This page was updated throughout the event as elections and vacant positions occured (i.e. opportunities!). With the event over the last few position title holders were tidied up and then we transfered this information over to the rolling historical record that can be found here

Please note the following titles have either lapsed or been vacated:

  • The Legacy (Currently in Grendel hands)
  • Senator for Spiral (The Territory of Spiral is no longer in Imperial hands.)
  • Sheriff of Overton (Sinecure destroyed during the fall of Overton)
  • Civilian Commissioners (Motion to create the titles abrogated by Senate.)
  • Custodian of the Imperial War Memorial (Title resigned by the holder)
  • Dean of the Cathedral of Courage (Title resigned by the holder)


  • Senator for Segura: The Incumbent, Avisena i Ezmara i Guerra
  • Senator for Karsk: The Incumbent, Maarit
  • Senator for Reikos: Cadeur of the Shattered Tower
  • Senator for Holberg: Irina Arkady Staryn Von Holberg

Imperial Military Council

Imperial Synod

Imperial Conclave

  • Grandmaster of the Golden Pyramid:Arsenio Sanguineo Rezia di Tassato, of the League
  • Grandmaster of the Sevenfold Path:The Incumbent, Zephaniah of Highguard

The Grandmasters are appointed by the members of their orders. Any member of the order can vote in a closed session to pick one of their number to lead the Order for the coming year. As always, all other Imperial Conclave titles may be reappointed at any time through a Declaration of Candidacy.

Imperial Bourse


Imperial seats will be auctioned openly. Any citizen may bid for control of one of these valuable resource seats.