Over the past three months, several events have occurred which are of significance to the Empire and may require a response from her champions. You can also read about the progress of the Empire's military campaigns here.

In each case, we've tried to tag the Winds of Fortune entry with the nations, or political bodies, to which it is most relevant. We've done this to help people who are interested only in events that are especially relevant to them. In no way are these tags intended to be exhaustive; the Empire is a complex place and very little happens in isolation.

As always, how much or how little of this information you choose to know in character is up to you. Part of the purpose of Winds of Fortune is to maintain the illusion of the Empire as a living, breathing place where things happen - and to make players aware of things their characters 'should' know based on what their roleplaying says they have been doing for the past three months.

Many winds of fortune open with a short section of in-character text. In all cases, these pieces are intended to help create an atmosphere and provide a little entertainment. Where they contain opinions, those are the opinions of the fictional people depicted - and where they contain information or rumours the assumption is that the reader will create their own context for that information or gossip. They're mostly just a bit of fun and they tend not to contain anything vital to the understanding of the wind of Fortune.

Winds of Fortune

Between Peace and Hate (Orc Affairs)

  • Imperial Senate; Varushka; Marchers; fleets on the Bay of Catazar; Wintermark; Urizen

Four nations of orcs border the Empire, and two dwell within its borders. While the Empire is at war with three of the nations, relations with the barbarians are less straightforward than they appear. Relationships with the nations with whom they have a hard-fought-for peace are rarely simple, either.

Between peace and hate lie opportunities. Slaves freed in Varushka at the same time as territorial disputes threaten. A shadowed veil pulled aside, and a chance to explore the heart of darkness. Rumbles if dissatisfaction from human and orc alike. Bloodthirsty pirates and a silent armada. Peace broken, but perhaps a chance to mend it. And after all that ... the Druj. You can learn about orc affairs here.

Bills or Bows

  • Marcher Generals; Imperial Senate

Over the last years, the generals of the Marches have been fighting tirelessly to liberate the Mournwold, and then deal with the enemies of the Empire. All this without giving an inch of ground. The people of the Marches may be critical of the Military Council, but they love their generals. Children all over the Marches are being named for these practical heroes: Wills and Willas, Marrias and Mariuses, Brians and Briannas, Alusairs, Nedrys, and a whole crop of Jacks.

At the Autumn Equinox Friar John of the Mourn was granted a mandate by the Marcher Assembly to capitalize on this groundswell of support. The aim was to better reflect the truths the Marchers cleave to, with a special emphasis on ways of fighting and defending their land that do not "drown it in blood." You can learn about the results of this mandate here.

Crafted from Torment

  • Every Imperial nation; Imperial Senate

The Empire has successful completed the conquest of Ossium, the first successful conquest of a new territory in decades. Now that the Druj have defeated, the Senate is faced with the vital decision of which Imperial nation to assign the territory to.

In the case of Ossium, the situation is considerably more complex than in any recent year, since there are virtually no Imperial citizens currently native to the territory. As such, the territory might legitimately be assigned to any of the ten Imperial nations. To help the Imperial Senate with this crucial decision, the civil service have created a short summary of the relevant considerations. You can learn about these considerations here.

The Divide Between

  • Imperial Senate; fleet and military captains

There are at least two sides to every story, or so they claim. Here we have either a band of plucky rebels fighting for their freedom from tyrannical overlords, or a gang of murderous thugs intent on pursuing their personal power struggles at the expense of their countryfolk. It all depends on who you listen to - to Lady Madrianna and the Plenum, or to Terentia Comasigne and her fellow insurrectionists.

Both sides have their own version of events, and both want the aid of the Empire, but who ultimately pays the price for war in Asavea? Where does the virtue of becoming entangled in this conflict really lie? Who, ultimately, profits from war?

You can learn more about the situation in Asavea here.

Draw Strength from Vulnerability

  • Dawn; Imperial Synod

The people of Dawn know that true Love and true Glory alike arise from, and din their turn inspire, the seven Virtues. Some might even argue that they are simultaneously the fount and the pinnacle of human destiny. The people of Dawn know Glory well - it is in their bones - but now their thoughts turn to Love - the power that beats in the blood. The troubadours laud the champions of Love and Glory, and the people remember that that which makes them vulnerable also makes them strong.

Here you can learn about the outcome of the recent exploration of love, and of opportunities to celebrate those who most inspire the twin ideals of Dawn. For Love! For Glory!

Fight or Flight

  • Urizen

The Senate asked the Civil Service to appraise the possibility of evacuating the people of Morrow. They have returned with their answer; if Morrow is to be abandoned it can be done. Yet even with the best plan, at least a fifth of the people will be left behind, prey for the Druj should their advance be renewed.

Yet evacuation is not the only option. Some of the greatest minds in Urizen have another proposal, a way to harness the unique qualities of the people of the mountains, to triumph over the despair wrought by the loss of the Halls of Knowledge. Where there is now darkness, there could be light again.

You can learn more about these dual opportunities here.

Focused and Methodical

  • The League, Highguard, and the Brass Coast; Senators; Priests

Last season, master architect Frederick di Sarvos offered to design something impressive under the guidance of the Cardinal of Ambition. The architect has spent the last few months visiting prestigious centres of learning with an eye toward turning one of them into something truly notable.

He now presents four ambitious proposals to the Empire; to expand Holberg University; to renovate Diora University in Sarvos; to rebuild the Lepidean Library in Bastion; and to create a new school in Siroc. The only drawback is that the strong-willed architect will only actually draw up the plans for - and work to build - one of the four, and is waiting for the Imperial Senate - or the bearer of an Imperial Wayleave - to decide which that will be. You can learn more about his proposals here.

A Force to be Reckoned With (Trade Winds)

The Empire does not exist in a vacuum. Between the struggles of the other five great nations that seek to dominate the world stage, and the ambitions of the smaller nations that cluster around the Empire's borders, the international situation has rarely been more volatile than it is today.

Here among other things you can read of the problems besetting the Asavean oligarchs; learn about the Lantir question; and discover trade opportunities presented by the Sarcophan Delves. Closer to home, you can read about the civil war threatening the Citadels of Axos; the growing concerns of the Faraden families; and the increasing frustration of the Iron Confederacy to the south. The trade winds are blowing, and you can read them here.

Handle with Care

  • Sagua i Ezmara; Highborn benefactors; gloaming vendors; Terah of Highguard; the Academy; newcomers to Anvil; merchant-magicians

Some come to Anvil for politics; some for the chance to pass through the Sentinel Gate; some for the parties. Others come to trade, to buy and sell in the company of the wealthiest an most Imperial citizens around.

A lead to a missing ring; a merchant keen to fill their bags with iridescent gloaming; a broker looking for young apprentices; a robber-of-graves and looter-of-barrows seeking to sell their ill-gotten gains; and a spawn of the outer realms offering an invitation to a marketplace of transformation.

This season there are several opportunities for someone to become rich; it remains to be seen exactly who walks away with the money. You can learn about each of these opportunities here.

A Hero's Welcome

  • Imperial Orcs, Brass Coast, and the League; Imperial Synod; Imperial Senate

Nearly two thousand slaves, give or take, were freed from the Grendel during the raid against Dubhtraig. Freed, and returned to the Empire, the only question that remains is what to do with them. While some are human, the vast majority are orcs who are utterly unfamiliar with everything Imperial. For now, these refugees are being housed wherever space can be found but that is not a long term solution. It falls to the Imperial Synod, and perhaps the Imperial Senate, to determine where these orcs will find new homes. There are three nations that have the potential to be a good fit for these liberated slaves - obviously the Imperial Orcs - but also potentially the Brass Coast, and the League. You can read about this situation here.

Lethal and Elusive

  • Navarr

The western forest of Liathaven subsides into quiescence. Overextended following a recent attempt to expand, weakened by the lingering touch of Winter magic, the chance remains for the Navarr to win a rare victory over the vallorn. To reclaim Westwood, to reunite north and south for the first time since the fall of Terunael. But the sands of time slip away - soon the window of opportunity will close and who knows when - or if - it will come again?

The Navarr are not the only people in Liathaven - the Feni of the Woods that Fell have disappeared into the forest. At the same time, their estranged cousins in the north have passed from Hahnmark into Hercynia - but the northern Feni show no signs of vanishing peacefully into the forest; quite the contrary...

You can learn about the situation in Liathaven and Hercynia here.

Moving Mountains is No Easy Task

  • Imperial Synod especially the Prosperity and Highborn assemblies

The Cinderpath Exchange was proposed as a way to allow the Highborn to sell white granite to one another in line with their particular philosophy of a fair price. Twice now the Senate has refused to approve construction - but the Prosperity Assembly disagrees and ultimately encourages people to start asking difficult questions.

What is the virtuous path to profit for those lucky enough to have white granite, mithril, weirwood, and ilium? Who exactly benefits from the public auction? Is it the common citizen? Or does it simply channel more money into the pockets of the wealthy? For that matter, what right if any does the Synod have to interfere in the business of making money? You can learn more about these questions, and ways of answering them, here.

The Mystic, the Willful (Winds of Magic)

  • Imperial Conclave; Wintermark; residents of Holberg, Zenith, the Barrens, Sarvos, Madruga, Feroz, Temeschwar, and Morrow; Challengers of the Iron Duke

Magic is as much at the heart of the Empire as steel; each season it seems sees new wonders and horrors. Magical castles, unearthly shrouds, and the whims of the eternals all combine to shift the winds of magic this way and that. Here we learn of the oings of Krampus; the desires of Eleonaris, the surly ill-humour of the Brother of Wizards; the machinations of the Prince of the Silver Tontine; the touch of Kaela upon the weak and the lost; and the strange experiences of the Thousand Eyes of the Sun and the Moon among others. You can learn how the winds of magic are blowing here.

Nothing Great Without Cost

  • Imperial Citizens

The Imperatrix has used her power to address the Empire - to send a personal message to every Imperial citizen. You can read it here.

Nowhere and Everywhere (Plenipotentiary)

  • Imperial magicians

The ability to speak with the denizens of the six magical realms, with the full authority of the Empire behind them, is one of the key powers of the Imperial Archmages. During the Autumn Equinox each of the six used their power of plenipotentiary to arrange meetings with eternals from each of the realms.

Messages have been received from the Prince of a Thousand Foes; the Regent of the Eternal Sea; the Eldest One; the Sovereign-Lord of the City of Locks; the Archives of Silence; and Conscience-of-Kings.

Not all have agreed to formal parley, but during the coming summit the magicians of the Imperial Conclave will be able to treat with some of these eternals - for good or ill. You can learn about the plenipotentiary responses here.

The Path That Winds

  • Urizen, especially the Senator for Morrow; Highguard; Imperial Conclave especially the Grandmaster of the Sevenfold Path and Spring Archmage

Urizen has suffered much in the last few years; first the Grendel in Spiral, then the Druj invasion that has left the people of Zenith enslaved. So many great wonders have been lost. And now... a curse that can only have come from within the Empire rots the food at a time when so many people are refugees. Enough, surely.

It would be easy to give in to despair. Yet where there is darkness, the people of Urizen will bring light. Magicians and sentinels across Urizen strive to take the reins of fate and shape the world to their will. Rage, ingenuity, terrible destructive magic, the boons of allies from beyond the mortal realm... and hope. You can learn about these opportunities to turn aside the darkness here.

Protect or Punish (Conjunctions)

  • Imperial heroes

During the summits at Anvil, The Sentinel Gate allows the hosts of the ten nations to march to war. Yet its fickle magic, rooted in the skein of fate itself, also allows smaller bands of heroes to travel to fulcrum points - places where their intervention can change the flow of the world. Sometimes these conjunctions are times of diplomacy or learning; often they are as bloody and violent as the great battles.

Not every conjunction is apparent, but the civil service have identified six key opporunities. To fight the vallorn in Brocéliande; to challenge orc opportunists in Redoubt; to delve deep into the woods of Ossium; to free slaves in Morrow; to battle Jotun in Sermersuaq; and to perhaps bring an end to a thorn in the Empires side as the Eater-of-Hope runs to ground in Semmerholm. You can learn more about these opportunities for glory, heroism, and death here.

Rope and Iron

  • Fleet captains; Ambassadors and Diplomats; Abolitionists; Titles with connections to foreign nations

The Empire has decided to host a summit at Anvil over the Winter Solstice, with a view to seeing if those nations who oppose slavery - or who might be convinced to do so - can agree to work together. The Commonwealth, Sumaah, the Sarcophan Delves, and Axos have all been invited - but a number of other nations have not been invited and some of them have (in theory) close ties with the Empire.

At the request of representatives of the Imperial Offices, the civil service have prepared a limited briefing for the delegates, and for the Senate, to give some context to this potentially momentous meeting. You can read that briefing here.

Swords and Sorcery

  • Dawnish generals; Imperial Senate

The Dawnish armies have gone from victory to victory. They have driven the Druj from Dawn, sending them fleeing from Semmerholm. They crushed the unliving horrors assailing Weirwater. They made common cause with the eternals of summer to gain their aid to cross the Semmerlak and take the Druj by surprise invading and swiftly conquering Ossium.

Buoyed up by these triumphs, the people of Dawn, noble and yeofolk and witch alike, increasingly see their armies as invincible. Now the mandate that the Dawish national assembly gave Pelleas has created chances for Dawn to capitalize on these opportunities, which you can learn about here.

A Time of Plenty

  • Prosperity assembly; Brass Coast

Shipwright, trader, corsair, and inspiration - Zemress i Ezmara i Erigo is one of the most renowned exemplars of Prosperity known to the Way.The Prosperity assembly has sent Gilah, Daughter of the Chantry, to use true liao to consecrate her ship - the Kraken's Bane - a point of pilgrimage that rests at a dry dock in Calvos Sound in Madruga.

Now an inspirational tomb, the ship will attract pilgrims of the Way from across the Known World - especially from the Sumaah Republic where Zemress is revered as a true paragon of Prosperity. As a result of the consecration an opportunity has arisen - to build a seminary dedicated to Prosperity that might unite Imperial citizens and Sumaash pilgrims in study of Zemress' virtuous inspiration. You can learn about this opportunity here.

Unleashing the Storm

  • Fleet and military unit owners; Imperial orcs especially the Winter Sun general

The Empire has burnt the docks at Dubhtraig, thrown down the palace of Salt Lord Suriad, and freed thousands of slave. Now there is time to rest and recover, content in the victories gained. Or is that exactly what the Grendel will be expecting! Instead, now would be the perfect time to launch another raid against the Broken Shore!

At the urging of the Archmage of Summer, the Regent of the Eternal Sea has gently nudged several factors into conjunction to bring to light another opportunity to strike at the heart of the Salt Lords. A raid against the sinking city of Beoraidh, not to seize wealth but to steal something potentially even more valuable... an army of orc gladiators who hate the Grendel... You can learn about this opportunity here.

When All the Land is in Ruins

  • Navarr, Highguard, and Dawn; Imperial Conclave

The vallorn of Brocéliande stirs, putting forth tendrils of choking miasma to reclaim what the Navarr have taken centuries to liberate. Ettercaps and vallornspawn come spilling from the depths of the forest, and devastation follows in their wake. The thorns and vates have kept it at bay for a season, but the green tide shows no signs of slackening - quite the contrary.

If the Navarr are to protect the steadings of Brocélinade they will need to keep fighting - and they may struggle to keep the vallorn in check alone, Perhaps aid will come from bordering Highguard and Dawn; perhaps it can be secured from more esoteric quarters. Or perhaps the Scions of Terunael will need to make another sacrifice... You can learn about the situation in Brocéliande here.

Will You Believe?

  • Imperial Synod

The Sumaah Republic is technically at peace with the Empire- but not with the Imperial Synod. Their Houses of Virtue have denounced the Synod as having lost the Way, sliding away from true virtue to embrace the twin vices of expediency and pragmatism. They send missionaries not only to foreign nations seeking to turn pilgrims there away from Bastion and towards their own holy city of Timoj, but the the actual Empire itself, openly undermining the authority of the Synod at every turn.

After six months the Assembly of the Nine has taken a stand, and refuted their claim that Sumaah, not the Empire, is the true authority when it comes to matters of the Way. Now the Synod has the opportunity to decide how to proceed. The Republic is no minor nation but a true world power equal to the Empire - and just as zealous about the truth of the Way as any Highborn. What the Synod does now has the potential to shape future relations between the Republic and the Empire for generations to come. You can more learn about this situation here.

Without a Plea for Mercy

  • Imperial Synod; especially Wintermark, Brass Coast, and perhaps Imperial Orcs

What are the virtues for? What are priests for? What is the Imperial Synod for? Even after nearly four hundred years, the assemblies still argue about the duties and responsibilities of priests. The Severin encyclical has prompted debate and discussion, lead to proposals for renewal in the Synod, and helped at least in part to quell the chaos in the wake of the Yaelian heresy. Its impact is beginning to fade, however. By the beginning of the Spring Equinox, the Synod will be back to its quarrelsome self.

Here we have a retrospective; the outcomes of two impactful mandates from the north-west and the south-west; and the first rumblings of the next major crisis prompted by a seemingly innocent judgement of recognition. You can read about these developments here.

Years of an Inch and a Step

  • Highguard National Assembly; entire Empire

Highguard is undergoing a period of turmoil unlike any seen since the time of the Patricians. Refocusing, redefining, renewing purpose and direction. The Synod leads the way - first with the mandate of Kerem, Daughter of the Chantry to set the pilgrims feet upon the trods and then with the unprecedented support of the nine other nations to help them keep their balance.

But the vallorn is not the whole of it, this renewal of purpose. Able of the Shattered Tower says that now is also the time to remember the tradition of the missionary and the wayfarer - the people whose tireless journeying first brought the Way to the Empire, and thence to the Known World. A pilgrimage along the trods is all very well, but the point of pilgrimage is to go somewhere.

So... where will you go? You can learn more about this situation here.


Sixteen mandates were successfully upheld in the Imperial Synod. You can find the details of all the mandates, along with the rest of the Synod judgements, here. As always, these mandates only have an effect if the named priest provides the appropriate amount of liao and emails Profound Decisions.

Some of these mandates will have an effect this downtime; we'll update this page and adjust the Facebook and forum posts to reflect this once we have confirmation a mandate is happening.

Blood and Gold

As a consequence of the mandate enacted by Corey Brackensong, every herb garden in Navarr loses two random herbs each season until the start of the Winter Solstice 383YE.

Assembly Mandate Priest Outcome WoF
Wintermark The war against the Vallorn demands all the support of all of us. We send Rane Sherarding with 50 liao to urge every Wintermark citizen to offer food, shelter, and protection to the pilgrims as they travel through our lands and beyond. We will shoulder this burden together.
50 liao provided by Rane Sherarding after the Autumn Equinox.
Rane Sherarding Spreads Highborn burden to Wintermark. here.
General The cruelty of slavery has brought the Asavean Archipelago to the brink of open rebellion. We send Franco i Erigo with 25 liao to call on all slaves to break their chains and take up weapons to fight with the people of Marracoss and Empheor to achieve freedom.
Franco i Erigo has chosen not to enact this mandate.
Franco i Erigo With 25 liao, would have encouraged slaves to join rebellion in Asavea. here.
Navarr The war against the Vallorn demands all the support of all of us. We send Corey Wayfarer with 25 liao to urge every Navarri citizen to offer food, shelter, and protection to the pilgrims as they travel through our lands and beyond. We will shoulder this burden together.
25 liao provided by Corey Wayfarer after the Autumn Equinox.
Corey Wayfarer With 25 liao, spreads Highborn burden to Navarr. here.
League The war against the Vallorn demands all the support of all of us. We send Astrid Fjellrevening Rezia di Tassato with 50 liao to urge every League citizen to offer food, shelter, and protection to the pilgrims as they travel through our lands and beyond. We will shoulder this burden together.
50 liao provided by Astrid Fjellrevening Rezia di Tassato after the Autumn Equinox
Astrid Fjellrevening Rezia di Tassato With 50 liao, Spreads Highborn burden to League. here.
Dawn The war against the Vallorn demands all the support of all of us. We send Romande Remys with 50 liao to urge every Dawnish citizen to offer food, shelter, and protection to the pilgrims as they travel through our lands and beyond. We will shoulder this burden together.
50 liao provided by Lord Roman Remys after the Autumn Equinox.
Romande Remys Spreads Highborn burden to Dawn. here.
Dawn We, the Troubadours of Dawn, recognise that True Love and True Glory arise from the paths of virtue. Only the truly virtuous can know love, or achieve glory. Where we find a noble who truly embodies Love or Glory we shall name them alongside the champions of the Seven Virtues, and they shall be pre-eminent in their company as inspirations to all who follow Pilgrim's Path. We send the Earl of Fools with 50 doses of liao to spread these words, and the names of Ser Isidore Ossienne and Lord Colwyn de Rondel to all the people of Dawn.
The Earl of Fools provided 50 liao after the Autumn Equinox.
The Earl of Fools Urges the people of Dawn to embrace the champions of Love and Glory. here.
Brass Coast The war against the Vallorn demands all the support of all of us. We send Immeldar i Ezmara i Erigo with 50 liao to urge every Freeborn citizen to offer food, shelter, and protection to the pilgrims as they travel through our lands and beyond. We will shoulder this burden together.
50 liao provided by Immeldar i Ezmara i Erigo after the Autumn Equinox.
Immeldar i Ezmara i Erigo Spreads Highborn burden to Brass Coast. here.
Vigilance The Assembly of Nine have made the only virtuous response to Asavea abundantly clear. We send Sepharad with 50 liao to urge every vigilant Pilgrim to take notice of those citizens whose virtue is lacking let us provide the Cardinal of Vigilance and the Imperatrix with the names of every citizen who chose to turn aside from the Way.
50 liao provided by Sepharad after Autumn Equinox.
Sepharad With 50 liao, vigilant citizens begin to compile lists of everyone who goes to fight in Asavea. here.
Imperial Orcs The war against the Vallorn demands all the support of all of us. We send Skywise Tulva with 50 liao to urge every Imperial Orc citizen to offer food, shelter, and protection to the pilgrims as they travel through our lands and beyond. We will shoulder this burden together.
Skywise Tulva provided 50 liao after the Autumn Equinox.
Skywise Tulva Spreads Highborn burden to Imperial Orcs. here.
Wintermark The heroes of Wintermark do not seek to make war more brutal than it already is. Slaying healers and poisoning their blood steals from our foes the opportunity for a good death, inflicting cruelty more fitting of the Druj than any Imperial hero or their ally. The Wintermark assembly condemns such tactics as strongly as they condemn looting, wholesale slaughter, and cruel torture. We send Gunnbrand Ironwill with 25 liao to remind our people that we do not strike against any opponent but vallorn with envenomed blades.
25 liao provided by Gunnbrand Ironwill after the Autumn Equinox.
Gunnbrand Ironwill With 25 liao Wintermark armies will oppose cunning and venomous tactics by their allies. here
Varushka The war against the Vallorn demands all the support of all of us. We send Father Drakov with 50 liao to urge every Varushkan citizen to offer food, shelter, and protection to the pilgrims as they travel through our lands and beyond. We will shoulder this burden together.
50 liao provided by Father Drakov after the Autumn Equinox.
Father Drakov Spreads Highborn burden to Varushka. here.
Marches The war against the Vallorn demands all the support of all of us. We send Hrodin with 50 liao to urge every Marcher citizen to offer food, shelter, and protection to the pilgrims as they travel through our lands and beyond. We will shoulder this burden together.
50 liao provided by Hrodin after the Autumn Equinox.
Sister Meredith With 50 liao, spreads Highborn burden to Marches. here.
Dawn The people of Dawn applaud the great triumphs that our generals and our armies have wrought. Now let us embrace glory, claim victory, and seize the prize. We send Pelleas Thorne with 50 doses of liao to urge every Dawnish soldier to commit themselves body and soul to glory in the service of Dawn.
50 liao provided by Pelleas Thorne after the Autumn Equinox 382YE
Pelleas Thorne Dawnish armies will look to their heritage for opportunities to refine their strategies. here
Navarr The Navarr nation has a great wealth of herbs that we should share with our friends in other nations. We send Brat Umbral Path with 50 doses of liao to urge every Navarr striding and steading to send what seeds and cuttings they can spare to the new constructed wayhouse in Upwold.
50 liao provided by Brat Umbral Path after the Autumn Equinox.
Brat Umbral Path Navarr herbalists will support the newly commissioned Upwold Wayhouse. here
Marches We are Marchers. Our blood and bone are in the soil, and we neither forget nor forgive. We are not murderers, but we will fight to defend what is our, and we will fight to protect our friends. We send Friar John of the Mourn with 50 doses of liao to remind our people of the Marches of their deep roots, and to urge our yeoman to find new ways to fight that neither scorn our history nor threaten our future.
50 liao provided by Friar John of the Mourn after the Autumn Equinox 382YE.
Friar John of the Mourn With 50 liao, Marcher yeomen will look for ways to adapt the strategies of the Marcher armies to reflect their heritage. here
Urizen The war against the Vallorn demands all the support of all of us. We send Amulius Medea Ruth with 25 liao to urge every Urizen citizen to offer food, shelter, and protection to the pilgrims as they travel through our lands and beyond. We will shoulder this burden together.
Medea Ruth provide 25 doses of liao after the Autumn Equinox.
Medea Ruth Spreads Highborn burden to Urizen. here.

Inspirational Tomb

With the approval of the Synod, Gilah, Daughter of the Chantry used a dose of True Liao to perform a true consecration of the Kraken's Bane, the remains of the exemplar Zemress' ship in Calvos Sound. The site now functions as an inspirational tomb.

Imperial Lore


Three rituals are being entered into Imperial lore.


Three new sets of potions have been made available to Imperial apothecaries, translated from a captured Druj herbal.

There is also a new potion available as part of the Legacy of Thorns: the Legionnaire's Stare. Anyone who has mastered the Legacy of Thorns can now make Legionnaire's Stare.

Other Media

Autumn Bailey has made a recording of the following Winds of Fortune Focused and Methodical, and Lethal and Elusive.