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Rune: Rhyv

The Bleeding Wound, Rune of Blood

Affiliated with the Realm of Spring

Rhyv is the Bleeding Wound, which represents both life and the potential to end it. Just as the life of a human or animal lies in the blood in their veins, so the life of the tree lies in the sap and the life of the world flows through the water that covers its surface. For this reason Rhyv features heavily in healing magic, but it can also be used with magic intended to corrupt or slow the flow of life through venom or disease. It is often called the Bloody Knife, representing both its ability to harm life, and the chirurgeon’s art of cutting out sickness. it should come as no surprise that the Imperial School of Medicine displays Rhyv on its banners.

Rhyv is linked to the idea of self-sacrifice (especially among the Navarr, Marchers and Varushkans), and in this aspect is called the Fallen Fruit. It represents both the idea of shedding blood for another, and of the success that comes from hard work and sweat.

Given its connection to the blood, it should come as no surprise that this rune is said to have a strong connection to the Briar lineage.

Using Rhyv In Magic

Rhyv is most commonly evoked during rituals concerning bodily healing and health, but is also evoked in rituals that taint, poison or hamper body or life. It may be evoked in its positive aspect when using incantations such as heal or purify. In its negative aspect it can be used to taint or corrupt the blood as part of the weakness and especially the venom incantations.

Crafting with Rhyv

Chirurgeons and apothecaries use the rune on healing preparations, and may inscribe it on medical tools. Commonly, Rhyv will be stamped into a Healer's Harness. Because of its association with the flow of blood, Rhyv is also used on weapons especially those intended to kill quickly, or leave devastating wounds. Many Navarr Thorns inscribe the runes on their barbed spears, but it is also favoured on the daggers of cutthroats which gives it a negative reputation.

For Machine Embroidery

Here is a digitized version of Rhyv in .jef format, suitable for a 7x5 hoop. File:RuneRhyv.jef

Aesh.png Bravash.png Cavul.png Diras.png Evrom.png Feresh.png Gralm.png Hirmok.png Irremais.png
Aesh Bravash Cavul Diras Evrom Feresh Gralm Hirmok Irremais
Jotra.png Kyrop.png Lann.png Mawrig.png Naeve.png Ophis.png Pallas.png Queros.png Rhyv.png
Jotra Kyrop Lann Mawrig Naeve Ophis Pallas Queros Rhyv
Sular.png Tykonus.png Ull.png Verys.png Wyr.png Xun.png Yoorn.png Zorech.png
Sular Tykonus Ull Verys Wyr Xun Yoorn Zorech The Unnamed