Katna ran, panting, dragging Petta along behind her as fast as she dared. Every few steps he would cry out, desperately trying to do so quietly. Not that there was any point - the Druj were on their trail. They could not hope to hide, only to outrun them. Not that there was much hope of that, either.

She realised she had lost track of Gayul. He had been ahead of her, but now she could see no sign of him and... Without warning the trees parted, and the she and Petta tumbled down a bank into muddy water. They were in a clearing surrounded by hunched willow trees. Petta let out a terrible wail as he fell that cut off abruptly. She hoped that it was just the pain in his ribs finally overcoming him and not anything worse.

Head ringing, she tried to pull herself up, but fell back down into the mud again. A strong hand jerked her to her feet - it was Gayul. He was soaked through, a desperate look in his eye, and when he turned to keep running, he nearly collapsed. She realised in a flash he had sprained his ankle. Above, ten orcs in leather armour stood atop of the bank sneering down at them. Little yellow scorpions hung in their ears, and at their belts, and adorned their spears. And their bows.

"Is that all the sport you have in you?" mocked their leader. She nocked an arrow and aimed her bow down at where the unconscious Petta lay. "Perhaps if we help you dispose of the dead weight, you will be more of a challenge."

The other orcs laughed, picking their way down the bank with deliberate slowness. Katna drew her knife, her hand steady even though her heart was pounding. Every fibre of her being wanted to go to her brother, to check if he was still alive, but she knew that doing so would sign his death warrant. The Druj would shoot him the moment she reached him, revelling in her terror and despair.

"Don't come any closer!" she threatened. Her words just made the orcs laugh louder. As the orcs moved to surround them, Gayul stood back to back with her, clutching the broken shaft of his spear in both hands.

"How much do you want to live?" asked the orc, in a light singsong voice. "I bet one of you wants to live more than the other. Shall we find out? Shall we find out which one of you wants to live enough to pay for a ten minute head start with the blood of you-"

She never finished her threat.

"HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO LIVE, DRUJ!" bellowed a thunderous voice from out of the gloom as the trees around the marshy glade exploded with sudden movement.

A woman in a mud-spattered plate harness charged through the stinking puddles, swinging a massive two-handed axe in a great arc into one of the Druj, nearly cutting him in half. She roared in triumph, as a dozen more human warriors closed around the Druj like the jaws of an iron trap. They had willow branches lashed to their armour and helmets, black mud smeared artfully to dull the shine of the metal and provide camouflage against the trees of the Drownbark Forest. Some of the orcs tried to flee, but they couldn't make it up the bank without turning their backs on their attackers. They were outnumbered and outmatched, and while they fought like cornered rats... a rat is rarely a match for a two-handed axe.

The orc leader had started running almost as soon as the humans had appeared. The plate-armoured woman with the axe stuck two muddy, blood-stained fingers in her mouth and blew a sharp whistle. Immediately, a massive brown mastiff erupted from the trees, and launched itself up the slope.

"Bring her down, Bhu!" yelled the woman, following after her dog, using the haft of her axe to steady her as she mounted the slippery slope with surprising alacrity for one so large and so heavily encumbered. "LET'S SEE HOW YOU LIKE BEING HUNTED, DRUJ!" she roared as she followed after the retreating orc.

Katna still had her knife in her hand. She could see one of their rescuers lifting her brother out of the mud - he moaned feebly - while another tended to Gayul. A third - a hard looking man with kind eyes - approached Katna with hands spread to show he was no threat. "You're safe now," he said gently. "There's a village not far from here and-"

But she didn't hear the rest. Darkness roared around her as the stress and exhaustion of the last few weeks finally caught up with her, and she let it take her. But before she hit the ground, she felt strong arms catch her and the last thing she heard before she finally slept was the man telling her again that they were safe.
Snowy Vale.jpg
Over Winter many of the former human slaves of the Druj have joined the nation of Varushka, and established new vales across Ossium with the aid of Imperial heroes.
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A sea of sellswords, wagon raiders, wardens, Dawnish knights (both errant and questing), Navarr scouts, and Imperial Orc preachers flow into Ossium. They are supported by two entire Imperial armies - the Varushkan Golden Axe and the Dawnish Hounds of Glory - both offering enthusiastic support to the task of helping carve out new vales across the territory. There is also a Thule force in the territory, busily claiming the land ceded to them by the Imperial Senate during the Solstice, but both sides are disciplined enough that there are no unfortunate incidents.

The sheer number of bodies working to help the Varushkans - especially the new Varushkans who were previously slaves of the Druj - is partly down to the influence of the Imperial Synod. Mandates were passed by the Varushkan, Navarr, Dawnish, and Imperial Orc National Assemblies urging their people to assist the folk of Ossium; even without the aid of the two armies, the territory would have been secured. There is now no doubt that Ossium is part of Varushka, or that its people are Varushkans.

The Catazarri Empire must not abandon those liberated through the blood of Thule and Imperial soldiers, or allow their vulnerability to be exploited by settler-boyars. We send Konstantin Rabovich Bolotnikov with 50 doses of liao to support 'native' Ossian Varushkans in their efforts to ensure they are masters of their own destiny and receive just reward for their work.

Konstantin Rabovich Bolotnikov, Winter Solstice 383YE, Upheld (Mandate, Primacy 234-0)

New Vales

  • A great many former human slaves of the Druj have come forward to join the Imperial nation of Varushka
  • With the aid of sellswords and soldiers, they have established vales across Imperial Ossium

While there was a lot of support for the wagon raiders and the wardens, the presence of the Hounds of Glory and the Golden Axe mean that by far and away the most successful action was that to support the settlement of Ossium. Thanks to the mandate proposed, presented, and enacted by Konstantin Rabovich Bolotnikov, more emphasis was placed on seeking out former Druj slaves who could be brought into the nation than aiding settlers from the west. There are still Varushkans keen to settle new vales among the rich forests of Ossium, of course, and there are now new vales in every region except the Thule dominated Webwood and Bonewood.

Konstantin is himself an Ossian former slave of the Druj Bone Serpent clan from Orieb, freed during the final stages of the Empire's conquest, and taught Pride by the preaching of Vasili Zoryakovich Zveroka. He and some other new citizens of Varushkan Ossium have established an outpost in one of the abandoned Druj camps that dot Drownbark Forest near Marshstand Skerry. Their settlement acts as a refuge for those who are suspicious of the "settler-boyars" coming from the west, and serves as something of a model for other new vales established by the natives.

The qualities of Ossium
We've added three new qualities to several regions of Ossium to reflect the challenge of making it a fully Imperial territory. You can find more details on the Ossium page under the section titled Special Qualities. To quickly summarise the game effects:
  • For each region of Ossium that has the under-developed quality, the labour costs for any commission in the territory are increased by a fifth.
  • While any region has the underpopulated quality, Ossium cannot support an Imperial army.
  • While a region has the under threat quality, the orcs of the Mallum and their allies are considered to have a beachhead in that region.
The intent is that the Empire can remove some or all of these qualities through opportunities and actions such as the one outlined in this wind of fortune.

In many cases, these new vales are established by former human villages that bear some resemblance to the septs among the orcs. The fact that the natural state for humans under the Druj in Ossium seems to be large, extended families actually makes it easier for many of them to adopt the cultures and traditions of Varushka - even those who are not themselves descendants of Varushkan settlers or prisoners like the Ketsov. There are a smattering of families here with a heritage of Dawnish or Navarr prisoners somewhere in their family trees, but most trace their family lines back to Varushka. Many of these families have odd traditions of course - some developed as ways of dealing with the constant oppression of the Druj miasma, or the threat of random cruelty from their orc masters, especially the use of personal wards and symbols of protection in sleeping areas. Some are more obscure, such as the funerary rites of some of the people of the marshes where the dead are wrapped in sheets and sunk in open grave pools in the darker parts of the swamp.

With a few obvious exceptions, Varushka is a very orthodox nation and interestingly many of the Ossium vales are showing signs of being even more traditional in their enthusiasm for the Way than their western neighbours. The power of anointing (which offers a degree of protection from the Druj miasma) is greatly prized, even now that the miasma has mostly been unravelled. Items bearing hallows, especially those of Pride and Ambition, are seen as a mark of status. The first few congregations established in Ossium are packed by grim faced, newly dedicated Varushkans eager to learn more about human destiny and hear the uplifting message of the Seven Virtues.

A very small number of people from Ossium reject the invitation to become part of Varushka, however. No more than a few hundred, and mostly former residents of the Galath Fields or Bittershore, they petition the Dawnish egregore for acceptance to the nation. For these people, the glorious knights of Dawn are a beacon that represents an absolute rejection of the Druj philosophy; a proud, unabashed, shining beacon. Like the septs that moved to Skarsind, they seek to start new lives in Weirwater and Semmerholm. For the time being, they are yeofolk, but in time some of them might establish their own noble house. An even smaller handful seek out new lives among the Navarr, eager to get as far away from Ossium as possible. The Navarr scouts sent to the territory by the mandate of Nathair Autumngale are more than happy to help anyone who wishes to leave to find their place in the Great Dance.

For now though, let us consider these new Varushkan vales and the opportunities they present.

Under-developed Quality

  • Nearwald has lost the under-developed negative quality
  • Two regions still have the quality; as such anything built in Ossium has its costs increased by two-fifths

As a result of the recent actions, the region of Nearwald has lost the under-developed quality. This means that only two regions still have that negative quality - Bittershore and the Galath Fields. As a consequence, the costs to build anything in Ossium are still being increased - in this case by two-fifths. Those additional costs are not included in the costs given below!

The Wealth of Lomaa

Beneath the town of Lomaa lies the Crawling Depths. In the minds of many, the mithril is synonymous with the crushing fear the Druj engendered during their rulership of the territory. The orcs would consign whole families to the depths from time to time without warning, and until the Empire came, nobody ever left that place. When the Imperial soldiers tore down the iron bars that covered the entrances, for many of the people of Ossium that was a first, symbolic sign that the Druj might possibly be defeated.

The mines are still grim by Imperial standards. The tunnels are intentionally cramped and hard to navigate - the better to make them a place of terror. The miners of Moresvah who are helping to operate the mine workings say it is an example of the dogmatic cruelty of the Druj. They could have expanded the workings at any time to make them easier to use and increased the amount of mithril they produced. But they chose not to. Mind you, so far the Imperial senate has also chosen not to expand the workings of the Crawling Depths - and that presents an opportunity.

There is significant wealth under Lomaa - the Crawling Depths represents one of the only mines in the entire territory. In addition to the mithril, there are other precious ores down there. It represents a source not only of money, but of all the other things that come with Prosperity. Mithril that could be used to arm schlacta for the defence of the new vales, as well as create the polished mirrors used in many mana sites. The more mundane ores would provide everything from cook pots to farm tools; heavy armour and weapons; or simply be sold or traded to acquire the materials that are very much needed to build and expand.

Sharing the Wealth

  • By permanently giving up the benefits of expanding the Crawling Depths, the Imperial Senate could spread Prosperity across Ossium
  • This would permanently remove the under-populated quality from the Drownbark Forest
  • The opportunity becomes unavailable if the Senate expands the mithril mine

If the Imperial Senate wished, it could use a Senate motion to allow the new boyars of Ossium to claim those parts of the mine that are not currently being exploited. With the aid of the Moresvah families, the boyars of Ossium could set their own people to upgrade the mines, claiming any mithril they mined from the depths. The production of the Crawling Depths as an Imperial bourse seat would remain unchanged, but every vale in Ossium would benefit from the arrangement. By using a Senate motion to permanently give up the ability to expand the mine, the Senate could dramatically improve the Prosperity of the territory. This would help all the new vales, but would be especially useful for the slightly better established vales of the Drownbark Forest, permanently removing the underpopulated quality from that region.

Furthermore, there would be a minor benefit to the Empire as well. By providing labour to the mines, the cost to the Senate to maintain the Crawling Depths would be halved - from 10 Thrones each season to 5 Thrones.

This opportunity is not subject to any particular time scale, but becomes unavailable if the Senate uses the option to expand the mithril mine that is already available to them. If the under-populated quality has already been removed from the Drownbark Forest, it will instead remove the quality from the Galath Fields. If both qualities have been removed, this opportunity will no longer be useful to supporting the local vales.

Tower of the Scorpion

  • Dawnish knights are drawn to Ossium to fight alongside the wagon raiders

At the urging of Pelleas Montrose, Dawnish knights and adventurous yeofolk eager to earn glory travel across the Semmerlak to Ossium. Many stop off to visit the northern side of the Golden Causeway, marvelling at the stories of the glorious Dawnish armies that marched across it to begin the conquest of the Mallum. They then retrace the steps of the original campaign, enthusiastically pushing into the eastern forests to fight alongside the wagon raiders. While there, many also make a pilgrimage to the Tower of the Scorpion and marvel at the fact such an ugly, unwieldy eyesore caused so much harm during the liberation. When these same knights and yeofolk get to talking with some of the new Varushkans establishing their vales in the shadow of the misshapen tower, a plan begins to form.

The Dawnish are adept at building castles, even in the depths of a forest. The Tower of the Scorpion is relatively sturdy, although ramshackle and unappealing. The wooden towers and rope bridges that surround it - allowing the defenders to make best use of the killing field - are particularly vulnerable to fire and archers. All in all, it is a thrown-together, shoddy structure that incorporates far too much wood in its design. How much better would it be if it were all made of stone! Also, it's called the Tower of the Scorpion. Nobody likes scorpions - what kind of heraldic beast is a scorpion? At the very least it should be rechristened the Tower of the Manticore! In fact...

Tower of the Manticore

  • A Dawnish siege engineer has suggested rebuilding the Tower of the Scorpion as the Tower of the Manticore
  • Upgrading the fortification will cost 50 wains of white granite, 70 wains of mithril, 240 crowns labour, and take a year
  • It requires a Senate Motion or approval from a title able to amend existing structures such as the Master of Imperial Works
  • The Tower of the Manticore will remove the under threat quality from Echofell

Among the knights making the journey to Ossium are a contingent of nobles and knights-errant seeking admittance to House Lionsgate, led by veteran siege engineer Lise de Lionsgate. She presents a proposal to the civil service in their damp new offices in Lomaa. She suggests that the Tower of the Scorpion be rebuilt as the Tower of the Manticore. Expanded by a combination of Varushkan and Dawnish expertise, but also incorporating some of the novel features the Druj, it would be another powerful symbol to the people of Ossium that the Druj have been driven out.

As an upgrade, this will likely need a senate motion, or the approval of the Imperial Master of Works. The proposed alterations will require 50 wains of white granite, 70 wains of mithril, 240 crowns in labour, and take a year to complete. Lise mentions incidentally that this is exactly the kind of project that might benefit from magical assistance - perhaps an enchanter might find a way to speed the construction were it commissioned?

Once completed, however, the fortification will be significantly improved. All the wooden components will be replaced with stone, meaning it will have 6,000 strength (a rank two fortification). Furthermore, Lise's plans expand upon and extend the cruel metalwork the Druj favour, replacing it with razor sharp mithril and concealed trapdoors that will mean the fortification increases all casualties it deals during a battle by a half. Once work is completed on the Tower of the Manticore, it will also permanently remove the under threat quality from the Echofell.

Pride and Glory

  • The Tower of the Manticore represents a base of operations for knights seeking glory in the northern Mallum
  • The National Assembly of Dawn can recognise the dangers and opportunities presented by the unknown forests of the north
  • Regardless of whether the mandate is enacted, building the Tower of the Manticore will allow any Dawnish military unit to take the Seek Glory in the Twisted Woods action in downtime

There will be room for a major garrison of Varushkan schlacta, supported by the local vales, but the plans also include chambers for a cadre of Dawnish questing knights and knights-errant. Many of those who fought in the battle to conquer Ossium feel a great sense of Pride in their achievement, and even those knights who were not personally present recognise that there is something profoundly important in the conquest of Ossium. It is the first of the Druj territories to fall to the Empire, and it was the Dawnish and their Thule and Varushkan allies that made this happen.

The forests of Ossium - and more crucially, the wild woods of the Forest of Ulnak - represent an almost irresistible lure for those seeking glory. In addition to the Druj, there are strange beasts, mysterious locations, and almost certainly lost treasures concealed within that haunted wilderness. The Tower of the Manticore could serve as a safe haven for Dawnish questing knights and knights-errant who wished to seek glory in the twisted depths of the northern Mallum.

During the Spring Equinox, the Dawnish National Assembly could echo the sentiments of Lise de Lionsgate and urge those seeking glory to travel north and hunt for it in the forests of Ossium and Ulnak.

As our armies marched gloriously into the unknown when they led the conquest of Ossium, so our heroes should seek glory in the unknown forests of the north. The wagon raiders of Varushka have shown us that there is treasure in the haunted woods of the Mallum - let us in turn show them the greatest treasure of all. GLORY! We send {named priest} with 25 doses of liao to urge every questing knight and knight-errant, and every seeker after adventure, to test themselves against the Druj in Ossium and the Forest of Ulnak. Our armies taught the Druj fear once already - let us ensure they do not forget us!

Synod Mandate, Dawn National Assembly

If this mandate is enacted, then for the next year any military unit can take the Seek Glory in the Twisted Woods action, found on the independent action dropdown. The action will be most effective when taken by Dawnish or Varushkan characters; rather than receiving random production a basic military unit, they will receive 6 random herbs and 8 random forest resources from battling orcs, exploring the woods, and seeking out opportunities for glory (or in the case of the Varushkans, opportunities to raid barbarians). An upgraded or enchanted military unit will gain proportionately more. Characters from other nations who take the opportunity will be much less effective - at the base level, they will receive 2 random herbs and 4 random forest resources.

However, should the Tower of the Manticore be built, then regardless of whether this mandate has been enacted or not, the Seek Glory in the Twisted Forest action will become available to the people of Dawn and Varushka permanently - or at least until the entire northern wilderness of the Empire is tamed, which is unlikely to happen for quite some time.

Time Limits

Lise de Lionsgate will remain ready to help build the Tower of the Manticore for the rest of the year. If the work has not been commissioned by the end of the Winter Solstice 384YE, she will move on to other projects. The statement of principle can be made at any time - even if the expansion has not been confirmed. House Lionsgate and their allies will only provide their support once the commission is made to transform the Tower of the Scorpion into the Tower of the Manticore.

After the destruction of the Tower of the Scorpion by the Druj, Lise de Lionsgate presented a slightly different proposal, which is detailed in the Beyond this dark house Wind of War.

The Damn Ketsov

  • The Ketsov are unpopular among the human natives of Ossium
  • They have presented a proposal regarding the Mir Mozga forest in Karsk

Among the first humans the Empire really dealt with in Ossium were the Ketsov. Descended from Varushkan settlers, enslaved by the Druj, they fared much better than many of the other former slaves. By making themselves useful - by providing the orcs with weapons and armour and magic items - they enjoyed a level of freedom and relative status practically unknown elsewhere in the territory. They are not, as a consequence, very popular with many of the other humans (or orcs for that matter). Still, they are certainly native Ossium Varushkans. The mandate upheld by the Varushkan assembly encouraged sellswords to help them build and establish their presence. They have seized this opportunity with both hands, reinforcing the walls of the town that shares their name, and establishing forestry operations among the trees south of the Bonewood. They are scrupulously careful not to stray too far north, but they also seem to be "courting" the Thule a little - offering a warm welcome to any of their merchants that come south.

They've also been looking for other opportunities to expand their wealth, and security. From a visiting wagon raider, they learn of the Mir Mozga in the forests of Lestazny in Karsk. Since the death of Pyotr Kresnovich Triosny, the former master of the Mir Mozga, the forests near Isember have grown wild and chaotic. There is no longer enough structure there to support a personal resource. Apart from the occasional wagon raid, nobody is claiming the dragonbone that apparently is found there in great profusion. The family has suggested that they would be the perfect people to establish a small new vale in the area. As Ossium natives, they argue, there is a certain symbolic rightness to allowing them to settle some of their people in a different Varushkan territory. After all, have not a great many western Varushkans come here, to Ossium, to establish new settlements? Is it not only right that they be encouraged to spread their family across their new nation likewise?

Some of the newer vales established over the last few months warn that the Ketsov are not to be trusted. They cooperated with the Druj for generations, winning concessions and avoiding the worst of the horrors faced by those subject to their dominion. The Empire would be better having as little to do with them as possible, say these vales. The Ketsov sneer at their detractors. They simply did what any other Varushkan vale would likely have done - they made an accommodation with the dark powers that threatened to destroy them. There is no difference between bargaining with orcs who can snuff out your people and bargaining with some hungry spirit, bloodthirsty plaguewulf, or monstrous tree. If anything, it is the vales who didn't do everything in their power to reach some compromise with the Druj that have failed to live up to what it means to be Varushkan.

The Ketsov have suggested one possibility with the opportunity presented by the Mir Mozga, but what to do and whether to do anything at all will fall to the Senate. There are some tricky legal questions about how the Mir Mozga should be allocated, meaning that a Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave or the like cannot simply trump the Ketsov request by building a sinecure.

The Mir Mozga Forest

  • The Senate could arrange for the local vales to harvest the resources of the Mir Mozga, creating a sinecure
  • Construction would require 16 wains of weirwood, 32 crowns, take three months, and require a commission slot
  • The Keeper of the Mir Mozga would receive 14 measures of dragonbone and 6 measures of random forest materials each season
  • This opportunity is not currently time sensitive and will remain available unless something significant changes with regard to the Mir Mozga

The simplest thing to do would be to simply rebuild the Mir Mozga, replacing the fences and paths, perhaps expanding the roads a little, and encouraging the local vales of Karsk to work together to harvest the forests. This would require a Senate commission, and cost 16 wains of weirwood and 30 crowns in labour. It would take three months to complete, and would create an Imperial title - perhaps the Keeper of the Mir Mozga. The well worn path for such a sinecure would be either appointment by the senators, or Tally of the Votes (decision by Varushkan mine and forest owners). The title would likely have tenure. Each season it would provide 14 measures of dragonbone and 6 measures of random forest materials to the owner.

Doing this would obviously irritate the Ketsov - after all, they consider themselves to be the clever ones for spotting the opportunity. They'd have little recourse, however, and would simply have to swallow the blow to their Pride and Prosperity and look for other opportunities to enrich their family. It would also play into the perception of the Ketsov as untrustworthy among the vales of Ossium.

Ketsov Mir Mozga

  • The Senate could give permission to the Ketsov to establish a vale at the Mir Mozga
  • Doing so would only require a senate motion, and would grant additional purchasing power to the Burgher of Ketsov and the Custodian of Ivarsgard Docks
  • The Ketsov would also offer material assistance toward resolving the problems in Isember
  • This opportunity is not time sensitive as such, but if not taken by the end of the Winter Solstice 384YE, the Ketsov will assume that it has been denied
Burgher of KetsovProduction
7 crowns8 dragonbone, 4 random forest resources
17 crowns16 dragonbone, 8 random forest resources
30 crowns24 dragonbone, 12 random forest resources
Ivarsgard DocksProduction
7 crowns6 dragonbone, 6 random forest resources
17 crowns12 dragonbone, 12 random forest resources

The plan proposed by the Ketsov is significantly more ambitious. The Senate could give them permission to establish a new vale in the Mir Mozga - a settlement for several large families to make their home - and harvest the dragonbone there. There would be no cost in materials, and no requirement for one of the Senate's precious commissions. Once the vale was established - they are confident they could have most of the structures built in a mere three months - they would bring the forest into line. Living in the area, with a boyar and schlacta of their own, and greatly incentivised to pour their energy into the Mir Mozga, there would be significantly higher production. The majority of the dragonbone would be used or sold by the new vale - the Ketsov Mir Mozga - but a portion of it would obviously be sent back to Ossium, enriching the Ketsov and their neighbours. They are quire prepared to share part of that bounty with their friends - the Burgher of Ketsov would gain the ability to buy dragonbone as part of their existing ministry. They're also keen to make new friends in Karsk - rather than export it themselves, the Ketsov Mir Mozga are prepared to sell some of the forest riches they gather to the Custodian of Ivarsgard Docks to sell on or make use of.

If the Senate has not given permission by the end of the Winter Solstice 384YE, they will assume that it is not forthcoming. Granting this permission would be seen as a mark of Imperial approval for the Ketsov - it would quiet the voices of dissent in Ossium. The newly-established vales would not necessarily be happy, but they would keep their grumbling to a minimum - at least until the Ketsov did something to remind their neighbours how much they are disliked.

There is only one potential bar to the Ketsov establishing themselves - the Mir Mozga is quite close to the ruins of Isember and its fractious boyar. On the subject of which...

The Isember Problem

I, Nisha Strazcovich, call upon the citizens of the Vale of Isember to; travel to Ossium to take advantage of the opportunities there; return to the path of virtue, I will lead them in this; cease raiding and banditry and to aid in this will be given 16 Thrones as provided by the Karov Mercers' Compact.

Nisha Strazcovich, Winter Solstice 383YE, Upheld (Primacy 234-0)
  • The ruined town of Isember has again become a haven for bandits and outlaws
  • They have been quiescent over winter, but now they are once again harassing trade
  • The ambitions of the boyar have expanded and there has been an attack against the town of Kosti

Isember was once a rich and prosperous town. Its people understood that the land is harsh but that there is wealth waiting for anyone strong enough to claim it. Then Ahraz the Liberator had his proposal passed through the Senate and the town changed. Where the warehouses had been filled by the harsh labour of the orc slaves, now they lay empty. This led to a sharp decline in Isember's fortunes. In 368YE the orcs of Otkodov invaded Karsk and met with assistance from some of the town's inhabitants. Exiles and traitors flocked to Isember in the hopes of making a better life for themselves in the town under the Thule. In Spring 378YE, a decisive battle was fought reclaiming the town and leaving it largely in ruins as a stark reminder to those who would betray the Empire.

It was not left empty for long, its prime location led many groups of bandits and outlaws to set up camp there, making deals with the wolves of the area. Over the past five years the numbers have grown, with a power structure forming leading to the outlaw Alexi Iskandrova Isembrioch ruling the town as boyar. Magistrate Zofia Justynova Garnovska believes that Alexi is actively supporting roaming bands of bandits across southern Karsk, providing them with a safe haven from which to operate, and facilitating trade with some of the smaller vales in Lestasny, and with the town of Oloy in Thule controlled Krevsaty.

During the Winter Solstice, Alexi came to Anvil and spoke with the Varushkans there. They apparently left with quite a bit of money and their visit was followed with an injunction from the Varushkan Assembly to cease their banditry and instead embrace the opportunities presented by Ossium. The bandits have shown no interest in leaving Isember for Ossium; if they wanted to pull their Prosperity from the mud, they would have stayed in their home vales. When questioned by a priest, one of the bandits half-jokes that they have simply embraced the life of the wagon-raider - it's just that they aren't too picky about where they raid. This prompts uproarious laughter from the woman's companions, who then proceed to drive the priest out of Isember.

However, they do keep to their word, such as it is. The money given to them during their visit to Anvil is used to purchase supplies for the Winter. Throughout the snowbound months, they remain wrapped in heavy furs, huddled around their hearths amidst the ruins. Now, however, the snow has thawed and Spring is in the air, and they have returned to preying on travellers with a vengeance. Now, however, they are not restricting themselves to sporadic raids against travellers and merchants bound for Ossium. It seems that over the Winter, their numbers have been dramatically bolstered by every ne'er-do-well between the mountains and the Semmerlak.

Two weeks before the Spring Equinox, a vicious band of brigands and thieves launches an armed raid on the town of Kosti in Kopevnosti. The high walls turn the attackers away, but only after the infiltrators sneaking into the town had been exposed due to a chance observation by a gang of local children. If the children had been less vigilant, the bandits would have taken control of the eastern gate, allowing their allies outside to pillage the town.

Perhaps worst of all, some fairly dark stories starting to circulate in Karsk that the boyar of Isember has made some kind of alliance of convenience with one of the dark powers of Varushka. There have always been legends that something unpleasant is entombed in the vicinity of Isember. The area has always held a particular fascination for the darkest elements of the human spirit. If Alexi has managed to make some kind of compact with this entity, then that might explain why he has been able to attract quite so many murderers and thieves to his banner. An alliance of a sovereign and an ambitious, ruthless human - one that is grounded in something other than the practicalities of survival - is never a good combination, as any wise one might tell you.

Paying the bandits off has prevented them raiding their neighbours over the lean Winter months, but now that Spring is here, they represent a significant threat to the whole of Karsk - and potentially to the vales of Ossium who have a great need for supplies to support their burgeoning vales. Valya Sofyn Kosteva, the ambitious leader of the wise ones of Kosti has declared that enough is enough. They have called for the people of Varushka to solve the problem of Isember once and for all; deal with the bandits and stop any more gathering there by making sure that not one brick is left atop another.

Solving the Isember Problem

  • Military units can participate in an assault on Isember in Karsk
  • Only enchantments that make a military unit more effective for independent actions will be of benefit
  • In place of their normal production, military units will gain cash, ingots, and measures
  • Along with the chance to deal with Isember once and for all, there is a chance to remove the under-populated quality from Galath Fields

During the coming season, there will be an additional option accessible through the take independent action dropdown menu - Solve the Isember problem. The assault will be relying on overwhelming force as much as possible, striking before the bandits realise what is happening. If they can be taken by surprise, they will be too busy responding to the attack to think about their own raids.

Only enchantments whose effects include making a military unit more effective at independent action will benefit those taking part in solving the Isember problem. In place of their normal production, any military unit assigned to the action will be able to claim some of the loot the Isemberite bandits have been stockpiling. A standard military unit without any upgrades or enchantments would expect to gain 4 measures of random forest materials, 4 ingots of random metals, and 36 rings in the form of random valuables and trade goods, with commensurately more if they have a higher strength. It is also possible that the Quartermaster General might choose to assign the guerdon to the action.

How successful this action is will depend on how much strength is applied to support it. The good news is that while the fighting may be vicious at times, there will be no lasting damage to military units that support it. Warriors will be hurt and killed, of course, but not in such numbers that it has an impact on the rank of a military unit even temporarily - there are a lot of friendly vales where the injured can receive hospitality after all.

Less than 5000 strength
The force will drive off or kill many of the outlaws who don't hold particularly strong allegiance to Alexi Iskandrova Isembrioch, but Isember will remain largely untouched. Alexi is likely to retaliate during the Summer Solstice, and his successes will attract outlaws and criminals from outside Varushka to his banner (as has happened at least once before in Isember). A different solution will be needed to deal with the outlaws and the problem of Isember if this happens, and there will potentially be sufficient forces remaining to launch raids that will harm the production of each business, farm, mine, and forest in Karsk.

5000 - 10000 strength
The outlaws will be driven out of Isember. Many will be killed or handed over to the magistrates for trial. The immediate threat will be neutralized, but Alexi Iskandrova Isembrioch will certainly escape along with enough of his followers that they may prove to be a threat again in the future. The roads of Karsk will remain dangerous. Isember will remain somewhat intact (or as intact as it can be), lurking in the heart of Lestazny like a canker, perhaps waiting to attract a new boyar.

Over 10000 strength
A crushing raid will strike Isember with little warning. Almost all the outlaws gathered there will be killed during the fighting, or captured by militia and magistrates. The remnant of the town will be destroyed, and the forest will eventually reclaim the area where it stood. There will be opportunities both to capture or kill Alexi Iskandrova Isembrioch, and to deal with whatever "dark spirit" infuses the ruined town. More importantly, this decisive action will mean that those few remaining outlaw bands will seek greener pastures. As a consequence, trade and travel into Ossium from Karsk will become much easier and the Galath Fields in Ossium will permanently lose the under-developed quality.


  • An army could support the Solve the Isember problem action if they are in the territory and take a defensive order
  • If given permission to establish their new vale at the Mir Mozga, the Ketsov can offer material assistance equivalent to 1000 strength
  • The Varushkan assembly can pass a mandate to declare the importance of solving the Isember problem

The raid against Isember relies on overwhelming force. Any Imperial Army in the territory of Karsk that takes a defending order could offer their assistance to the purge. The general would need to be in the territory, issue a defending order, and make it clear in their own orders that their soldiers should support the raid. Half of their strength would be added as a bonus to the Solve the Isember problem action. Enchantments and allied military units would not improve this bonus; military units supporting the army would be better off supporting the actual action. If Karsk were to come under attack during this time, then the army would provide only half its strength toward defending the territory.

If the Senate gives the Ketsov permission to establish their new vale in Lestazny, they will have a vested interest in supporting efforts to solve the Isember problem. The last thing they want are bandits with expensive tastes on their doorstep. While they don't have much in the way of actual military might, they have access to magic weapons and enchantments that may still prove useful. Provided the Senate passes the appropriate motion, they will provide material support to the Solve the Isember problem action equivalent to an additional 1,000 strength.

Finally, the Varushkan national assembly could take action. There are many draws on the sellswords, wagon raiders, and independent captains of Varushka. If the national assembly wishes to ensure that their people take the threat of Isember seriously, there is a mandate that they could issue.

Prosperity tells us to despise the thieving bandit! The boyar of Isember has taken our wealth and betrayed us. We send {named priest} with 25 liao to urge any Varushkan who can to join us and make the brigands pay the ultimate price.

Synod Mandate, Varushkan National Assembly

The effect of this mandate would be twofold. First, it would cause Varushka to opt out of the raid on Skallahn detailed in By fountains, by fishes. Any military units that go on that raid will be 50% less effective, receive 50% less rewards and be unable to acquire any rare resources, but their nation will not suffer any penalty from the raid. Secondly, it will discourage Varushkan military units from taking any other options this season. This will apply the same penalty to actions including taking independent action, supporting a spy network, or the land-based element of the evacuation of Feroz special action. However, it will ensure that Varushkan citizens show their support for this action, and any Varushkan military unit will receive a 1 rank bonus both to their effectiveness and to the rewards they receive for taking part.

The mandate will not penalise military units that support Imperial armies or fortifications. It is aimed more at those military units that might otherwise take independent actions that the Varushkan assembly deem much less pressing than the growing threat of Isember in Karsk.

The Sept of the Menrothat

  • The Imperial Orc preachers have made contact with the independent Menrothat sept of south-eastern Ossium
  • They have a surprising offer to make to the Empire

The Imperial Orcs have been quite active in Ossium since it was conquered. Thanks to their efforts, many of the orcs who once lived here have quit the territory and moved to Skarsind. Not all the orcs have gone, however. Those who remain have done so for a number of reasons. Some did not trust the Empire; some simply wished to stay in their homes. While Ossium is being secured, Bloodcrow Udoo leads a number of other Imperial Orcs who work alongside the wardens of Varushka, and the Navarr inspired by Nathair Autumngale, in reaching out to those communities who remain in hiding - or at least who have distanced themselves from the Varushkans.

This final push by the Imperial Orcs sees more orcs leave for Skarsind, often with Navarr escorts who can help them reach safety via the Varushkan roads. The senate has already declared the orcs of Ossium to be foreigners and so, as long as they refrain from raiding, there is no reason for there to be any trouble between the Varushkans and those very few remaining orcs who do not want to leave the territory. There is one exception to these two groups however: the sept of the Menrothat.

The Empire has already encountered members of this sept, although they didn't know it at the time. It appears that the orcs who tend the Bone Hives in the south-eastern Echofell are part of the Menrothat, which apparently also has members in small settlements in the eastern Drownbark Forest and in Nearwald - as well as in the western Forest of Ulnak and the northern Barrens. These orcs are particularly cautious, and seem almost supernaturally adept at concealing their true numbers from the Imperials. One Navarr draws parallels with the feni of the west - although these orcs are not interested in raiding their neighbours. The orcs who have begun work at the Bone Hives have carried news back to their elders of the Imperial Orc desire to meet the independent orcs of Ossium, and in turn the Menrothat have extended a hand of friendship.

The Menrothat are a peculiar bunch, even by the standards of the Ossium orcs. Some of the Navarr working with the Wardens suggest that they are very reminiscent of the Great Forest Orcs in many regards, but with a much harsher "edge" to them. It seems their status was much closer to that of the Ketsov than the other subjects - the Druj mostly left them to their own devices as long as they did not step out of line and provided a certain number of warriors each year to fight alongside their armies. During the initial meeting, they make it clear that they do not intend to leave Ossium because of their strong connection to the forests that have always been their home. They speak of having a particular connection to the trees and insects, which they refuse to discuss in too much detail, but they do explain that if they leave the hidden groves where they abide, then none of their people will ever be able to cross the Howling Abyss and all will be condemned to oblivion. As such they reject any suggestion that they leave Ossium out of hand.

However, they are not averse to dealing with the Varushkans. Indeed, in return for being left alone, they are happy to provide guides and even workers to the eastern vales (in return for appropriate wages of course - they are not slaves). Few know the twisted pathways of the eastern forest of Ossium as they do. They're prepared to provide tithes to the Varushkans - something they are used to doing for their hated masters. Indeed, when Bloodcrow Udoo explains how little the Empire expects in taxation, they are hardly able to believe it. For now, that's as far as they are prepared to go. To do more would be to risk reprisals against their people who are still under the yoke of the Druj in the Forest of Ulnak and the Barrens, or who are forced to serve the armies of the Mallum as scouts and assassins.

Given they appear to be covered by the Senate's declaration that the orcs of Ossium are foreigners, there should be no problem with this, in theory. However, during the second meeting with the emissaries of the Menrothat, they make an altogether more surprising offer to the Imperial Orcs.

Saroso Menrothat is an elder of the sept. A Winged Messenger can be sent to her at The Centipede Stump, Drownbark Forest, Ossium.

The Treasure of the Menrothat

  • The Menrothat claim to possess black lotus
  • They also claim to be able to show the Imperial Orcs some of the ways it is used
  • In return they want the Empire to cede the region of Farweald in the Barrens to their sept

From a passing comment during the initial meeting, the Menrothat have discovered that the Imperial Orcs are seeking black lotus. At first they were surprised - they assumed that a powerful nation of orcs would know of the incredibly rare plant. Discovering that they do not causes the leaders of the sept to convene a meeting and decide whether to share their great treasure with the western orcs. After much deliberation, they have decided to offer their greatest treasure to the Imperial Orcs in return for something they have long desired.

The heart of the Menrothat lies in the region of forest to the south of Ossium known as Nearweald. Dominated by the Druj for a very long time - even before the Barrens as a whole was under the control of the Mallum - the Menrothat who live there are barred from parts of the forest they see as their ancestral heartland. They know that the people of Dawn in particular have long had ambitions to conquer the wild territory and make it part of their Empire. The Menrothat elders have no idea if the Empire will ever make good on their claims - but if the Druj managed it and the Empire defeated the Druj, then perhaps Imperial armies can claim the territory after all?

In return for giving the Menrothat the region of Farweald, the Menrothat will give the Imperial orcs their greatest treasure - a single dose of black lotus. Once upon a time they had an actual plant, but the Buruk Tepel of the Stone Toad clan seized it from them when their lands were conquered by the Druj so many centuries ago. The last keeper of the lotus managed to preserve a single dose before she was killed, and she has whispered its location to the shaman of the sept. Furthermore, the Menrothat shaman will share with the Imperial Orcs what they know of preparing and using the black lotus - while they do not know all the secrets of the Buruk Tepel, they know how to unlock at least some of the potency of the priceless flower.

They will only share their treasure and their knowledge with the Imperial Orcs in return for Farweald. They are content to live in Ossium as guests of the Varushkan hosts, but more than anything else they want the forests of their homeland returned to them, so that they can live there in the manner of their ancestors. They accept that the Imperial Orcs may find the secrets they are seeking elsewhere - they are fully aware that what they are asking for is no minor consideration. They also want to be clear that they will need to be assured that Farweald is not simply going to be reconquered by the Druj as soon as it is ceded to them. But if the Imperial Orcs can help the Menrothat, then the Menrothat can give them at least a part of what they are seeking.

The information presented here details the background and objectives for one or more conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate. Details relating to the day, timing, gate size, and any additional information will be summarised on the Wind of Fortune conjunction page for the event, usually one of the last of the winds to be released.

For most conjunctions we've suggested Imperial titles that might be most fitting to take overall responsibility for ensuring that an opportunity is organised. Whilst the named individual has been deemed the most appropriate by the Civil Service, there is no legal requirement for them to coordinate a response or travel on the conjunction. They may delegate oversight to another individual of their choosing. As always, Imperial war scouts will be on hand at the muster point by the Sentinel Gate to provide further information to any citizens wanting to know more.

Sometimes it is necessary to make small adjustments to the timing or size of skirmishes, owing to delays or availability of crew that arise between the time of publication and when an encounter runs at the event. Details will be finalised on Friday afternoon of the event before time-in. Please do check the details of a conjunction you are interested in before using the gate to ensure that you have the full and up to date information. You can check a conjunction by casting Detect Magic (Discover Conjunction) on the Sentinel Gate in the presence of a ref.

Shouting Through the Roar (conjunction)

Beetle Tree

  • A small force of surviving Imperial soldiers is close to escaping the Forest of Ulnak
  • They are unaware they are being driven into a trap
  • If Imperial heroes can break the Druj forces lying in wait, the survivors will be able to make it back to Ossium
  • The civil service suggest the Imperial Spy Master may wish to work with the Dawnish, Varushkans, and Imperial Orcs to arrange a rescue mission

Following the Autumn Equinox, the Golden Axe and the armies of Dawn pressed cautiously into the Forest of Ulnak to the east of Ossium. Their probing advance withdrew after the Winter Solstice, but scattered camps of soldiers remained behind to explore and secure the land the armies had taken. A month after the Solstice, all those outposts fell silent almost simultaneously. It seemed likely that the Druj had sent a force north into the Forest of Ulnak to deal with the Imperial incursion there.

While speaking with the Menrothat, the Imperial Orcs discover that the sept is aware of a small group of Dawnish and Varushkan survivors in the eastern forest who have managed to evade the Druj and nearly made it back to the border with Ossium. The Mallum orcs are actively hunting them - and they are unaware that they are being driven into a trap. A force of Druj lie in wait for them at a location called Beetle Tree not far from the border with Ossium. There is no way for the Menrothat themselves to help them even if they were inclined to do so - helping the enemies of the Druj would certainly see the Menrothat sept suffer cruel reprisals.

However, the fleeing soldiers are not that far from the border with the Echofell - barely two days hard hike from a camp of wagon raiders and Dawnish knights who have been rooting out Druj guerrillas in the eastern forests. The civil service have discovered a conjunction of the Sentinel Gate that will allow a force of Imperial heroes to reach the vicinity of Beetle Tree - and while they won't be in position to help the Imperial soldiers, they may be able to smash the Druj force waiting to intercept them. This will allow the survivors to avoid their pursuers and make it back to the safety of the wagon camp.

The soldiers are believed to have some valuable information about the Druj forces in the Forest of Ulnak. Furthermore, ensuring their escape would reassure the Menrothat that they have not made a mistake offering a tentative alliance to the Empire. One advantage of this would be a chance to establish a spy network in the Forest of Ulnak using a combination of up-to-date intelligence from the survivors, information from the Menrothat, and resources from the newly decommissioned Ossium spy network. With this in mind, the civil service suggest that the Imperial Spy Master might be the best person to organise a group of heroes to venture into the Forest of Ulnak to help the soldiers escape.

Druj miasma
Anyone travelling to the Forest of Ulnak will be under the effect of the Druj miasma. This means they will be under the effect of permanent WEAKNESS and experience a feeling of hopelessness and dread as long as they are in the territory unless they:
  • Expend a hero point upon entering the area
  • Are subject to an anointing
  • Overcome the supernatural dread using their Changeling lineage by becoming extremely angry
  • Are bonded to a magical item or have a ritual enchantment that mitigates effects like these

Success and failure: If the Druj force is broken, and either killed or forced to flee the area, then the survivors will make it back to the welcome of the wagon raider camp. They'll be able to provide some more information about the Druj forces in the Forest of Ulnak. More importantly, if the Empire acts now (before the end of the Spring Equinox) they can commission a spy network in the Forest of Ulnak for half the normal price - 5 wains of weirwood and 10 crowns.

If the Druj force manages to hold off the Empire, the soldiers will be caught before they can escape the Forest of Ulnak. Whatever information they have will be lost, as will the opportunity to establish a spy network with the aid of the Merothat sept and the resources from Ossium.

People in Ossium

The characters who supported the action to secure Ossium after the Winter Solstice are listed here, along which which action they supported.

Support the settlement of OssiumArjhann GriffinsongDawn
Support the settlement of OssiumAvren LeostenDawn
Support the settlement of OssiumIone TailorDawn
Support the settlement of OssiumLord Dorian De LicorneDawn
Support the settlement of OssiumMaximilian PlowmanDawn
Support the settlement of OssiumMordred SmithDawn
Support the settlement of OssiumPercival de ClémentDawn
Support the settlement of OssiumRadzic Kobila of SkallitzDawn
Support the settlement of OssiumRen TannerDawn
Support the settlement of OssiumSolene d'AlbaDawn
Support the settlement of OssiumTor ForesterDawn
Support the settlement of OssiumStormcrow DrenImperial Orcs
Support the settlement of OssiumAeron EerielightNavarr
Support the settlement of OssiumCormag EerielightNavarr
Support the settlement of OssiumEuan longspear gutNavarr
Support the settlement of OssiumGaius AshbornNavarr
Support the settlement of OssiumPetricor TanglehornNavarr
Support the settlement of OssiumRavadi Founders' DanceNavarr
Support the settlement of OssiumShay'nahNavarr
Support the settlement of OssiumVarikNavarr
Support the settlement of OssiumXalvadora i RiquezaThe Brass Coast
Support the settlement of OssiumCarmine de Sarvos "Father"The League
Support the settlement of OssiumUberto Alessandri di Caricomare vacino a SarvosThe League
Support the settlement of OssiumWolfgang Wilheim Von VanderghastThe League
Support the settlement of OssiumBartholemew GuildensternThe Marches
Support the settlement of OssiumFenton HawcombeThe Marches
Support the settlement of Ossiumgreen' jack woodruffThe Marches
Support the settlement of OssiumBorys Vardovich StraskovichVarushka
Support the settlement of OssiumDavinov Egorushkin KarevelovVarushka
Support the settlement of OssiumFretek Sargava SlavomirynVarushka
Support the settlement of OssiumJaromir Ostrovyn KostkaVarushka
Support the settlement of OssiumNikolai Yaropolk BorislavVarushka
Support the settlement of OssiumProvuk Lechin BranovichVarushka
Support the settlement of OssiumSketchemi Justicast MentyevikVarushka
Support the settlement of OssiumVuk The WolfeaterVarushka
Support the settlement of OssiumEdricWintermark
Venture into the unknown in OssiumEmeric MercerDawn
Venture into the unknown in OssiumGertrudinie 'Mouse' Fletcher of House de CoeurdeferDawn
Venture into the unknown in OssiumLogan TallstagDawn
Venture into the unknown in OssiumPanthos Du FrosteDawn
Venture into the unknown in OssiumRodric of House BerinoreDawn
Venture into the unknown in OssiumRoland Miller of house De RondellDawn
Venture into the unknown in OssiumVeridan SilvaDawn
Venture into the unknown in OssiumMelkior, Son of MikiahHighguard
Venture into the unknown in OssiumThomasHighguard
Venture into the unknown in OssiumTselemHighguard
Venture into the unknown in OssiumDrostImperial Orcs
Venture into the unknown in OssiumAsh SilverfletchNavarr
Venture into the unknown in OssiumBrodi BrackensongNavarr
Venture into the unknown in OssiumDaineNavarr
Venture into the unknown in OssiumFarren Silver StreamsNavarr
Venture into the unknown in OssiumIshNavarr
Venture into the unknown in OssiumDavid, Jademist, GuerraThe Brass Coast
Venture into the unknown in OssiumMarcus Derivian di SarvosThe League
Venture into the unknown in OssiumShauni di VergoThe League
Venture into the unknown in OssiumRowan HarperThe Marches
Venture into the unknown in OssiumAlderei the FairVarushka
Venture into the unknown in OssiumBranka Yakovlevna VolnyVarushka
Venture into the unknown in OssiumDesilav JesenVarushka
Venture into the unknown in OssiumDmitry Lutobor GoreckiVarushka
Venture into the unknown in OssiumGregor Vardovich StrascovichVarushka
Venture into the unknown in OssiumLutobor (Lut) Branislavovich GlinkaVarushka
Venture into the unknown in OssiumMarya Zoranova DoubekVarushka
Venture into the unknown in OssiumHorkfi HaronnsenWintermark
Wagon raiding in OssiumAndred RionDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumArlen Foreman-SmithDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumBertrandDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumBertrand GardenerDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumDrake De CoeurdeferDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumEamonDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumFeroce LupoDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumGuy WooderDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumHugh FarrierDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumLady Eve OrzelDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumLord Edmund the Enchanter of House TorawyrDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumMal` Lassal Scethos of House CordracoDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumMarycDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumMordred FlowersDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumOzren Ivarovich SeveryanDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumPercival BerinoreDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumPercival TallstagDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumPerryn ForthwrightDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumRuseDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumSolomon LockeDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumTeagan de OrzelDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumValentin Ivarovich SeveryanDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumVulgaris VicariousDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumZoran De OrzelDawn
Wagon raiding in OssiumIvanbrokHighguard
Wagon raiding in OssiumAmbroos Antoon Broken-BoughNavarr
Wagon raiding in OssiumOdhran TanglehornNavarr
Wagon raiding in OssiumReaghan EmberedgroveNavarr
Wagon raiding in OssiumGeronimo Mountanto 'Whatever'The League
Wagon raiding in OssiumAidan WellerThe Marches
Wagon raiding in OssiumJohn a WoodeThe Marches
Wagon raiding in OssiumBranislav Vuk StrascovichVarushka
Wagon raiding in OssiumBranko Zlatov ArsenyevVarushka
Wagon raiding in OssiumMaegruth Bearonovitch StrascovitchVarushka
Wagon raiding in OssiumSigismund Vladislav KestoviaVarushka
Wagon raiding in OssiumStefan Nikolai GorodetskyVarushka
Wagon raiding in OssiumTomaszVarushka
Wagon raiding in OssiumTorvel Jasnaov SorrowfallVarushka
Wagon raiding in OssiumVasiliy Krenyenkov Valeskai StrascovichVarushka
Wagon raiding in OssiumVedmid Yaroslav KommisarovVarushka
Wagon raiding in OssiumYarlori “Yolo” Andrei StrascosavichVarushka

Further Reading

  • Beyond the light - the Winter 383 Wind of Fortune that details the opportunity to secure Ossium
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