entail are a matter for the parley - Prospero does not intend to pick the actual champions there and then.

As a note, one of the representatives of the House of Silk and Gossamer will be a created using a giant spider costume.

In addition to the eternal themselves, and their aides, the entourage will also include some merchants from the House of Silk and Gossamer. They are planning to bring a supply of magical clothing for sale, intending to remain for the duration of the parley. Prospero anticipates that their quiet bartering should not interfere with their business. The vendors of the Silken Market will be most interested in receiving payment in either iridescent gloaming or ambergelt - both materials being hard to source in the Autumn realm.

Finally, the spider-herald has an additional request. Prospero will be bringing their own entourage, they request that the Archmage secure some suitable musicians to provide entertainment during the meeting. Nothing too intrusive; something pleasant and soothing appropriate to civilised discourse. To whatever payment the Archmage provides to these magicians, the eternal will add a pouch of warm ashes.


Wise Rangara

  • The eternal Wise Rangara has agreed to a formal parley
  • The meeting will take place in a chamber at 5pm on Saturday
  • In addition to Wise Rangara, there will be an emissary of Blood-on-the-Snow present
  • The current Archmage of Winter is Ematius of Urizen

Barely three days before the Spring Equinox, a large black bird emerges from the Imperial Regio and flaps lazily down to the Hub offices. In a slightly amused voice it identifies itself as a herald of Wise Rangara named Anushak, and delivers a message from its mistress. Wise Rangara agrees to a formal parley to take place during the Spring Equinox, to which she will be sending her favoured herald Kaledbros the Winnower. She agrees to hear what Watt of the Marches has to say about the massacre in Alderley. She's also prepared to listen to what the Archmage has to say about guidance and loss of Wisdom, but she is not feeling especially charitable toward the Empire at this time, even if they are beset by the Druj and what have you.

In addition to Kaledbros the Winnower, there will be an emissary of another eternal of the Winter realm present, who also has an interest in the slaughter of the Feni. They will be under the aegis of the parley, and bound by it as a guest of Wise Rangara. This guest would very much like the Archmage to bring some Winterfolk, so that they might discuss recent events in Sermersuaq. After a certain amount of prompting, Anushak confirms that this other guest will be a representative of Blood-on-the-Snow. A little defensively, they clarify that this is an all-or-nothing arrangement; if the Archmage wishes parley with Wise Rangara they will have to tolerate any other guests she chooses to invite to her hearth. Even dreadful guests with poor manners.

The meeting will take place at 5pm on Saturday, and Wise Rangara will dispatch a herald to the Hall of Worlds to collect the Archmage and her delegation. While Wise Rangara would be happy to meet solely with the Archmage of Winter and his Marcher and perhaps a friend of theirs or two at most, she also intends to honour the request of her other guest. As such she asks that the Archmage bring no more than three Wintermark citizens with him, and suggests that it might be sensible to make a point of bringing icewalkers in particular.


Cathan Canae

  • The eternal Cathan Canae accepts the invitation to parley
  • She will send her champions to Anvil at 5:30 on Saturday, to participate in a challenge with the people of Wintermark; her emissary will meet with the Archmage in the Hall of Worlds at the same time
  • The current Archmage of Summer is Exarch Luke of Highguard

Following the end of the Winter Solstice summit, a bulky, boisterous figure erupts from the Imperial Regio and swaggers through the crowds to the Hub. Demanding "pig meat and mead" in a voice barely lower than a battleshout, Volstann, Eater of Boars delivers a message from the Queen of Ice and Darkness. She has received the invitation to parley from the Summer Archmage and accepts.

During the Spring Equinox she will send her ice-giant champion Barag Glacier-Splitter to Anvil to engage in a Threefold Challenge with the people of Wintermark. They will not be part of the parley; she trusts nobody will be foolish enough to interfere with them about their business and they will not require the supervision of the Archmage.

At the same time, her emissary Volstann will speak with the Archmage in the Hall of Worlds under the auspice of parley. Cathan Canae has two topics she wishes to see addressed. Firstly, the Throne of Frost challenges the Archmage (or their chosen representative) to defend the Empire's recent concedence of Imperial land to their enemies and rivals. Is it not lamentable cowardice to give even an inch of land, much less two entire territories and multiple rich mountain regions to your foes?

Then there is the matter of the Icy Crag of the Eternal Sun, the college of magic that was after all built with her assistance. She wishes to see the finest battle mages of the Empire represent her in the tourney to reclaim its patronage. The Roar of Snow is aware that the Archmage may wish to be seen as being neutral in the contest, and so perhaps the Grandmaster of the Rod and Shield - currently Aethelstan Korping - will be able to help find these champions? With that in mind she asks that the best six be gathered to meet with Volstann, who will select the three that best represent the ideals of the Mistress of Blizzards. He will be particularly interested in anyone who can share a tale of how they have bested the warriors of the Jotun, whether in battle or otherwise, and how they weave their magic to manifest the qualities of the irresistible force and the immovable object.

Volstann finishes by offering a heartfelt reassurance. In their plenipotentiary, the Archmage seemed concerned that good relations between the Queen and the Empire continue. The Empire endures, and binds Tykonus and Verys; there is no complaint from the Mistress of Blizzards. For the moment she will continue to offer her boons to those who earn them as long as the Empire remains worthy of her regard.



  • The eternal Lashonar has declined a formal parley - sort of
  • The contest/challenge that Lashonar has been preparing will begin on Saturday at 8pm in the Imperial Regio and is likely to occupy the regio for some time
  • Lashonar has arranged a meeting with the Sentinels of the Lambent Claw at 7:30 on Saturday night
  • The current Archmage of Night is Elyssiathain of Urizen

A fortnight after the Winter Solstice, a messenger comes to the civil servants associated with the Conclave, bearing a missive. The Guardian of the Southern Skies, who is called Chatterer, Keeper of the Gates of Wisdom, Speaker in Dreams, Eater-of-Silence, the Clashing Rock, Gibbering Ambassador, and the Key to the Gate of Words sends greetings and salutations to the Archmage of Night. They have taken on board the suggestion made, and will consequently be altering their intent and indeed hosting their contest-challenge of words in public. They intend to take over the Imperial Regio and host it there, beginning at 8pm. Obviously this will make it impossible to perform any rituals at the regio during this time, but Lashonar's herald breezily brushes that concern aside and points out that any Imperial citizen who wishes to watch to come along and cheer their champions in a battle of wits and words! Surely that is worth delaying some rituals for a little while?

As to the matter of parley, Lashonar intends to open the doors of the Caucus Forum at half-past-seven on Saturday evening. They invite the Archmage of Night to bring three Urizen with them (or their representative). Within the walls of the Forum - where all the usual rules apply - Lashonar will have gathered some representatives of the Sentinels of the Lambent Claw who it has persuaded to meet with the Archmage. Apparently they are a group of Zenith folk who have embraced the ways of a "dangerous and disruptive power that forges words into weapons that scar and destroy in an unwholesome fashion that tears at the bonds of civility". Lashonar hopes that they will be able to work out a compromise to the situation that will suit both those Urizen within the Empire and the sentinels fighting the Druj with these "dangerous weapons".

Buried in the stream of words is a mention that Lashonar wonders if the Archmage might want to specifically bring Herminius of House of the Wanderer along. They know there is often tension between sword scholars and sentinels, but perhaps Herminius might have useful words to speak? From this clue, the Civil Service tentatively suggest that this meeting of the Caucus Forum might be related to the statement of principle Herminius raised in the Urizen assembly during the Winter Solstice.

A Note on Parley

There are two eternals involved in these parleys that are under the enmity of the Imperial Conclave - Agramant's emissary is apparently a "guest" of Wise Rangara and the Spring Archmage has an opportunity to meet with Yaw'nagrah's agents. The civil service note that this arrangement is unusual in recent times, but not unique historically speaking. Agramant in particular seems to enjoy finding a way to insert themselves into other eternal's parlays. How he persuades the many different Winter eternals to accede to these requests is unknown.

These parleys are not in themselves illegal; it is in many ways part of the duties of an Archmage to treat with the eternals of their realm regardless of their status. However, caution must be employed. Trading or dealing with an eternal under enmity is illegal and will be investigated as treason, for example. Likewise it is important that the archmage ensure that no sorcerers be included in any delegation that might interact with heralds of these eternals. However, the archmages are also the masters of magic. While control of the judicial process remains with the magistrate, the archmage's ruling on whether an act is a breach of the laws regarding enmity is binding, presuming they are approached for their opinion.

The parley itself provides protection to Imperial citizens dealing with dangerous eternals. Like the missive that prompts it, the parley is bound by powerful oaths that bind both parties, prohibiting them from acts of violence - if the eternal or the Empire were to break this contract, the hearth magic of the oath would likely exact a terrible price. Indeed, in 382YE the Empire saw first hand the potential repercussions for an Imperial citizen breaching parley. After an incident during a parley between Yaw'nagrah and the Spring Archmage, the ability of the Empire to wield Spring magic was signficiantly impacted. The Civil Service urges the archmage to bear in mind that these consequences presumably arose as a result of a minor incident - given the exact circumstances are still unclear - and that a more intentional breach by Imperial citizens might prove catastrophic.


These parleys are taking place in a number of places; in the Hall of Worlds, in encounter tents reached via the Hall of Worlds, and even one in the woods reached via the Sentinel Gate. The times, and the eternals involved, are summarized here.

Day Time Eternal Realm Note
Friday 22:00 Yaw'nagrah Spring Parley
Friday 22:30 Phaleron Day Not a parley
Saturday 14:00 Prospero Autumn Parley
Saturday 15:00 Sinokenon Day Parley
Saturday 17:00 Wise Rangara (and Agramant) Winter Parley
Saturday 17:30 Cathan Canae Summer Parley
Saturday 19:30 Lashonar Night Caucus Forum