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|Trade, mutually beneficial exchanges
|Trade, mutually beneficial exchanges
|[[Basileus Kade]]
|[[Basileus Flint]]
|Intrigue, Espionage, Power
|Intrigue, Espionage, Power

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The world of Empire is known to touch six other planes of existence. These are home to magical entities called eternals, some of whom are interested in the human world. Players - especially magicians - can meet and negotiate with the eternals. The eternals are not gods but posses magical powers that players will find useful. They have their own motivations and personalities, and characters will be able to bargain with them to advance their own agendas.

Eternals Interested in the Empire

This list of eternals is not exhaustive; rather it lists some of those beings who have shown a special interest in the Empire since its formation.

Eternals of Spring Known Interests
Yaw'nagrah Fertility, diversity
Arhallogen Survival, adaptation, poison, arachnids
Llofir Fungus, rot, decay, collapse
Irra Harah Youth, struggle, the weak
Siakha Storms, destruction, predation, the sea

The creature known as Capradan, the Horned Hunter, is a being of the Spring realm whose true nature is unclear. It is either a very potent herald or a lesser eternal concerned with primitive concepts of hunting and killing for sustenance.

Eternals of Summer
Eleonaris, Queen of the Fields of Glory Majesty, nobility, battle, victory
Jaheris Rivalry, betrayal, consort of Eleonaris
Hayaak, the Gryphon King Wrath, vengeance, ferocity
Cathan Canae, Queen of Ice and Darkness Might, winter, strength, durability
Barien, the Iron Duke Challenges, worth, tests
Meraud, the Golden Magician Magic, enchantment
Rhianos, Regent of the Eternal sea The sea, seafarers, adventure
Adamant, King of the Golden Deeps Stone, beauty, treasure, construction

The creature known in the Empire as Aben-Nuath is believed to be a powerful herald, but it is not clear to whose "court" they belong, if any. They are usually described as "independent" in lists of such beings although there is much speculation.

Eternals of Autumn
The Lictors Binding, imprisonment, punishment, contracts
Estavus Crafting, building, artisans
Callidus, Prince of the Argent Tontine Greed
Prospero Influence, favours, grudges
Ephisis Trade, mutually beneficial exchanges
Basileus Flint Intrigue, Espionage, Power
Mazen of the Many Faces Manipulation, Deception
Eternals of Winter
Sorin, the Tomb King Privation, strength from weakness
Kaela Entropy, despair, endings
The Thrice-cursed Court Curses, power at a price, spite
Wise Rangara Wisdom, tradition,
Agramant the Wendigo Hunger, cannibalism, madness, dread
Eternals of Day
Leviathan History, foundations, causation
Phaleron, the Great Library Knowledge, preservation
Sinokenon, the Turning Mirror Hierarchy, connections, religion
Kimus of the Thousand Eyes Light, scrying, observation
Ylenrith, the Swan Purity, mathematics, music
Roshanwe, the Navigator Discovery, wisdom, truth
Zakalwe, the Strategist Conflict, logistics, strategy
Eternals of Night
Janon the Shadowed Fire Passion, freedom
Lashonar Stories, confusion, speech that moves, oratory
Murit the Shaper Crafting, material transformation, the whole is different to the parts
Sadogua, Brother of Wizards Magicians, magic, power, manipulation
Soghter, Changer of the Ways Transitions, learning through experience
Sung, the Rainbow Serpent Mysteries and enigmas
The Whisper Gallery Secrets, rumour, art