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The Sentinel Gate is the gateway to adventure.


Over the past three months, several events have occurred which are of significance to the Empire and may require a response from her champions. You can also read about the progress of the Empire's military campaigns in the Winds of War.

In each case, we've tried to tag the Winds of Fortune entry with the nations, or political bodies, to which it is most relevant. We've done this to help people who are interested only in events that are especially relevant to them. In no way are these tags intended to be exhaustive; the Empire is a complex place and very little happens in isolation.

As always, how much or how little of this information you choose to know in character is up to you. Part of the purpose of Winds of Fortune is to maintain the illusion of the Empire as a living, breathing place where things happen - and to make players aware of things their characters 'should' know based on what their roleplaying says they have been doing for the past three months.

Many winds of fortune open with a short section of in-character text. In all cases, these pieces are intended to help create an atmosphere and provide a little entertainment. Where they contain opinions, those are the opinions of the fictional people depicted - and where they contain information or rumours the assumption is that the reader will create their own context for that information or gossip. They're mostly just a bit of fun and they tend not to contain anything vital to the understanding of the wind of Fortune.

Winds of Fortune

The Winds of Fortune will be presented prior to the Autumn Equinox.

Hopeless as a Feather (Plenipotentiary)

  • Archmages and the Imperial Conclave; specifically invited guests including Brat Umbral Path, Morwenna Winterbuilt, Ahzrukhal of Highguard, Spyridonakes of Urizen, Clèrabela Vicente de Metri of the League, Baerwynn of the Sussivari, and anyone carrying a boon of Sadogua that has lost its power; Grandmaster of the Golden Pyramid, Catellus di Tassato Regario of the Cat's Curiosities, Izaac von Temeschwar, and anyone with an interest in religious curiosities; Elienne of Dawn; Leo the Rainbow Sage and Catrina the Unbelievably Magical

The six archmages can each dispatch a single plenipotentiary message to an eternal of the magical realm they represent every season. The eternal is bound to respond - perhaps with a formal parley, perhaps with something unexpected. During the solstice passed, each of the archmages sent such a message, and replies have been received. During the Autumn Equinox parleys will take place with the Globbersnotch, the Summer Mage, and the Prince with a Thousand Foes; the Sovereign Lord of the City of Chains will provide a peculiar market-auction for items of religious and spiritual significance; and the Wise Crow will provide an opportunity for several people to do something that is apparently ill-advised and bound to end badly.

You can find the details of this season's plenipotentiaries in Hopeless as a feather.

Back in the Same Place (Appraisal)

  • Imperial Senate; the League National Assembly; the Assembly of Ambition or Pride; citizens of the League especially those of Temeschwar

The Imperial Senate has instructed Graciana i Lòpez i Guerra to perform an appraisal into the potential to construct a university in Temeschwar, that will increase the number of commissions the Empire can initiate each season. This has proved to be a far from easy task, given the restrictions placed on her by the Senate's motion. She has done her best however and presents two extravagant possibilities for achieving the Senate's goals.

You can read about those two possibilities in Back in the same place

Into Tired Shadow

  • Highborn Assembly; Highborn generals; Urizen

For three seasons the Highborn armies have committed themselves to a crusading storm, straining every sinew to wipe the Druj from the face of Zenith. It seems they will stop at nothing to ensure the salvation of those Urizen people who still suffer under the cruel tyranny of the pernicious barbarians. Even now, with the Druj trapped by the cunning of the Imperial generals victory in Zenith is not assured. For there is another threat, one less martial but as every bit as terrible. The Druj have unleashed their unspeakable evil on Zenith, and if it is not dealt with it threatens to taint the territory for years to come.

You can read about the choices facing the Highborn Assembly in Into tired shadow.

Dear Green Space

  • Wisdom Assembly; Imperial Senate; The League, especially the people of Holberg; Patron of the Pavilion; the Imperial Conclave

During the Summer Solstice, Hembeneth i Guerra of the Brass Coast, Cardinal of Wisdom, called on the virtuous to find a practical solution to the terrible corruption of Holmauer Park in Holberg. The beautiful park was cursed at the same time the mirrors of Sarvos were shattered, apparently as part of some attack against the League by the Hag Queen of the Thrice-cursed Court. Now, the Wisest minds in Holberg and the Empire have turned their attention to the situation, considered the problem of the cursed park from every angle, and come up with a practical solution to the problem. Not that everyone in Holberg views the cursed Park as a problem to be solved...

You can learn about the proposed solution, and the alternative suggestion, in Dear green space.

Good Old Smooth Red Wine

  • Imperial Senate; people of Dawn, especially Astolat; Prosperity assembly

The Summer Solstice saw the Dawnish Cardinal of Prosperity, Darian Numbers, turn the eyes of their assembly on Astolat. Over the last three months, the pilgrims of Prosperity have been speaking with yeofolk across the territory coming up with proposals for ways to make Astolat even more prosperous. Thanks to the Blood Red Roads, the fayres of Dawn are seeing many more merchants and traders from other nations - both Imperial and foreign - and now there is a chance to build on that growing tide of prosperity.

You can learn about the proposals for increasing the wealth of Astolat in Good old smooth red wine.

Throw Back the Echoes

The dream of conquering the Barrens has been a Dawnish aspiration for longer than anyone can remember. For centuries they have contested the territory with the Druj, but its great size has prevented them from ever managing to seize complete control. Even with the evacuation of 383YE, there are a few houses that still cling on to their estates, suffering the brutal rule of the Druj than give up their ancient homes. In recent years that dream has begun to seem distant, and now, as the tide of war with the Druj is beginning to swing decisively in the Empire's favour, they must endure the censure of the Imperial Synod.

You can learn about the situation in Dawn with regard to the Barrens in Throw back the echoes.

Down the Cavalier Road

  • Imperial Conclave; Archmage of Summer; Master of Ice and Darkness; Enchanters of Dawn; General of the Eastern Sky

The king and queens of the Summer Realm are notoriously fickle with their affections. Quick to anger, their rage is usually mercifully brief but it can be intense and all consuming. At the recent summit, the Empire took steps to change the nature of their relationship with several of them and has reaped a number of rewards as a result, some of which have in turn lead to further opportunities. The enchantresses of Dawn have been busy getting the lay of the land in the Summer realm over the last several months for their own reasons - which relate to the future of the Eastern Sky. It appears most of the Summer eternals are currently well disposed to Imperial citizens - with one glaring exception.

You can learn about relations with the Summer Realm, and a new incarnation of an old opportunity for the people of Dawn, in Down the cavalier road.

The Bones of What you Believe

At the Summer Solstice, the Navarr assembly sent Iniska Ashwood to enact a mandate urging their people to take Pride in what has been achieved so far - that one day the vallorn will be eradicated and that the Navarr must plan for that future. Perhaps that day is closer than it has ever been? Should the Empire be prepared to build up the Great Library of Hacynian, it may even be imminent... And even if it is not, there are opportunities here for Navarr captains to adventure in vallorn-tainted areas, and for the Highborn and Navarr National Assemblies to pool their resources in pursuit of their shared cause.

You can learn about these several opportunities related to Navarr and to the Vallorn in The bones of what you believe.

The City Asleep

  • Navarr, Highguard, Dawn; Advisor on the Vallorn; Military Unit captains; Imperial Conclave; people who like adventure or hate the vallorn

The Empire has recently undertaken a number of daring endeavors - the raid on Skallahn, the attack on Chalonsio, and the installation of the Red Iron Door to name but a few. This demonstration of the Empire's adventurous spirit has attracted the attention of Queen Rhianos, the Regent of the Eternal Sea. Signs of Rhianos' increased interest in the Empire have been apparent for a while - their team very nearly won the patronage of the Icy Crag, and they are offering to sponsor Dawnish champions on dangerous quests. But a fortnight before the Autumn Equinox, their heralds turn up simultaneously across Highguard, Dawn, and Navarr bringing news from Foamfollower of a most ambitious proposal: offering their aid to anyone prepared to try and find out what lies at the heart of the fallen city of Terunael in Brocéliande.

You can learn all about this dangerous adventure into the depths of vallorn-infested Brocéliande in The city asleep.

Never Be Found At Home

  • Imperial Senate; Fleet captains especially Navarr and Wintermark; Imperial Quartermaster; perhaps Ambassadors to Faraden and Thule, and the Imperial Consul

The raid on Skallahn was an epic triumph on land and at sea. Thanks to the courage of Imperial fleet captains supporting the raid, a window of opportunity has been opened up to allow the Imperial Senate to commission a project to map the Sea of Snows - or at least the part of it that abut Jotun, Faraden, and perhaps even Thule lands. Much like the successful mapping of the Bay of Catazar, this project requires Senate investment and will produce large-scale maps (rather than the kind of detailed maps that a spy network might produce). However, it also presents a real opportunity to explore some of the mysteries of the waters west of the Empire and maybe provide some insight into a question that has troubled Imperial mariners from time to time: why do the Faraden and the Jotun both fear the sea so much?

You can read about the opportunity to map the Sea of Snow in Never be found at home.

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

  • Imperial Synod; Lady of the Proffered Hand; Anyone with an interest in the Free Folk

At the Summer Equinox, the Imperial Synod upheld several judgements relating to the "Free Folk". The former Asavean slaves have sought to share their understanding of the Way with the Empire, but have received a mixed reception. As crops all across the Empire have ripened and the days have begun to grow shorter once again, the Free Folk have returned to their diligent work wherever they are welcomed to apply their labour. But they have no stopped speaking about the paragons or exemplars they term the Divine Family. By enthusiastically sharing their stories with anyone who asks, they risk incurring the wrath of the Synod - but that seems to do little to deter them. Indeed, it seems some of them would welcome some kind of definitive response from the Empire, so that they can decide what to do next.

You can read about the Free Folk situation, and how it is coming to a head, in Let that be your last battlefield..

The Sweetest of Songs (Trade Winds)

  • Ambassadors; Imperial Senate; Imperial merchant traders; Overseer of the Gloaming Road; Imperial Military Council; the Marches

International diplomacy becomes more complex by the month, it seems. Here we have a roundup of some of the key events that might effect the Empire and originate with either their neighbouring states or the distant nations across the seven seas. Not every nation is covered here - which is not to say that they do not matter but that recent events are less pressing than they might sometimes be. Some merit only a brief note, others have been covered elsewhere. These are merely the ones that have a potential to spark lively debate, or inspire arguments, in the drinking dens and smokey salons of Anvil.

You can gain some insight into international affairs that effect the Empire in The sweetest of songs.

Grown from the Revolution Seed

  • Imperial fleet and military unit captains; Quartermaster of the Imperial Armies

Last season, the Empire joined forces with their allies in the Liberty Pact, to launch a surprise attack on the city of Chalonsio in the Asavean Archipelago - and the raid was a triumph. Perhaps the greatest victory of all was the capture of vital information about the Noble Lady of the Sea... which it turns out is not a person at all but a ship belonging to a group called the Slave Lords of Rachensgrab. Their red-sailed raiding ships have attacked every coastline in the world at some point, and then shown up weeks later to sell human misery in the slave markets of Asavea and Jarm. But now the Empire knows where the Slave Lords' aerie is to be found... and can strike a potentially fatal blow to the international slave trade...

You can learn about the potential to bring down the Slave Lords of Rachensgrab in Grown from the revolution seed.

The Long Bench

  • Almost anyone but specifically; priests; those who have Challenged the Iron Duke; Alderai the Fair and the Varushkan people; artisans; Imperial Orcs; Navarr; Prime Factor of the Pallas Docks; Ambassador to Jarm; game players; Highborn inquisitors; Burgher of Ketsov; Freeborn sutannir

As the Autumn Equinox dawns, the great and the good of the Empire come to Anvil. They gather to debate recent events and plan for the future. Congregations of the influential and the wealthy attract others as well - those with goods to sell, secrets to trade, or business of their own to arrange. Here we might learn about any number of these visitors: Sarcophan merchants with a sack of misfortune; the heralds of Barien, eager to talk about challenges past and current; a mysterious Varuhkan cabalist with dark portents to deliver; priests concerned whether virtue is its own reward, Maracossan exiles eager to talk to fellow artisans; visitors from Asavea claiming to be priests of The Way; a delegation of Tamazi eager to talk to the Imperial Orcs; Terun-Axou travellers who want to talk about the vallorn; a representative of a Jarmish prince (very much off the record); a Grendel with some kind of game, Axou apothecaries; a suspicious Highborn chapter looking for help making their enquiries. All that and news of some kind of trouble in Karsk involving the Mir Mozga and Calvos Sound that is technically people from Anvil going elsewhere but where else am I going to put it?

You can find out about this clamour of folk coming to Anvil in The long bench.

Light Upon the Water

  • Farm, business, mine, and herb garden owners; Imperial Senate; residents of Tassato; Master of the Imperial Mint; Dawnish and Varushkan residents of Semmerholm, Weirwater, Karsk, Karov, and Ossium; the Marches; the Silver Chalice; holder of the Syrene's Wisdom Bourse Seat; Gatekeepers; citizens of Madruga

The Great Drought of 384YE has instead become the Great Storm of 384YE. During the Summer Solstice, Imperial magicians cast both Thunderous Deluge and Regrow the Land's Heart using the special resonance imparted by a magical conjunction. This caused the curse and the enchantment to spread unchecked across every territory that was Imperial at that time. The last three months have seen almost the entire Empire wracked with punishing storms - storms that brought destruction but also the promise of rejuvenation once the waters had passed. Now, with the storms abated, the rebuilding can begin. Some places have weathered the tempest better than others - the city of Tassato has been badly damaged by the surging waters of the Vassa, but the rain has brought new opportunities to the Semmerlak and the Marches. All over the Empire, the Spring magic has left things changed - and the full impact of those changes has not yet been assessed.

You can learn about the lingering effects of the storms, and what they have stirred up, in Light upon the water.

A Yellow Star Hung

  • Imperial magicians; Zenith; Weirwater; visual artists of all kinds; astronomancers; Zakalwe's tourney team; Archmage of Night; Urizen; and Vladimir Sasha Volkov, the Boyar of the Sovereign's Head

The world is a magical place, and the Empire home to some of the most proficient magicians in the world. Each season, amid all the politics and negotiation, the religious debates and the raucous parties, Anvil hosts the Imperial Conclave where the wise and the powerful come together to discuss matters of magic. This summit there are several magical matters to discuss, including a curse on Zenith, strange dreams of horses and art, peculiar astronomantic effects related to the Key and the Lock, a pair of magical conjunctions, and some new rituals in Urizen lore.

You can learn about these effects and more in A yellow star hung.

Other Events

There are a number of other events and situations which are noteworthy, but which for whatever reason have not led to a full Wind of Fortune in their own right.


  • The hylje have provided a place that they might be contacted by the Mediator of Hyljehal
  • The current Mediator of Hyljehal is Raal Dunn of Wintermark

The hylje - the shapeshifting seal-people of Sermersuaq - continue to strengthen their friendship with their Suaq cousins. Following the rescue of Koskinen in Summer 384YE, the hylje have realised they cannot live apart from the people of Sermersuaq. As such, they have provided the Mediator with an address where they may send a Call Winged Messenger should they have matters to discuss with the sealfolk. They are clear that they are unlikely to be interested in making regular trips to Anvil - it is a very long way and there is little there they are interested in - so any request for them to do so is likely to be denied. The ability to send a winged messenger is intended for the mediator to raise matters of mutual interest, request assistance, or let the hylje know things happening in the wider world that might effect them. At this time, the hylje are not especially interested in hearing from anyone else.

Axou Disgruntlement

  • The Axou are signatories of the Liberty Pact
  • There is lingering dissatisfaction due to the removal of the Tamazi from Axos
  • Tarquinius Ankarien of Urizen is the ambassador to Axos

As part of the Liberty Pact, the Grand Illarchs have ratified the same amendments to the alliance as the Empire and the other signatory nations. However, while as a group they have agreed to remove impediments to Imperial trade, not all the citadels are in favour of the move, and nor can they simply instruct individual citizens to favour the Empire. On the whole, though, Imperial merchants to Axos are receiving the benefits of free trade mentioned above.

Anger over the Tamazi incident has largely faded, but there are still Axou merchants reticent to deal with Imperial citizens. Fleets trading with Axos will experience a a rank penalty after the Autumn Equinox, and it is believed that the penalty will have vanished entirely by the start of the Winter Solstice. This still makes trade with the Chambers of Issyk somewhat unappealing for most Imperial captains, where it combines with the parlous state of the docks there to inflict a 3 rank penalty on all such endeavours.

Autumn Conjunctions

  • Conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate for the current event are on the Winds of War page

During the Autumn Equinox there are a number of conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate that will allow Imperial heroes to visit locations around the Empire. Many are combat skirmishes against the Empire's enemies, but some are more diplomatic or investigative in nature. A list can be found on the Winds of War page for the event.

Trade Summary

Rather than spread this information out around the various foreign nations, we've collected it here for ease of reference.

  • Free Trade: Imperial ships trading with Commonwealth, Axos, or Sumaah receive a +1 rank bonus until the start of the Autumn Equinox 385YE.
  • Asavean Archipelago: With sanctions imposed by both the Empire and the Asavean plenum, any fleet captain trading with Nemoria receives a -2 rank penalty to their production.
  • Axos: The impact of recent events continues to fade, but the dreadful docks at Issyk remain a problem. Consequently Imperial fleets suffer significant penalties to trade with Axos. A fleet captain trading at the Towers of Kantor suffers a -1 rank penalty, while trading at the Chambers of Issyk suffers an incredible -3 rank penalty.
  • The Commonwealth: Commonwealth citizens remain enthusiastic about trading the Imperial fleet captains. Fleets trading with Leerdam receive an additional dram of Bladeroot, while fleets trading with Volkavaar receive an additional vial of Artisan's Oil on top of their normal production.
  • Principalities of Jarm: The ports of Kavor and Vezak remain closed to Imperial fleets.
  • Sarcophan Delves: Imperial captains continue to be welcomed in the Delves. Fleets trading with the great port-city of Sarcophan receive an additional dose of Marrowort and an additional dose of Imperial Roseweald on top of their normal production.
  • Sumaah Republic: Imperial captains are free to trade with the Sumaah Republic. Fleets visiting Zemeh receive standard production.
  • Grendel: The port of Oran is closed to Imperial fleets.
  • Iron Confederacy: The port of Robec remains closed to Imperial fleets.


  • You can find details of the mandates, along with the rest of the Synod judgements, here.

Nine mandates were successfully upheld in the Imperial Synod. All mandates have been automatically enacted as long as the named priest has sufficient liao in their inventory before Downtime opens. Some mandates were upheld by their respective assemblies but not enacted.

Summer Conjunctions

  • Last event there were a number of conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate; their known outcomes are listed here

During the Summer Solstice, there were a number of conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate identified by the Imperial prognosticators. In each case a band of Imperial heroes used that conjunction to travel to a location far from Anvil and intervene in a ongoing situation. These are the known outcomes of those conjunctions.

# Link Location Responsibility Overview Result
1 Second skin Sermersuaq, White Plume Rocks Mediator of Hyljehal Free a hylje hostage from the Jotun Koskinen was rescued from the Jotun, freeing the hylje to continue to aid their allies
2 Old bones Sermersuaq, Spirax wood Weigher of Worth Deny the Spear of Bounty to the Jotun and cause their quest to fail Despite the valiant efforts of the imperial Orcs and their allies, the Jotun kept hold of the spear and have gained the favour of Hayaak
3 The Missing Warlock Sermersuaq, Flat Hills Ambassador to Otkodov Retrieve a vital Thule warlock captured by the Jotun The matter of the missing warlock was resolved to the satisfaction of the Thule. They commend the Ambassador for their role in this resolution
4 Heart of Oaths Bregasland, unknown, unknown Archmage of Day Opportunity for the Imperial Orcs to recover the artifact Pilgrim's Shield Oath-Heart Dillion Fisher was dealt with and the shield Oath-Heart recovered
5 Captain's Price Segura, Cereva Hall Imperial Fleet Master Intercept a raiding party of Wave Riders on Imperial soil After repeated attempts to dissuade the Grendel from their course, negotiations broke down. The Waveriders were prevented for reaching Cereva Hall
6 A little time Bregasland, Greywater Estate General of the Strong Reeds Help House Greywater escape a Jotun execution squad House Greywater escaped into the secret places of the marsh. They support the Strong Reeds in resisting the Jotun presence
7 Stolen history Zenith, Golden Cascade Curator of the White City Museum Recover the Amulet of Truth from a wicked Druj warleader Despite the best efforts of the righteous Imperials, Khelver was able to escape with her stolen amulet
8 Stolen knowledge Zenith, Sleetstorm Pass Grandmaster of the Unfettered Mind Deny the ghulai of Sarangrave a mysterious magical text The ghulai of Sarangrave were able to escape with the mysterious text
9 Kick against the pricks Sarangrave, Dead Stone Woods, Senator for Temeschwar Recover a Bloodwater Spear orc from the Druj Imperial heroes were unfortunately unable to get close to the Druj prisoner
10 Stormwood Barrens, Stormwood Archmage of Spring Claim the Stone of Storms from Druj dedicated to Siakha The stone was claimed, and many of the Druj followers of Siakha slain
11 Sour honey Ossium, the Bone Hives Keeper of the Bone Hives Stop the Druj destroying the Bone Hives The Druj were only able to destroy two of the Bone Hives, meaning they will produce nothing until after the Winter Solstice 384YE
12 Boyar of Steel Karsk, Ashen Fields Boyarina Nisha Melinka Rupeilia Strazcovich Deal with the self-styled Boyar of Isember Alexi Iskandrova Isembrioch The robber-boyar was intercepted and executed before he could flee
13 Troubled waters Barrens, Circle of Falling Trees General of the Golden Axe Stop a group of Druj ghulai trapping soldiers on the wrong side of the river The ritual was successfully intercepted, and the Golden Axe soldiers were able to make it back across the river without difficulty
14 Lost Wanderers Karsk, Wild Copse Dean of the First Voice Glade Rescue kidnapped Navarr and recover an ancient relic One of the prisoners, and the relic they were carrying, were rescued from the bandits
15 Dark spirits Karsk, Whispering Glade Guardian of the Maze of Zoria Find a way to deal with the dark power of Isember After some diplomacy, the Dark Spirit was allowed to flee
16 From the forest Barrens, Lupine Arbour Knight-Protector of Spring Defeat a horror from the Spring realm threatening the Dawnish armies The beast was dealt with decisively, and the Dawnish armies saved from its depredations
17 A poisoned chalice Barrens, Red Plains General of the Wolves of War Retrieve cursed treasure and end a threat to the Wolves of War The cursed treasure was examined and a cure provided to the wagon raiders fighting alongside the Wolves of War
18 A sudden flood Barrens, Saltmaw Archmage of Spring Unleash the Barren Sea to flood the Fangs and the Saltmarsh Despite strong opposition, the magic was invoked, and the heroes were able to escape back to Anvil. The Barren Sea rages against the land
# Link Location Responsibility Overview Outcome
A Reeve of the Summer Lands Semmerholm, the Semmerstones Iron Duke challengers A grand audience with Barien to reward those who have completed his Challenge The audience went without any significant hitches
B Allied Groves Zenith, Allied Groves Grandmaster of Silver Chalice Investigate and deal with the malaise The malaise was dealt with, and the victims healed
C The Grove of the Halls Zenith, Grove of the Halls Herbalist of the Hearth Save as many of the ex-prisoners as possible All the ex-prisoners were restored to good health
D Ghosts in Wintermark Hahnmark, Turelva Scops of Wintermark Help the ghostly spirits haunting the area pass on Every unquiet spirit was laid to rest, and their stories brought back to Anvil
E Feverwater Wreck Therunin, Feverwater Dredgemaster of Feverwater Explore an ancient wreck at the bottom of the Feverwater The expedition returned safely