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Senate Paperwork Autumn 384YE.png
The business of the Imperial Senate is the business of the Empire.


The Imperial Senate governs the Empire, and its authority extends to all areas of Imperial life not already covered by the other houses of government. Each summit the senators meet several times to deliberate and vote on the motions they have raised.

After the summit the civil service enact those motions, and ensure a public record of each is made available to the citizens of the Empire. This page lists all the motions raised during the summit, along with the announcements made by citizens with Imperial titles. In each case, the motion and its effects are summarized including the wording; who proposed and seconded it; whether it passed or not; whether any funds were disbursed to support it; and what the outcome of the motion will be.

Many motions (especially the commissions) also have a Further Details section that provides a link to a wiki page dealing specifically with that motion in more detail, any commentary from the Constitutional Court, progress on commissions, or expanded information about the outcome of the motion.


  • Imperial treasury during this season announced by the civil service at 1702 thrones and 2 crowns
  • Donation to the Imperial treasury of 28 thrones by Magdalena Teyhard von Holberg

Administrative Motions

These administrative motions raised by the Constitutional Court will be presented during the Autumn Equinox.

Clarify Master of the Koboldi

  • Motion: To clarify that the Senate intends for the Master of the Koboldi to be able to Alter, Upgrade/Improve, and Repair existing constructions
  • Raised by: Speaker of the Senate
  • Passed
  • Outcome: This allows the Master of the Koboldi to alter, upgrade/improve, and repair existing structures as well as commissioning new ones. The title has been amended appropriately.

Amend Curator of the Blood Red River

  • Motion: The Curator of the Blood Red River should be appointed by the League National Assembly.
  • Raised by: Speaker of the Senate
  • Passed
  • Outcome: This amends the title of "Curator of the Blood Red River" to be appointed by the League National Assembly, and it will be available to be appointed during the Autumn Equinox.

Amend Spiral Envoy

  • Motion: The Spiral Envoy should be appointed by Tally of the Votes rather than by Urizen senators.
  • Raised by: Speaker of the Senate
  • Passed
  • Outcome: This amends the title of "Spiral Envoy" to be appointed by the Tally of the Votes, and it will be available to be appointed during the Autumn Equinox.

Senate Motions

Abrogate Advisor on Orc Affairs

  • Motion: To abrogate the position of the Advisor on Orc Affairs. Proposed: Astolat, Seconded: Sermersuaq.
  • Withdrawn on the floor

Amend Trade with the Thule

  • Motion: In recognition of the Thule's virtuous move to abolish slavery we wish to removal trade sanctions and move them to normal trade. Proposed: Reikos, Seconded: Karsk.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The existing sanctions against trade with Otkodov will be removed.

Amend Trade with the Thule II

  • Motion: In recognition of the damages inflicted on the Thule by Thunderous Deluge, we wish to move them to free trade status as reparation. Proposed: Volodmartz, Seconded: Conscience of the Senate.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The orcs of Otkodov will enjoy free trade with the Empire with minimal tariffs and expedited access to Imperial markets.

Appraise pilgrims of the Way

  • Motion: To request Naomi appraise the means by which pilgrims of the Way from foreign nations can be enabled and encouraged to make pilgrimage to the Empire with a possible focus on escalation Bastion to the challenge of Timoj. Proposed: Necropolis, Seconded: Zenith.
  • Failed

Appraise stabilising Zenith

  • Motion: To appraise opportunities in Zenith to stabilise and restore the territory, with a focus on supporting returning Zenith refugees and offering succour to those still living there. Proposed: Zenith, Seconded: Morrow.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The Imperial Auditor, Gerard La Salle, will determine whether Naomi of Virtue's Rest or Lutomysla Niegoslava will undertake this appraisal for the Senate.

Assign Zenith

  • Motion: I propose the allocation of Zenith to the people of Urizen to allow them to independently support the Empire's only Magical army - the Citadel Guard. Proposed: Morrow, Seconded: Redoubt.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The territory of Zenith is now an Urizen territory and can appoint a senator.

Create Ambassador to the Grendel

  • Motion: A motion to create the title "Ambassador to the Grendel" with the responsibilities to treat with the Grendel, appointed by the Senate. This will remove the ambassadorial powers and ministry from the fleetmaster. Proposed: Segura, Seconded: Volodmartz.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: This will simultaneously amend the powers of the Imperial Fleet Master, and create a new title of Ambassador to the Grendel.

Create Chair of the Wolf

  • Motion: Motion to give the Holberg Guild of Engineers the permission to expand their premises. This will create the Imperial title "Chair of the Wolf". It will have the power to announce a commission that takes place entirely in the League. This commission can be either a great work, ministry, sinecure, or folly. This will be a League national position appointed by Tally of the Votes. Proposed: Sarvos, Seconded: Holberg.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: This opportunity was detailed in the A health to the company wind of fortune. The powers of the Chair of the Wolf are somewhat different to when it was initially proposed.
  • Further Details: here.

Create judgement of Virtuous Challenge

  • Motion: The Senate creates the new Synod Judgement of Virtuous Challenge. A Judgement of Virtuous Challenge may be raised against a Tenured Imperial Title where a priest believes there is a citizen whose Virtues, or vision for that titled position, are superior to the incumbent's. The Assembly raising the Judgement must have oversight of that titled position. If the Judgement is upheld the position will be eligible for election at the following summit. The incumbent remains in post until that time. Any Tenured Imperial Title that has been challenged in this way may not be the subject of another such challenge until a year has passed but the title holder may still be Revoked in that time. Proposed: Conscience of the Senate, Seconded: Karov.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: This motion was the subject of additional scrutiny by the Constitutional Court. Following that deliberation the new judgement of challenge was created.
  • Further Details: here.

Disburse funds for scrying

  • Motion: Disbursement of funds to allow the Imperial Seer to utilise scrying magics in the duties of their role. Proposed: Bastion, Seconded: Tassato.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: 40 Thrones disbursed to Senator Bastion

Disburse funds for Grendel embassy

  • Motion: Disbursement of funds to pay for the recently completed Grendel Embassy thanks to the contributions of prosperous citizens of the Empire. Proposed: Redoubt, Seconded: Reikos.
  • Passed at 200 thrones
  • Outcome: 200 Thrones disbursed to Senator Redoubt

Disburse funds for Burning Falcon

  • Motion: Disbursement of funds to raise the Burning Falcons. Proposed: Madruga, Seconded: Weirwater.
  • Passed at 400 thrones
  • Outcome: 400 Thrones disbursed to Senator Madruga

Disburse funds for resupply

  • Motion: Disbursement of funds for military and magical resupply. Proposed: Miaren, Seconded: Mitwold.
  • Passed at 500 thrones
  • Outcome: 500 Thrones disbursed to Senator Miaren

Fund Maps of the Sea of Snow

  • Motion: Motion to provide Imperial Fleets with the resources to explore the Sea of Snows and create an Imperial Map. Proposed: Mitwold, Seconded: Upwold.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Imperial fleets will be able to take the Map the Sea of Snow action during the upcoming downtime, as detailed in the Never be found at home wind of fortune.

Fund repairs of Tassato

  • Motion: That the Senate allocates the use of 50 thrones for the repairs of the flood damage to Tassato. Proposed: Tassato, Seconded: Necropolis.
  • Passed 50 Thrones will be removed from the Winter Summit Senate budget
  • Outcome: This restores the flood damage in Tassato: as such the businesses there will suffer no notable loss of income this season. The situation is outlined in the Light upon the water Wind of Fortune.

Ratify Faraden Treaty

  • Motion: That the Senate ratifies a treaty with the Faraden. That the Empire removes trade sanctions with the Faraden and moves to a mercantilist trade policy. That "the Gloaming Road" would become a Imperial title, appointed by auction of the seat in line with the well worn path. This will require the Faraden to cede the facility to the Empire and will incur a cost to the Empire of 5 thrones each season to maintain roads and bridges. Proposed: Karsk, Seconded: Miekarova.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The treaty proposed by the Ambassador to Faraden has been ratified by the Imperial Senate.
  • Further Details: here.

Ratify treaty with the Iron Confederacy

  • Motion: To ratify treaty with the Iron Confederacy. That the Iron Confederacy agrees to step down trade embargo to sanction. In return for the Empire instructing the magistrates to co-operate with the Suranni templars in tracking down members of the Hand of Dumon. Proposed: Miekarova, Seconded: Miaren.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The treaty proposed by the Ambassador to the Iron Confederacy was ratified by the Imperial Senate. This treaty is subject to additional scrutiny as the implications of Suranni templars cooperating with Imperial magistrates are considered.
  • Further Details: here

Secure Wunderkind Woods

  • Motion: A motion to secure the Wunderkind Woods recognising the Rebeshi Players as Guardians of the Wood. This creates the Imperial title "Tender of the Blood Orchard" to be appointed annually by the Senators of the League. Funded by the Looking Glass. This gives access to a ministry that produces winter vis and ritual staves. Proposed: Holberg, Seconded: Sarvos.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Defines the status of Holmauer Park in Holberg, a detailed in the Dear green space wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here.


Imperial Administrator

Imperial Throne

  • Motion: Appoint a throne. Proposed: Kahraman, Seconded: Segura.
  • Outcome: None elected

Ambassador to the Sarcophan Delves

Captain of the Senate Guard

Ambassador to the Iron Confederacy

Commissions (Senate)

Construct Black Canal

  • Motion: To construct a Great Westward Canal, to be called "The Black Canal" in honour of Geraint Black, from the river meade to Mournwold, accepting the offer of the Mournwold orcs to work alongside human Marchers on the waterways, improving the prosperity of Mournwold and Mitwold and integrating the Mournwold orcs further into Marcher society; and to request a disbursement of funds in part payment of the costs. Proposed: Upwold, Seconded: Bastion.
  • Passed at 0 thrones
  • Outcome: Once complete this will create a canal linking Meade and Sarcombe, as detailed in the Light upon the water Wind of Fortune.
  • Further Details: here.

Construct Boar's Market

  • Motion: To fund and construct the Boars Market in Astolat, a market which will allow Dawn to purchase bourse resources. This will create the title, Reeve of the Boars Market, which will be elected by well worn path. Proposed: Weirwater, Seconded: Casinea.
  • Passed at 50 thrones disbursed to Senator Weirwater
  • Outcome: Creates a market-fayre at Boar's Hollow in Astolat, as detailed in the Good old smooth red wine wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here.

Construct Hall of the Unbroken

  • Motion: Providing Sanctuary and healing, both physical and emotional, to those that have endures slavery and to rehabilitate them into the Way and the Empire. Part of the Proffered Hand Network. A mana sinecure to be built in East Floes, Sermersuaq. Appointed by the Wintermark National Assembly. Proposed: Sermersuaq, Seconded: Astolat.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Creates a mana sinecure; This motion is missing necessary details regarding the nature of the sinecure, and the cost to create it. This motion is undergoing additional scrutiny.
  • Further Details: here

Construct Library of Hacynian

  • Motion: To expand through construction the Library of Hacynian in Hercynia to be the Great Library, collating the lore of the Vallorn from across the world. The title 'Advisor of the Vallorn' to remain unchanged. The library will be the culmination of a people's desire of a future, and testimony to an Empire that will win the long war against its greater spiritual foe. This is a time-limited opportunity that a nation has waited generations for, so let us stride with ambition to a brighter future. Given the costs of the Library's expansion at 50 wains of white granite, 40 wains of weirwood, and 30 wains of mithril, and 240 crowns, Navarr request's a disbursement of funds from the Senate for this commission. Proposed: Hercynia, Seconded: Therunin.
  • Passed at 250 thrones disbursed to Senator Hercynia
  • Outcome: Once complete this will transform the Great Library of Hacynian into a true repository of lore, and initiate research into ways to destroy the vallorn. Further details in the The bones of what you believe Wind of Fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Construct Potato Fields of Happiston

  • Motion: To build a mana sinecure in Happiston in the Chalkdowns in the Mournwold. Creating the title Keeper of the Prosperous Potato Fields of Happiston. To be appointed with tenure by the unanimous decisions of the Marcher senators. Fully funded by the Happiston Volunteers. Proposed: Mournwold, Seconded: Ossium.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Creates a mana sinecure. This motion is missing necessary details regarding the nature of the sinecure, and the cost to create it. This motion is undergoing additional scutiny.
  • Further Details: here

Construct Reapers' Repose

  • Motion: Commission the Reapers' Repose sinecure in Melfort, Temeschwar costing 10 white granite, 5 weirwood, and 30 crowns. This will create the title "Chatelain of the Reapers' Repose" to be appointed by the Senators of the League. Proposed: Temeschwar, Seconded: Semmerholm.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Creates a sinecure. This motion is missing necessary details regarding the nature of the sinecure, but the civil service believe it is related to the proposal by Sovia Lahm von Temeschwar, Merchant-prince of the Emerald Magpie Guild (as detailed in the A health to the company Wind of Fortune to build a place of comfort and recuperation. They are awaiting clarification from Senator Temeschwar
  • Further Details: Here

Construct Swords of Nearweald

  • Motion: To commission and authorise the disbursement of funds for the Swords of Nearweald in Ossium. Proposed: Ossium, Seconded: Mournwold.
  • Passed at 150 thrones disbursed to Senator Redoubt
  • Outcome: Creates a fortified barracks in Ossium as detailed in the Thousands or more Wind of Fortune
  • Further Details: here

Construct Thornsong House

  • Motion: To construct Thornsong House to honour the heritage of Healers and Apothecaries in Therunin. This unique Hospital College will allow the Empire to research new potions for the first time and create a centre for Herblore and Potion-lore in the Empire. The title of "Thornsinger", responsible for overseeing and guiding the research, will be appointed annually via Tally of the Votes. The title will have the ability to address Senate to announce their chosen research focus. Like other imperial research functions, there will be an upkeep cost - 10 thrones a season. This is a unique, limited opportunity. Proposed: Therunin, Seconded: Madruga.
  • Failed

Improve Syrene's Wisdom

  • Motion: To disburse funds for and modernise the pumps of Syrene's Wisdom. This will result in better ilium returns and much safer conditions for the miners. Proposed: Casinea, Seconded: Kallavesa.
  • Passed at 100 thrones, disbursed to Senator Casinea
  • Outcome: As detailed in the Wake up crying Wind of Fortune this investment will improve the situation at Syrene's Wisdom
  • Further Details: here.

Refurbish Laroc Tourney Grounds

  • Motion: To build the Laroc tourney grounds with a disbursement of funds. These grounds will enable Dawn to support the Imperial war effort through better equipped military units. Proposed: Semmerholm, Seconded: Temeschwar.
  • Withdrawn

Commissions (Announcements)

Spy Network west of Skallahn

  • Motion: Construct a spy network to the west of Skallahn to super charge the offensive against the Jotun
  • Announced: by Bernard Dugdale, Imperial Spymaster
  • Outcome: Builds on the opportunity presented by the success of the Skallahn raid to build a spy network in the territory west of Skallahn. This opportunity was presented in the Take it further wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Holberg Scholars of the Sword Academy

  • Motion: Self-funded to build a white granite sinecure in the city of Holberg known as the Holberg Scholars of the Sword Academy, the custodian of which will be known as the Master of Defense of the Scholars of the Sword Academy. The Master of Defense will receive financial benefit whilst in governance. Appointment as a tenure position (until death, resignation, or reallocation) by the Senators of the League
  • Announced: by Achille di Sarvos, Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave
  • Outcome: Creates a sinecure in Holberg the provides money. This announcement is missing necessary details regarding the cost to create the sinecure.
  • Further Details: Here

Giritane's Gaze

  • Motion: I Sagua i'Ezmara, Master of the Koboldi, am hereby announcing the construction of Giritane's Gaze, a great work supporting miners in Weirwater. It will take the form of a large white mandowla statue with glowing eyes. Enchanter Baldwin, senator of Weirwater, has agreed to provide the funding.
  • Announced: by Sagua i'Ezmara, Master of the Koboldi
  • Outcome: This will create a great mandowla statue as described in the Stone and stone wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here.

Kostjyas Respite

  • Motion: I am Kostjya of Cabal Lyktan and the Wulfen Reavers, holder of an Imperial Wayleave announce that Cabal Lyktan and the people of Varushka will fully self fund and build the ministry on the Bittershore, the port, the town of "Kostjyas Respite" and the national title, appointed by the well worn path, of "Merchant Boyar of the Bittershore"
  • Announced: by Kostjya, Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave
  • Outcome: Creates a port at Bittershore, as detailed in the Thousands or more wind of fortune. This motion is missing necessary details regarding the appointment method for Merchant Boyar of Bittershore (there are two possible well-worn paths.
  • Further Details: here.



  • Motion: The Breadbasket is allocated to the Marches to alleviate the burden of the influx of Bregasland citizens
  • Announced: by Lily Guildenstern, Keeper of the Breadbasket
  • Outcome: The breadbasket is not assigned to support any Imperial armies this season.

Research Andretti in Axos

  • Motion: To research in the Axou Libraries, the learnings of the Imperial citizen Andretti, with particular reference to the soul, immortality and reincarnation.
  • Announced: by Vaclav Mladenovich Kosti, Minister of Historical Research
  • Outcome: Members of the Department of Historical Research will travel to Axos as guests of the Towers of Maykop to perform research.

Research Speaker for the Dead

  • Motion: I, Jared of the Suns of Couros as Lepidean Librarian, direct the Lepidean University to reach out and speak to the Free Folk about their inspirational figure of the Speaker for the Dead. Collect what stories and evidence you can find so the Synod can properly assess the virtue of this figure.
  • Announced: by Jared of the Suns of Couros, Lepidean Librarian
  • Outcome: The researchers of the Lepidean Library will visit the Free Folk and learn about their paragon

Research Sinking of Bregasland

Assign Guerdon

Civil Service

Gather Information About the Vallorn

The Department of Historical Research has begun preparations to focus a significant portion of its work in the coming year on the question of the vallorn, as detailed in the The bones of what you believe wind of fortune. As such, there will be only one slot available to the Senate for historical research until the Winter Solstice 385YE.