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The Brass Coast

Dhomiro A Dhomiro is a member of a Freeborn family who is chosen by the family to be their representative to the wider world; sometimes as a leader, sometimes as an emissary.
Kohan Kohan are groups of volunteer and outcast warriors-without-family, who traditionally pledge loyalty to their tribe's hakima.
Sutannir Sutannir perform inspiring religious ceremonies for the Freeborn, and (more importantly) organise the parties that follow.
Hakima Hakima are highly-organised groups of magic-users whose loyalty is to the tribe, not their family. They are taken to be wise.
Corsair Freeborn Corsairs are traders and privateers who deal with - and raid - foreign shipping in the Bay of Catazar.
Scrivener Scriveners are Freeborn contract-writers who help traders frame the terms of their deals, and then decorate them with artwork and calligraphy.


Earl The Earl of a Dawnish Noble House is the House's leader, who leads the House in all its great achievements and who sets its conditions of membership.
Knight-errant Knights-Errant are men and women engaged in their Test of Mettle, who are still technically yeomen but who are expected - and who are questing - to prove themselves glorious.
Questing knight Questing Knights are those Knights who have proved themselves worthy in their Test of Mettle and have chosen to keep on questing for ever-greater glory.
Troubadour A Troubadour is a priest who learns all the stories of their Noble House, past and present, and tells them in poetry and song to inspire their people to greatness.
Witch Witches are Dawnish magic-users. In noble houses, they fight alongside the House's warriors. Most others belong to Weaver Cabals, independent groups of ritual witches which accept both yeomen and noble members.
Enchanter Some Earls who have studied magic choose the title "Earl-Enchanter" or simply "Enchanter". Most learn ritual magic to benefit their people; some build relationships with powerful Summer Eternals.
Seneschal A Noble House's Seneschal is a trusted yeoman who oversees its financial affairs, arranging deals and trades and keeping the House solvent.
Advocate Dawnish Advocates are yeoman politicians who navigate the murky waters of Senate politics for their noble masters.
Retainer A yeoman Retainer is a Dawnish Noble's most trusted attendant, who works closely with a particular Noble, or sometimes for the whole House.


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The League

Merchant Prince A Merchant Prince is head of a Guild, the tight-knit mercantile organisations which define the shape of League society.
Bravo Bravos are the members of the mercenary Free Companies, as rough and rowdy off the battlefield as they are disciplined and professional on it, and immensely proud of their Companies.
Bishop The Bishops of the League are its high priests, who provide Virtuous guidance to any who can afford it, and who compete using the size and influence of their congregations.
Troupe Troupes are bands of actors who often go masked while performing, and when performing ritual magic. To them, magic is a commodity like any other.
Mountebank Mountebanks are street magicians whose tricks may be sleight of hand or genuine magic, many of whom skirt the edges of the law playing short-cons and rigging street games.
Cicisbeo A Cicisbeo is an expensive professional paramour, the only exception to League culture's absolute prohibition on extramarital relations.

The Marches

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Arbiter An Arbiter is the appointed leader of a Spire, often (but not always) its wisest and most skilled mage.
Sentinel Sentinels are scholar-warriors who strive for excellence in the ways of warfare. In battle, they prefer to stay in reserve until it is clear where they are most needed.
Questor The Questors are a sect of rationalist priests who believe the Way of Virtue is an unfinished doctrine, and must be questioned to understand its truth, relevance and moral rightness.
Illuminate The Illuminates are an Urizen priesthood who work improve the Empire's Virtue by identifying and influencing pivotal figures to become Virtuous.
Mage Urizen Magi are cunning politicians who use magic to bolster their influence, both in the mortal world and in the Eternal Realms.
Stargazer Stargazers are pure scholar-mages who study and experiment to advance humankind's understanding of magic and the Realms, and use their power to improve the world.
Seer The Seers are kin to the Torchbearers, seekers after objective truth who maintain extensive libraries. Many are powerful diviners.
Architect Architects meticulously study the Empire's economy to identify where and when to invest for the best return, and to exert the most influence.
Torchbearer The Torchbearers are a political movement devoted to spreading truth as wide and as fast as possible, in a quest to keep the Empire "honest".


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