This page was updated throughout the event as elections and vacant positions occured (i.e. opportunities!). Now the event is over we tided up the last few position title holders and transferred this information over to the rolling historical record that can be found here

Imperial Senate

  • Senator for Madruga: Adan i Del-Tero i Riqueza
  • Senator for Astolat: Bohemond de Rondell, the incumbent
  • Senator for Necropolis: Jeconiah of Ravens Watch
  • Senator for Skarsind: Irontide Vio, the incumbent
  • Senator for Temeschwar: Gant Archama, the incumbent
  • Senator for Bregasland: Orrick Bolholt, the incumbent
  • Senator for Hercynia: Rhisart Dancewalker
  • Senator for Zenith: The Incumbent, then we lost the territory to barbarian orcs
  • Senator for Miekarova: Father Nikolovich Drakov, the incumbent
  • Senator for Kallavesa: Edythe Dunne
  • The Senator for Redoubt resigned and was replaced with: Andronikos
  • The Senator for Volodmartz was revoked and replaced with: Alexei Volostra
  • The Senator for Semmerholm was murdered and replaced with: Lady Ailliena Devereux

Other Imperial Senate positions

Imperial Military Council

Imperial Synod

  • The Cardinal of Pride abdicated and was replaced with: Astrid Fjellrevening Rezia di Tassato

Imperial Conclave

These Grandmasters were appointed by the members of their orders. Members of the order voted in a closed session to pick one of their number to lead the Order for the coming year.

  • Archmage of Winter: Emilia
  • Archmage of Summer: Solomon of the Shattered Tower, the incumbent
  • Dean of the Lyceum: Simargl, "the Empty One" of the Circle of Zulgan-Tash, the incumbent
  • Archmage of Spring: Fabienne of Vexille

These Imperial Conclave titles were reappointed at Conclave sessions through a Declaration of Candidacy.

Imperial Bourse

These Imperial seats were auctioned openly and citizens bidded for control of these valuable weirwood seats.

Destroyed by Druj in Zenith

Destroyed by Grendel in Madruga