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Over the past three months, several events have occurred which are of significance to the Empire and may require a response from her champions. You can also read about the progress of the Empire's military campaigns in the Winds of War.

In each case, we've tried to tag the Winds of Fortune entry with the nations, or political bodies, to which it is most relevant. We've done this to help people who are interested only in events that are especially relevant to them. In no way are these tags intended to be exhaustive; the Empire is a complex place and very little happens in isolation.

As always, how much or how little of this information you choose to know in character is up to you. Part of the purpose of Winds of Fortune is to maintain the illusion of the Empire as a living, breathing place where things happen - and to make players aware of things their characters 'should' know based on what their roleplaying says they have been doing for the past three months.

Many winds of fortune open with a short section of in-character text. In all cases, these pieces are intended to help create an atmosphere and provide a little entertainment. Where they contain opinions, those are the opinions of the fictional people depicted - and where they contain information or rumours the assumption is that the reader will create their own context for that information or gossip. They're mostly just a bit of fun and they tend not to contain anything vital to the understanding of the wind of Fortune.

Winds of Fortune

Begin to speak (Plenipotentiary)

  • Archmages and the Imperial Conclave; specifically invited guests including House deRondell; the Grandmaster of the Sevenfold Path and the Cardinal of Wisdom; the Keeper of Tharim's Throne; sword scholars; Sirus Skybreaker; people who wish to embrace the merrow lineage; and anyone with access to significant amounts of ingots and measures or an interest in transformation

Each of the six archmages can send a plenipotentiary message each season to an eternal of the magical realm they represent. Sometimes the eternal responds with a formal parley, sometimes with something more esoteric, but they are bound to reply in some fashion. During the Spring Equinox each of the six archmages sent a plenipotentiary message, and now six replies have been received. During the coming solstice representations with four eternals will take place: with the Silver Prince, the Mariner, the Mother of Wrecks, and the Bound King. There will also be two significantly more esoteric opportunities - a result of the messages sent by the Archmages of Autumn and Night - involving the Crucible and Forgemistress.

The details of this season's plenipotentiaries can be found in Begin to speak.

Our Thumping Hearts

  • Champions of the Summer Tourney; Freeborn magicians; Summer Archmage; Master of Ice and Darkness

The Icy Crag of the Eternal Sun is the Empire's premiere College for the study of Summer magic. Seen as a prize by many of the eternals of the Summer Realm, patronage of the college is hotly contested. A year ago, the Archmage of Summer announced a tourney to determine which of the contenders would hold that prestigious position. This Solstice sees the resolution of that challenge - a melee between champions in the Dawnish Glory Square.

You can find out about the teams who will be competing in the challenge in Our thumping hearts.

Make It Happen (Appraisal)

  • Imperial Senate; People who dislike the Druj

Last summit the Imperial Senate instructed Graciana i Lòpez i Guerra of the Prognosticators Office to carry out an appraisal to find a way to inspire an uprising in the Sarangrave using the existing Spy network in the territory. The marshes of the south-western Mallum are completely dominated by three powerful Druj clans, and wrapped in the soul-choking miasma familiar to anyone who has fought in Zenith, or during the liberation of Ossium. Anyone who tries to stand up to the cruel orcs on their home ground will need to be very sure they are going to win...

You can find out about the results of the appraisal in Make it happen.

Make a Deal

  • Navarr, especially those in Therunin or with herb gardens; the Thimble; Dredgemaster of Feverwater; Imperial Senate; apothecaries

The Cardinal of Prosperity has urged the virtuous to help the brokers of Therunin explore ways that the relatively wild territory may be made more prosperous. Particular attention was paid to "the forest, docks, and neighbours to fully realise the opportunities at hand." Over the last several months, the people of Therunin have done just that and have come up with several steps that might be taken to enrich the bayous and forests. They include Thornsong House, a grand hospital and centre for herb lore that offers unique opportunities; a major expansion of the Feverwater dredging operation that has long-term implications for the fight against the Druj; and an offer from the orcs of the Great Forest to help improve both the herb gardens of Navarr and the Thimble - albeit with some slight strings attached.

You can learn about these opportunities in Make a deal.

Build Up My Body

  • Ambition assembly; Imperial Senate; the Academy of Heroes and its supporters; captains of military units

Adelmar the Lion is both the inspiration for the many Academy of Arms that dot the Empire, and an exemplar of Ambition. During the Spring Equinox, Ranae de Rondell consecrated the Shrine of the Armsmaster on the slopes of Mount Siluri in Redoubt, using a dose of true liao. The shrine and it's attendant Academy - the first built in the Empire and once overseen by Adelmar himself - is now a place of pilgrimage for those who wish to meditate on the inspiration provided by the Lion of Arnet. A burst of renewed interest in the exemplar thanks to the consecration has led to several other opportunities - both in Redoubt and other parts of the Empire.

You can learn about the opportunities in the wake of the consecration in Build up my body.

The Power Behind Our Moves

  • People who helped evacuate Feroz; the Brass Coast especially those in Feroz; the Ambassador to the Grendel; the Imperial Senate

The Freeborn Assembly called for the people of Feroz to gather their belongings and to flee the territory. While there was a "grace" period for those in Afarjasse and Morajasse to leave, that period ended with the Spring Equinox; no such opportunity was permitted to those in the Cazar Straits, Fontargenta, and Oranseri however. As a result a plan was formed for the Empire's fleets and military units to slip in under cover of darkness and smuggle the trapped Imperial citizens out from under the very nose of the oppressive Grendel Governor. With Summer closing, it is clear that the scheme has been a success - and Governor Rahab is furious.

You can learn about the stealthy evacuation of Feroz, the opportunities it presents, and the reaction of the Grendel in The power behind our moves.

All in Red

  • Ambassador to Faraden; Upwold Marchers; Tassato priests; Seer of the Gateway; Livia of the Spire of Celestial Cascade, Astrid Fjellrevening Rezia di Tassato, and Lord Colwynn de Rondel; Imperial Senate

Relations with the Faraden have been bedevilled with complication and misunderstanding. A mercantile people, they have always been keen on trading with their Imperial neighbours but repeated incidents fuelled by their peculiar religion have stymied closer ties at every turn. Enough being enough, the Imperial Senate voted during the Spring Equinox to abrogate Moonwater Hall - the trading hub in Upwold - and then things started to spiral out of control and before anyone knew it there were fires, accusations, recriminations... and then some kind of coup.

You can learn about the developments with the Faraden both at home and abroad in All in red.

Two Steps on the Water

  • Lady of the Proffered Hand; Ambassador to Asavea; Imperial Synod and Senate; Marchers; Freeborn; Artisans of all nations

Since the evacuation of Arracossa during the short-lived Asavean civil war, there have been two groups of refugees in the Empire. The first group, who call themselves the Freefolk, now dwell in Astolat as guests of the House of the Proffered Hand. On the other side of the Empire in Madruga live the Marracossans, who have taken up residence in the abandoned town of Trajadoz. While they have similar roots, the two groups are very different. The Freefolk are interested in starting new lives in the Empire, while the Marracossans are much less interested in integrating. Both groups have their own ambitions, but they also present their own problems for their Imperial neighbours... and for the Senate and for the Synod.

You can learn about the opportunities and challenges the two groups present during the Summer Solstice in Two steps on the water.

On the Other Side

  • Imperial Synod; Ambassador to the Sumaah Republic; The Throne

The Sumaah Republic and the Empire in theory have a shared faith. Both enshrine the teachings of the Way as the only accepted religion. Sadly, this shared religion has done more to divide the two nations in recent years than anything else. During the Spring Equinox a long overdue symposium took place - albeit in very reduced form due to a serious bout of food poisoning. Still, Cardinal of the High House of Prosperity Cosatti met with delegates chosen to represent the Empire, and a tentative détente was achieved. Now, the Houses of Virtue in Sumaah have had time to deliberate on the points raised in the Symposium, and the results of their discussion have been made public...

You can learn about the results of the Symposium, and what it means for relations between the Imperial and Sumaah Synods, in On the other side.

There is Thunder

  • Imperial Senate; Fleet and military captains; Ambassador to Asavea; Ambassador to the Sumaah Republic; the Liberty Pact

The Sumaah House of the People (their equivalent of the Imperial Senate) plans to strike at the Asavean port city of Chalonsio. This is no random target; Chalonsio is built on the back of the slave trade. Almost every foreign slave brought into Asavea passes through this wretched place and their ambition is to free as many slaves, kill as many slavers, and sink as many slave ships as possible before the Nemorian navy realises what is happening. The Sumaah know they cannot match the Asaveans at sea; their plan hinges on a surprise attack made with overwhelming force to smash the city and then get back to the safety of Sumaah waters - so they have turned to their allies in the Liberty Pact for aid.

You can learn about this bold scheme to break the back of the slave trade in the West in There is thunder.

Roll and Fall

  • Imperial Senate; Military unit captains; Imperial Synod

Between the Empire and Axos lie the Mountains of the Moon, home to the isolationist people of Tsark. In a fertile bowl between forbidding peaks, humans and orcs live together, united apparently by their alien beliefs in harmony and tranquillity. They think themselves secure in their rich valley, safely hidden behind grand fortifications and heights they consider unscalable. Not everyone agrees. A member of the North Mareave Trading Consortium - a Grendel Paymaster - is launching an audacious raid over the highest peaks. She intends to take the people of Tsark by surprise, and "liberate" tens of wains of mithril and white granite "hoarded" by these aloof folk. And she has invited Imperial citizens to join her, with the promise of loot and wains of their own. There are several snags - not least the issue of the legality of such a raid - but there are also people in the Empire who balk at the idea of launching surprise raids against unsuspecting people, and they intend to express their concerns in the strongest possible way...

You can read all about Paymaster Muireall's plan, and the plans of the people who would stand against her, in Roll and fall.

What's Good For Me (Trade Winds)

  • Imperial Ambassadors; Imperial Senate; Imperial Conclave; Imperial Consul; people with white granite and weirwood; Marchers, especially from Bregasland; Urizen, especially in Spiral

There are already a number of opportunities relating to foreign nations under discussion. The trade winds contain a roundup of diplomatic matters of interest to Imperial citizens from all walks of life. Among many other things they contain news of a new temple in the Delves; a demand from the Steward of Bregasland; polite requests from the Iron Confederacy; major concerns around the Cavabianca Docks in Cargo; and an extension of the ultimatum from the Principalities of Jarm. Something for almost everyone...

You can read all about the diplomatic situation in the wider world as the Summer Solstice approaches in What's good for me.

To Ride the Earth

  • Citadel Guard; Urizen Assembly; General Assembly; Imperial Military Council; armies in Zenith

The Imperial invasion of Zenith, spearheaded by the Citadel Guard and given wings by the Highborn crusade, is making progress. This season the virtuous crusade continues, inspiring all who fight alongside the armies of Highguard. Hundreds of volunteers have flocked to Nicassia's banner, eager to drive the Druj from their homes - but thanks to the Loyalty assembly there have also been unlooked-for benefits. Yet not everyone is prepared to accept the situation at face value - and a statement of principle in the Urizen National Assembly promises a dire repercussion should the Empire leave the liberation of Zenith unfinished.

You can read about the effects of the Loyalty assembly, the opportunity presented by the virtuous crusade, and the power of the final straw, in To ride the earth.


  • Navarr; Advisor on the Feni; the Hotter's Mire raid

On the run-up to the Spring Equinox, Imperial spies operating from Liathaven brought back information about the situation there. They discovered that the Feni were in advanced negotiations with the Heirs of Terunael. The Heirs were offering to help the Feni break the dreadful Winter curse that hangs over the territory. With only a tiny window of opportunity to stop the Heirs before they could put their plan into action, a number of elite military units slipped into Liathaven to surround the Feni settlement of Hotters Mire and wait for the Heirs to arrive to do the ritual...

You can find out about what has happened at Hotter's Mire - and what might happen next - in Shimmerglisten.

Every Time It Rains

  • Imperial citizens; farm owners; Urizen magicians; Ambassador to Otkodov; Imperial magicians especially Spring ritualists; folk living near the Semmerlak; people with a lot of tempest jade

The Great Drought of 384YE will go down in the history books; a period of unnaturally warm weather after the Spring Equinox gives way to sporadic rain. In the heavens, three constellations are brought into conjunction by the Wanderer, and potent forces of storm and rain are unleashed. Magic twists, and the power of After Three, the Multitude is brought into play. With a single ritual, Spring magic could be cast out across the entire Empire to relieve the drought in time for a bumper Autumn crop - or to make everything much, much worse...

You can find out about the drought and the effects of the magical conjunction in Every time it rains.

Wake Up Crying

  • Syrene's Wisdom Bourse Seat holder; Imperial Senate; Silver Chalice; Imperial Synod

While the Empire is baking in the heat of a terrible drought, there is one place that is experiencing quite the opposite problem. Shortly before the Summer Solstice, a devastating flood strikes Syrene's Wisdom in Casinea. The silver and ilium mine is prone to terrible, sporadic floods, and long overdue for an incident. Still, nothing prepared the people of the town and the mine for the sheer volume of water that pounded through the passages and galleries - nor for the way it spewed out, down the mountain, and washed through the town of Syrene. The flood caught everyone by surprise - and the incredible volume of water is made even worse by the apparent infusion of Winter magic that has unsettling effects on everyone and everything exposed to it.

You can learn about the flood, and what might be done about it's impact on the Bourse seat and the town, in Wake up crying.

The Day Writes the Words

  • Imperial Synod especially the General, Varushkan, Dawnish and Highborn Assemblies; Imperial Senate; General of the Winter Sun

As the Empire divides the Barrens, so the Barrens has increasingly begun to divide the Empire. When the Imperial Orcs staked their ambition to claim the Barrens, Dawn responded as only Dawn can, by challenging them to glorious contest. Having thrown down the gauntlet, the Dawnish armies have moved quickly to seize the advantage, their armies leading the Empire's invasion from north and south cutting the territory in two. With the full backing of their Assembly, as well as the Highborn, they seem well situated to continue the advance this coming season. But the General Assembly of the Imperial Synod are not so easily impressed. It seems that the priests who care to express an opinion are not well pleased by either the contest or the Dawnish advance...

You can find out about the situation in the wider Barrens, and what might be done about it, in The day writes the words.

Take It Further

  • Imperial fleet captains and military units; Marcher Assembly; Wintermark Assembly; Mediator of Hyljehal

The raid into Skallahn has been something of a disappointment. There were simply not enough fleets and military units to achieve a meaningful outcome that would impact the Jotun's war efforts. Some loot was gained, but nothing more. However... the raid has provided valuable first-hand insight into the lay-of-the-land, building on what had already been gathered via the Imperial spy network. The Empire could try to capitalize on that, if they are ready to mount another attack before the Jotun have had chance to shore up their defences. A second attack mere weeks after the first attack is bound to be the last think the Jarls of Skallahn will expect!

You can learn about the outcome of the Spring raid, and options for a second raid, in Take it further.

Received With a Strange Delight

  • Navarr especially Madra Brittlebone, Drefa Brackensong, Eleri Bronwen's Rest and Fintan Nighthaven; Winterfolk stormcrows and skeinreaders; the Hand of Guerra; the High Bard of the Empire; a ... Cardinal?; the Synod, the Conclave, and the Senate

Every season, people from across the Empire and beyond come to Anvil. While many arrive without fanfare, some announce their attendance. The latter group are detailed here, with various levels of detail. The narcotic trader Alexander of Axos is coming to Anvil, but when and where is a matter for him and whoever he is meeting. Perhaps this plays into the concerens Nina of Gamul's Gate has with the proliferation of untested and untried substances being consumed willy-nilly in the Empire? Perhaps the Synod or the Conclave agree with her. Alexander isn't the only Axou - there's also a group who claim to be of mixed Terunael and Axou heritage who want to talk to the Navarr about relics of the ancient cities. Then there are the Winterfolk - those who are concerned about the matter of their skeins following their dubious actions in Sermersuaq. Refugees from Urizen who wish to talk to the Hand of Guerra of all people. A Grendel Maister returning to Anvil in a rush, apparently worried about something to do with people still trapped in Zenith. A patron of the arts who has not left his home for a decade or more but now wishes to speak to the High Bard of the Empire.

You can learn more about these people, and their professed reasons for coming to Anvil, in Received with a strange delight.

Out of the Realm (Winds of Magic)

  • Imperial Conclave; Scops of Wintermark; those who have Challenged the Iron Duke; Doyen of the Spires; Imperial Senate; Sons of Couros; the Cabalist of the Hollow Stone; those who like a grisly, mysterious murder or four

The world is a magical place, and the Empire home to some of the most proficient magicians in the world. Each season, amid all the politics and negotiation, the religious debates and the raucous parties, Anvil hosts the Imperial Conclave where the wise and the powerful come together to discuss matters of magic. Each summit, the Imperial regio plays host to some of the mightiest covens in the Empire, weaving powerful magical effects to shift the shuttle of fate on the loom of destiny.

You can read these tales of wonder and witchery in Out of the realm.

Other Events

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There are a number of other events and situations which are noteworthy, but which for whatever reason have not led to a full Wind of Fortune in their own right.

Wild and Wily

  • Two mandates regarding the threshers were upheld

The Marcher Assembly and the Assembly of Vigilance have both enacted mandates relating to the traditional hunters-of-evil-sorcerers, the threshers. Both mandates have had an effect. The Marcher mandate has encouraged those threshers predisposed toward working within the law to refocus their efforts on tracking down declared sorcerers and staying alert for signs of malign magic. The mandate of the Vigilance assembly has revitalised those threshers who think that the letter of the law is less important than striking against known malign wizards before they can harm others. Between the two, there has been a marked increase in interest in the old tradition, and in the idea of protecting the Empire from the terrible effects of sorcery.

The Marcher mandate also ends fears that the Imperial Conclave might rescind the interdiction on the curse of Rivers Run Red. However, if any Imperial lands are hit with more territory-wide curses and nothing is done, then the issue is likely to resurface and with considerable anger behind it. If Marchers die due to curses cast on their lands and it is well known who did it and Imperial law does nothing... then the best word to describe the resulting mood would be "apoplectic". Until then, the Marchers - especially those of the Mournwold - will respect the words of their Assembly, and turn their attention to more pressing concerns.

OOC Note: After the Summer Solstice, our plan is to create a new page for the thresher archetype in light of these two mandates, discussing both the more law-abiding and the more vigilante-inspired approaches, and what that might mean for the Marches and the wider Empire.

You don't call for the magistrate if your house is on fire. Threshers should deal with sorcerers by any means necessary. We send Gaelen Embercast with 25 doses of liao to remind everyone that the Vigilant despise that which threatens what they watch over.

Gaelen Embercast, Vigilance Assembly Assembly, Spring Equinox 384YE, (Upheld 186-84)

The Empire has heard our anger; if a sorcerer curses the Empire again then Imperial justice will be swift and final. We send Jenny Arbor with 25 doses of liao to urge threshers, landskeepers, and Marchers to deal with sorcerers lawfully and to put their faith in the Empire.

Jenny Arbor, Marcher Assembly Assembly, Spring Equinox 384YE, (Primacy 142-0)

Bounder's Hall

  • The new Bounder's Hall in Sarcombe further improves the status of Mournwold orcs in the territory
  • There is still interest in a number of projects relating to the Mournwold, including the town of Sarcombe

In the weeks before the Summer Solstice, work on the new Bounder's Hall is completed at Sarcombe in the Mournwold. The structure itself is by no means imposing - the practical work of dealing with bandits, outlaws, and raiders would be done out in the wilds not in a comfortable office. Its purtpose is twofold. It allows Mournwold orcs - the former Jotun thralls - to secure assistance for keeping their property safe from bandits and outlaws, and it allows the appointment of a Bailiff of the Downs to work with them. The first Bailiff will be appointed by unanimous decision of the Marcher senators during the Summer Solstice, and has a responsibility to protect the pacifist orcs from those who would try to take advantage of their non-violent ways, coordinating with local militia, willing stewards, and beaters to drive off outlaws and bandits.

This most recent construction in the market town of Sarcombe has reignited interest in the rebuilding of the Mournwold, and of the town in particular. Granted a charter by Imperatrix Lisabetta, overlooking both Liathaven (now with a relatively stable and openly-living population of feni), and Kahraman, and with easy links to wealthy Tassato (gateway to the southern Empire), the place has every potential to become a prosperous centre of trade to rival Meade in the north. The idea of creating a Great Western Highway has been mooted for some time (along with proposals for a Grand Canal and some probably-not-happening-right-now work on the Otterway). The clearance of Alderly to remove a haven for outlaws and provide more valuable farmland, as well as valuable hardwoods, has been under discussion for a year at least. There are no doubt other ways to increase the prosperity of the relatively-peaceful Mournwold and with it the prosperity of the Marches as a whole.

The Marcher Assembly could raise a statement of principle relating to the prosperity of the Mournwold, perhaps with special reference to the opportunities presented by making the town of Sarcombe, and if it received a greater majority it might create opportunities to invest in the Mourn. More reliably, the Cardinal of Prosperity is currently able to turn the attention of Prosperous citizens on a single territory each season with measurable results - so far it has led to the creation of a Grand Harbour in Redoubt, and multiple opportunities in Therunin. If they could be persuaded to turn the attention of the virtuous on Mournwold, it would certainly see opportunities to make the place even more prosperous and secure.

We believe it would be against the tenets of Wisdom to build a Fane without the advice of the Imperial Conclave, given that alternative solutions to the Empire's problems are available. Wisdom tells us to act on what we know; but you our senators know that advice is coming. Wait for it.

Ethelfrith Sigeling, Spring Equinox 383YE, Upheld (Primacy 238-0)

Temper Like My Jealousy

  • The Wintermark assembly raised concerns about the wisdom of building a fane
  • The Conclave does not appear to be worried about the creation of these new structures
  • It has been suggested that the Senate already has the ability to allay these concerns through existing mechanisms

The Wintermark Assembly raised a statement of principle during the Spring Equinox regarding the newly developed technique of building a fane. The commission is still somewhat theoretical - none have been built in the Empire, not as such. Yet there is a little concern about them and what they represent. The Imperial Conclave discussed the matter, and came to the conclusion that they would not require the Senate to require their assent to build one. Yet the concerns of the Wintermark assembly remain.

As a result of the statement, several priests and magicians of Wintermark have put forward a relatively simple solution. At the moment, the only people with the ability to build a fane are the Senate themselves, because every other title has an explicit list of what they can build. The Senate could simply create a title in the Conclave with the power to construct a fane, and leave it to them to decide if these things should be built or not. It wouldn't require full devolution of powers - as with a title like the Imperial Spymaster, once the title exists it is easier to simply let them get on with it. If the senators are worried about creating another title with the ability to use up valuable commissioning access, they could simply amend the title of Arcane Architect to add the fane to the list of commissions they could make.

Or the Senate could do nothing - the Conclave does not consider the building of fanes to be a problem after all, and see what happens once one is actually built (assuming one ever is).


Children of the Green Mother

  • The magistrates have concluded their investigation into the cults of the Green Mother

During the Winter Solstice, the Imperial Senate instructed the magistrates to investigate idolators worshipping the Spring eternal known as Yaw'nagrah. A supporter of the Heirs of Terunael, already an enemy of the Empire recognised by the Imperial Conclave, the powerful eternal appears to be in opposition to against Imperial interests in a number of areas and, perhaps more importantly, seems to want to spread the horror of the vallorn across the entire Empire. The six-month investigation has recently concluded - bringing an end to the disruption of Imperial mana sites that it inevitably caused.

The investigation has also been a success; as predicted many of the followers of Yaw'nagrah - those most closely tied to the eternal - are lacking in subtlety and relatively easily identified. Most chose to fight rather than surrender to the magistrates when challenged, and only a small number were able to flee before being arrested and in most cases executed. It is possible that a handful have managed to evade exposure, and another handful have managed to escape into barbarian territory bordering the Empire. The majority though, the most dangerous elements, have been decisively dealt with. The eternals' efforts to corrupt the Empire have been stymied, especially in light of the destruction of the Heirs of Terunael and their allies at Hotters' Mire. While a few individuals or smaller cabals may pop up from time to time, it will be decades before they are able to present a serious threat to the Empire again, if ever.

Participation: Anyone is free to roleplay that they have assisted in the destruction of Yaw'nagrah-dedicated cabals, especially if they are part of the militia. In addition to corrupt sorcerers using Spring magic rituals, the opposition would sometimes have included heralds of Yaw'nagrah in the form of tree-like creatures. Several areas of woodland have had to be burnt, infested with the transformative touch of the Green Mother. Wherever possible, permanent watch has been set over regio connected to Yaw'nagrah by local volunteers as appropriate to the nations where they are found - threshers, wardens, chapters, steadings and the like.

OOC Note: Yaw'nagrah's involvement in the Empire has been severely reduced by this action, but it was largely successful specifically because the eternal had "overplayed her hand" by supporting the Heirs of Terunael. While the magistrates have done the "mopping up", their job would have been much harder without the actions of player characters especially the defence of Hercynia and Therunin, and the defeat of the Heirs of Terunael in Brocéliande. Agents of Yaw'nagrah might continue to cause trouble on a local level - during a sanctioned event for example - but they will not be again in a position to threaten the Empire on a larger scale for many years to come. The eternal herself will turn her attention to schemes in other parts of the world, at least for the time being.

Isaellas Dance Colour.png

Isaella's Dance

  • The third Navarr army has been successfully raised in Miaren

It has been a long time coming, but following two previous attempts to raise a third Navarr army, the muster of Isaella's Dance is now complete. The thornbound army now stands ready in Miaren to take the fight to the enemies of the Empire, waiting only for the first general to be appointed by the nation's senators. Rejecting an offer from the Spider King, the Navarr vates have helped to recruit thorns adept in battle magic, the Lore of Spring, and knowledge of herbs. In addition to overwhelming enemies who dare to stand against them. Isaella's Dance possesses a unique ability to withstand the vallorn miasma - and to destroy creatures tainted with its malign blight.

Western Smugglers

  • Faraden and Imperial citizens continue to engage in smuggling operations across the borders of the Brass Coast

Some Faraden merchants are unconcerned about the loss of Moonwater Hall because they are not officially trading with the Empire at all. The magistrates are continuing to investigate allegations of smuggling across the borders of Segura and Kahraman, with both Faraden and Imperial citizens avoiding the tariffs imposed by the Imperial Senate. During the Spring Equinox, a band of militia successfully rescued a kidnapped magistrate who had fallen into the hands of the Lasambrian Jotun. Rumour is that they were able to provide their colleagues with a list of those Imperial citizens involved in the smuggling ring - or perhaps rings - and investigation are now focusing on these people. Obviously the magistrates are refusing to give too much away at this time - they want to ensure they either catch these people in the act or are able to secure enough evidence to ensure a conviction and shut the smugglers down once and for all.

Boons of the Summer Children

  • Boons for the so-called Summer Children can still be claimed by those who have not done so

Just as in Winter and Spring, the so-called "Summer Children" have an ongoing opportunity to claim boons from certain interested eternals for themselves. Some young citizens have already claimed these boons; those who have yet to do so may choose to do so during the Summer Solstice. The procedure for doing so, and the boons available, are outlined in the A horn resounding wind of fortune from the Winter Solstice.

Trade Summary

Rather than spread this information out around the various foreign nations, we've collected it here for ease of reference.

  • Asavean Archipelago: With sanctions imposed by both the Empire and the Asavean plenum, any fleet captain trading with Nemoria receives a -2 rank penalty to their production. Nemoria and other Asavean ports are now closed to Imperial fleets
  • Axos: The impact of recent events has already begun to fade, but the dreadful docks at Issyk remain a problem. Consequently Imperial fleets suffer significant penalties to trade with Axos. A fleet captain trading at the Towers of Kantor suffers a -2 rank penalty, while trading at the Chambers of Issyk suffers an incredible -4 rank penalty.
  • The Commonwealth: Commonwealth citizens remain enthusiastic about trading the Imperial fleet captains. Fleets trading with Leerdam receive an additional dram of Bladeroot, while fleets trading with Volkavaar receive an additional vial of Artisan's Oil on top of their normal production.
  • Grendel: With sanctions imposed by both the Senate and the Council of Salt Lords, and fleet captain trading with Oran receives a -2 penalty to their production.
  • Iron Confederacy: The port of Robec remains closed to Imperial fleets.
  • Principalities of Jarm: The ports of Kavor and Vezak remain closed to Imperial fleets.
  • Sarcophan Delves: Imperial captains continue to be welcomed in the Delves. Fleets trading with the great port-city of Sarcophan receive an additional dose of Marrowort and an additional dose of Imperial Roseweald on top of their normal production.
  • Sumaah Republic: Imperial captains are free to trade with the Sumaah Republic. Fleets visiting Zemeh receive standard production.


  • You can find details of the mandates, along with the rest of the Synod judgements, here.

Seventeen mandates were successfully upheld in the Imperial Synod. As per our recent update, all mandates have automatically been enacted as long as the named priest has sufficient liao in their inventory before Downtime opens. Some mandates were upheld by their respective assemblies but not enacted.

Imperial Lore

Two rituals were added to Imperial lore during the Winter Solstice.

Urizen Lore

A number of rituals were added to Urizen lore during the Spring Equinox using the Gift of Knowledge.

Note: Several Urizen Lore rituals still need some additional descriptive elements which will appear on the wiki over the next few weeks.


The details of how to make a new magic item have been shared with the Empire's artisans: Lowther's Gaze is a talisman that allows the person bonded to it to use the marksman skill.