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The night is cold, but that makes the fire even more welcoming


Over the past three months, events have taken place which are of significance to the Empire and may require a response from her champions. These are the winds of fortune, counterparts to the Winds of War which detail the Empire's military campaigns. They lay out situations, and usually include things that characters can do to take advantage of opportunities or to resolve problems. In almost every case, they start with a piece of flavour text. This fiction helps introduce the wind of fortune, or draws out a particular theme or element. Often, it represents a viewpoint that one or more NPCs might have in-character. In all cases, these pieces are intended to help create an atmosphere and provide a little entertainment. Where they contain opinions, those are the opinions of the fictional people depicted - and where they contain information or rumours the assumption is that the reader will create their own context for that information or gossip if they want to use it in character.

The body of the wind of fortune describes situations and lays out ways players can engage with them. Except where we explicitly talk about something being "rumoured" or use a phrase like "some might say..." the details of a wind of fortune are factual. They represent briefing material presented by the civil service or similar authoritative sources and represents something the average educated citizen would acknowledge as a reliable truth. Unless we specify otherwise, we're also being as thorough as possible. This information doesn't need further checking in-character. It's not opinion, and we're not trying to trick you.

As always, how much or how little of this information you choose to know in character is up to you. Part of the purpose of Winds of Fortune is to maintain the illusion of the Empire as a living, breathing place where things happen - and to make players aware of things their characters could know based on what their roleplaying says they have been doing for the past three months. It's perfectly acceptable to turn up to Empire having read only a few Winds of Fortune that directly interest your character; part of the fun on the field can come from learning about situations and opportunities in other parts of the game.

In each case, we've tried to tag the Winds of Fortune entry with the nations, or political bodies, to which it is most relevant. We've done this to help people who are interested only in events that are especially relevant to them. In no way are these tags intended to be exhaustive; the Empire is a complex place and very little happens in isolation.

Winds of Fortune

I Knew You Were Trouble (Plenipotentiary)

Each archmage can each communicate with a single eternal each season by sending a plenipotentiary message to their magical realm every season. The eternal is bound to respond - perhaps with a formal parley, perhaps with something unexpected. As the Winter Solstice approaches there are replies to each of the messages sent the previous summit. Not every eternal has agreed to a formal parley, and one eternal has refused point blank to speak with the archmage directly.

You can find the details of this season's plenipotentiaries in I knew you were trouble.

Write Your Own Ending

  • Urizen, especially citizens of Zenith; Imperial Senate; Imperial Synod; General of the Seventh Wave; Imperial Consul; citizens of Highguard, the League, the Brass Coast; Architect of the Echoing Obelisk and Urizeni Senators

The Empire has finally regained complete control of Zenith. The armies of the Empire have forced the orcs of the Mallum out of Lustri and sent them fleeing into Sarangrave. With the land liberated, the territory is again part of Urizen. Now the Empire seeks a way to restore it. The Druj have left a bitter legacy, destroyed everything that could not be stolen, and left the once beautiful territory in ruins. Now every sinew of the Empire's body strains to the challenge of restoring Zenith. An appraisal has been commissioned; the Prosperity assembly has asked the virtuous to turn their eyes on the territory; a potent enchantment has enfolded the mountains; and the Imperial armies have devoted their efforts to gathering information and uprooting the Druj's poison. The war for Zenith is won, now the Empire must make something of the victory.

You can read about the situation in Zenith, and the opportunities to recover it from ruination, in Write your own ending.

You Belong With Me

  • Navarr, especially the National Assembly; holders of the Golden Trees of Seren and Heartwood of the Great Vale bourse seats

For some years now, there have been Great Forest Orcs living among the Navarr in Therunin and travelling the trods with the stridings. Both sides have benefited. At the Summer Solstice, the Senate reiterated its intent intent to concede the Heart of Peytaht to the Great Forest sept (and by extension the weirwood grove) one the Barrens was conquered. This approach has already paid dividends, as Navarr herbalists can attest. Now it is leading to an evolution in attitudes among the Great Forest Orcs, some of whom want to establish new homes in Miaren and Hercynia. Yet it seems there's more going on here than just a desire to live near the weirwood groves... and the Navarr may be travelling towards a fork in the road whose repercussions could see a fundamental change to the nation.

You can learn more about this request by some of the Great Forest Orcs, and its implications for the nation, in You belong with me.

Bad Blood

  • Threshers, Vates, and Magisters; the Imperial Conclave and Synod; Ibiss of Netherwatch, Thalia of Netherwatch, Galene of Netherwatch, Mercurio Ankarien, Aquillian of Urizen, Aspasia of Netherwatch, Fabienne de Miel, Arsenio Sanguineo Rezia di Tassato, Laelius of the Waxing Sun of Urizen, and Rafael Barossa di Tassato

The worst of the damage caused by the terrible storms that battered Imperial territories following the Summer Solstice has been addressed. The waters are receding everywhere, although in some places the floods have permanently reshaped the face of the Empire. They've also stirred up a discussion about sorcerers, and responsibility, and the role of the Imperial Conclave - especially in light of the new Declaration of Endorsement, and the fact that the Marcher assembly has provided a list of the names of those people they feel were most responsible for it. Two major points are discussed; what an endorsement actually mean for the Empire, and whether the Conclave needs someone to keep an eye on Imperial magicians to make sure none of them turn out to be rats.

You can find out about endorsement, responsibility for magical storms, and the Conclave Rat-Catcher, in Bad blood.


  • Navarr, especially the vines

At the Summer Solstice 381, the Navarri physick Timinion Splitroot died on the battlefield. His partner Gawain believed that there was no organisation of the healers within the nation, and elected to address that. He asked the healers to come and see him and proposed forming a new community of those dedicated to healing others. Slowly the idea spread to create an ideal that healers of the nation might aspire to emulate, not dissimilar to a guide or a brand. Now, the vines (as they call themselves) are beginning to find their feet - but before they can decide where they want to go, they need to decide who they are. With the aid of the egregore Avery, they need to answer some pretty serious questions about what it means to be a vine.

You can read about the vines, and the questions facing them, in Scuppernong.

The Money Goes Round

  • The League; the Imperial Senate

One year ago, the faculty at Holberg university proposed the establishment of the Chair of the Wolf. As part of the challenge presented by the engineers, the Imperial Senate needed to commission four "worthy" construction enterprises one in each of the League cities. The challenge was completed and the title established during the Autumn Equinox. It is due to be appointed by Tally of the Votes at Solstice. It has also led to a suggestion of an entirely different competition - one to determine just which of the four great cities of the League, of the Empire is the greatest. Which is the most Ambitious? Whose citizens have the greatest Prosperity? Whose Pride runs deepest?

You can learn about potential answers to the questions posed in The money goes round.

At the Dog and Eel Show

  • The Marches especially beaters; Urizen; those with an interest in the Mournwold orcs

For the best part of two years the Marcher Breadbasket has supported the Urizen army. None have begrudged them, there's an abiding respect for folks willing to fight to defend their own. Now though, with Urizen mostly whole again, the pressing need is gone and folks are hoping to start putting a few stores of their own by. Now's the time every farm in the Marchers ought to be planning for the year ahead. At the same time though there's calls to support the people of Zenith, or the beaters protecting the borders. There's some kind of trouble with the orcs in the Mournwold as well, and that can't be good with the Jotun in Liathaven again. Something ought to be done, and if it's to be done then it's best it be done together.

You can read about a choice facing the Marcher yeomen, and unsettling news from Mournwold, in At the dog and eel show.

Let the Day Die

  • The Marches, especially the Friar of Honour's Rest; visitors to the Mournwold; those with an interest in ghosts

Tens of thousands of humans and orcs died in the battles to reclaim the Mournwold, especially during awful battles of Spring 381YE. The fighting Overton and Orchard's Watch was some of the worst in the campaign, and blood shed there soured the earth itself, leaving the Greensward permanently haunted. There were successful attempts to deal with many of the ghosts, but this season a powerful necromantic enchantment settles over the Mourn, bringing together mortals and lingering ghosts. This has led to a season of ghost stories, and also provided an opportunity to alleviate the worst of the hauntings on the Greensward

You can learn more about the enchantment, the ghosts, and the opportunity in Let the day die.

Watching My Mistakes

  • Wintermark, especially Stormcrows and those from Sermersuaq; Imperial Senate, Conclave, and Synod; Dawnish Glory hounds; monster hunters

The Jotun are gone from Sermersuaq, and Wintermark is whole once more. The triumph of victory soon gives way to a more tempered celebration, however. The brief rule of the western orcs has left a scar in the heart of the people that will not quickly fade. Some bent their knee to the invaders, and took the Choice, and they have questions that will need stormcrow answers. Others took a more terrible decision, however. They took to the snows to fight, vowing to defeat the invaders whatever it took. And as Tekupala (probably) said, "No hero should ever say they will triumph at any cost lest you dare fate to take you at your word." Fate may not heard the Wintermarkers vow, but someone was listening...

You can learn about the lingering problem in Sermersuaq, and some possible solutions to the worst of them, in Watching my mistakes.

Write the Lines

  • Wintermark, especially the people of Sermersuaq and the National Assembly; Imperial Senate; holder of the Pride of Ikka's Tears Bourse seat; Ambassador to Otkodov

With the Jotun gone from Sermersuaq, there is a chance for the people of Wintermark to take stock. Those who've seen the devastation the Druj leave in their wake fear the worst, but the Jotun came to conquer not destroy. Their rule was hard for those forced to toil for them as thralls, but there has been no wanton destruction nor murderous cruelty. They were more interested in building a legacy, it seems. That legacy is now for the people of Wintermark to build on; great fortifications; the mark of orc ownership of Ikka's Tears; a chance to turn the Jotun's schemes against them; and a pair of surprising offers from an unexpected direction...

You can find out more about the Jotun legacy, and the unexpected offers, in Write the lines.

Snow Might Fall

  • Wintermark, especially runesmiths, artisans, and the National Assembly

Some say that the art of crafting magical items was invented in the north, long before Isenbrad found the runes. When the Thule took Skarsind they enslaved many of the greatest runesmiths in Wintermark, dragging them back to Otkodov in chains. Now those stolen smiths have returned, and many of them have congregated at Runegrott in hahnmark. For the last two years the people of Wintermark have been facing and overcoming challenges, preparing to build a runeforge in the north. Only one challenge remains - the consecration of an inspirational tomb for the paragon Isenbrad. The confluence of the master runesmiths and the chance to consecrate a tome for Isenbrad presents a unique opportunity, one that might change Wintermark forever.

You can learn about the status of the runeforge project, and the creation of the Runesmith's Law, in Snow might fall.

Wildest Dreams

As Empress Lisabetta noted three years ago "The town of Sarcombe in Southmoor has a long history as a centre of rich commerce." Located in Southmoor, a rich mining region in the south of Mournwold, since receiving their charter the prosperity of the town and the Mournwold as a whole has gone from strength to strength. The boom benefits everyone, farmers can be assured of getting the best possible prices for livestock and grain that are sold in Sarcombe, while merchants who buy here can pick and choose from the best victuals produced in the Mournwold, or find hungry markets for the fine goods produced by the cities of the League or imported from far-off lands. Sarcombe's good fortune is a rising tide that lifts all ships. People are beginning to speak of Sarcombe as a rival for Meade and the Mournwold as the equal in prosperity and importance to Mitwold. Perhaps the time has come to realise some of that potential?

You can learn about some opportunities to further increase the prosperity of the Mournwold in Wildest dreams.

Drums Beat in My Head

  • The Brass Coast; Ambassador to the Grendel perhaps; maybe the Imperial Senate

The territory of Feroz languishes in the control of the Grendel, suffering under the rule of the despotic Governor Rahab. It was a price the Empire reluctantly paid to buy peace with the Grendel, buying victory for other nations with Freeborn and Urizeni land. Since then, the Freeborn have become skilled at finding ways to thwart the Grendel, repeatedly tweaking Rahab's nose to snatch one victory after another from his vicious jaws. This plan, however, just might be the most audacious scheme yet. It's an astonishing idea, a plan so brilliant, so brazen it might have come from the mind of Erigo herself, yet so simple a child could conceive of it. Ottilie i Malune i Erigo proposes that the Brass Coast steal the Scorrero Nets.

You can learn about this scheme to heist the ilium of the Scorrero from under Rahab's very nose in Drums beat in my head.

All Too Well

  • Imperial Orcs; Wintermark; Imperial Senate; Imperial Military Council; possibly Hand of Guerra, Lady of the Proffered Hand, Hearthtender of the Unbroken

A year ago, a host of orcs arrived in Skarsind from Ossium. Three of the largest septs - the Ethengraw, the Illarawm, and the Yerende - maintain their own cultures and traditions despite centuries of ruthless Druj oppression. They have a strong identity of their own, one that they are not keen to abandon now that they are "free" once again. While friendly with their new neighbours, they require reassurance before they will be open to joining the Imperial Orcs nation and becoming Imperial citizens. Reassurance that is not forthcoming... and that rankles a little.

You can learn about the situation with the three septs, and how a Wintermark statement of principle and the anger of a young orc preacher might be about to shake up the status quo, in All too well.


  • Imperial Synod; Highguard; Imperial citizens with an interest in farms, faith, or the Free Folk

The Free Folk are former slaves who came to the Empire after the short-lived civil war in Asavea. Welcomed in Dawn, they seem eager to become part of the Empire. Their faith, however, has proved to be an obstacle. While they claim they follow the Way, some Imperial priests have expressed concerns about idolatrous undercurrents. Individual nations had reached out to the Free Folk, but until last season the Synod remained divided on whether they presented a threat or not. The General Assembly now seems to have laid many of those concerns to rest and the Free Folk are relieved. They plan to continue their grand pilgrimage across the Empire, visiting as many of the Imperial Nations as possible, and finding out if those nations will accept them as citizens. The Imperial Synod has an opportunity to encourage their pilgrimage - and also to answer their request for tutelage in the liao ceremonies practiced by many priests of the Way.

You can find out about these opportunities, and the situation with the Free Folk in general, in Folklore.

Chime the Sound

  • Imperial Orcs; Shepherd of the Great Herd; Brass Coast, especially the National Assembly; Hand of Guerra, Voice of Liberty, and similar titles; Imperial Senate

In response to the decision of the Thule Dragons to outlaw slavery, the Senate elected to remove the tarrifs and taxes on Thule trade. This has resulted in an increase in trade over the northern border, leading to a number of overtures to the Empire intended to take advantage of this new situation. First they made two offers to Wintermark - now they have more offers, this time for the Imperial Orcs. At the same time, the priests of the Brass Coast celebrate the liberty of the Thule slaves, and seek ways to recognise and build on this development.

You can learn about the offers for the Imperial Orcs, and the opportunities inspired by the Freeborn Assembly, in Chime the sound.

Mime Each Lonely Word

  • Varushka; the Guardian of the Maze of Zoria; dedicates and pilgrims of Wisdom; commanders of military units from Dawn and Varushka

Illya Nikovitch Volkov, the Maze of Zoria, has consecrated the site marked by the paragon of the same name with True Liao.The great circle of trees, vines, and dense plants has been infused with the Dagger of the Mind, complementing and enchanting the existing magic of the ancient maze. Now the maze exerts a siren call to pilgrims of the Way to come and explore its depths, and perhaps emerge transformed. Perhaps more importantly, the beasts and birds that Zoria once named cluster around the place, whispering secrets of the true beasts of Varushka - the powerful sovereigns. At the same time, the lesser beasts of Varushka stir from the deep woods and the dark hills, and the call goes out for wardens and schlacta to help keep the people of Varushka safe (which has also of course attracted the attention of Dawnish knight-errants and questing knights keen to face the terrors of the north with Glory in their hearts).

You can learn about the mysterious influence of the Maze of Zoria, and the stirring of the wolves and the sovereigns, in Mime each lonely word.

Midnight Rain

  • Fleet captains who undertook the mapping project, Imperial Senate

The Empire first launched a raid on Skallahn shortly after the Spring Equinox 384YE. The raid was a something of a disappointment but out of adversity comes opportunity. A summer raid was organised and the might of the Empire crashed into the southernmost territory of Kalsea, causing massive damage to the Kongegőr. With a once in a lifetime opportunity to sail through the gullet in massive numbers available a plan was made to try to map the Sea of Snow. That plan has now reached completion, and the ship captains are beginning to return to the Empire with news of what they have found.

You can read a summary of what was uncovered in Midnight rain.

Full of Sacred Sound

  • Highguard, especially the National assembly and generals; other National Assemblies

The Druj are driven out of Zenith, on the back foot in the Barrens. The Empire has helped to smash an international trade in misery. Highguard celebrates; a powerful sense of Pride rising within the nation. Virtue is contagious; Pride leads to Ambition and the question "What next?" All eyes look to the future, to the priests, to the lessons of virtue. "What next?" indeed! Three powerful mandates have been proposed that might signal powerful changes to the way Highguard sees itself, to the Empire it helped to create, perhaps even to the faith whose foundations it built.

You can learn about these three potent mandates in Full of sacred sound.

The Silent Page

  • Highguard; Dawn; Military Council; Senate

Imperial armies have invaded the Barrens, aiming to carve a steel causeway straight through the middle of the territory. The Druj gathered their forces and counter-attacked seeking to drive the Empire out, but the Empire refused to be cowed and their forces advanced towards the Fangs in the Bitter Strand. Were it a matter of steel, the Empire would have proved victorious, taking the Bitter Strand and capturing the Fangs, the strategically vital mithril resource on the edge of the Bitter Sea. However, the Imperial forces have embraced a more subtle strategy, one that forgoes military conquest in favour of sending a message to the inhabitants of the Barrens. While the Imperial armies hold the line, scouts attempt to deliver a message of hope asking old enemies to forget the wounds of the past and forge a common destiny against the Druj. Given the bitter history of recent campaigns in the Barrens, this attempt is "challenging" at best. The inhabitants hate the Druj, but they have many reasons to hate the Empire, blaming them for their current plight and not without due cause.

You can learn about opportunities related to making contact with the factions that influence the Barrens - human and orc alike - in The silent page.

Don't Blame Me

  • The League, especially Temeschwar and the National Assembly; Watcher of Ratibor's Torch; Varushkans, especially the Varushkan Assembly; Imperial Orcs, Custodian of the Assayer's Guild; holder of the Fortress of Salt bourse seat; the Northern Trade Network; the Imperial Senate; Rod and Shield Conclave order; ambitious people, military captains, and criminals

The Watcher of Ratibor's Torch guards the old prison where the boyar's bones still lie, giving regular sermons to the pilgrims drawn to the tomb and the attendant shrine. After the Autumn Equniox, Laughlan vi Temeschwar had the place consecrated with true liao. A powerful aura of Ambition now infuses the entire structure, and those who visit are reminded of what can ultimately be accomplished by one strives for it - that nothing is out of reach if you want it badly enough. That aura spreads its tendrils not only through the city of Ratibor, but potentially through the entire League - and perhaps even further afield.

You can read about the many opportunities arising in the wake of the consecration of Ratibor's Gate in Don't blame me.

The Two Of Us

  • Dawn; General of the Eastern Sky; Archmage of Summer; Archmage of Winter

At the Autumn Equinox, Lady Nimue de Moraine proposed that the enchantresses of Dawn find five eternals of the Summer realm to patronise the Eastern Sky, granting the army their favour and allowing its general to call on their aid. The enchanters have until the coming Summer Solstice to decide which regents of the Summer realm they choose and to see if they can agree terms with them. If the scheme comes to fruition, Lady Nimue intends to travel to Anvil for the Summer Solstice, to join her fellow Dawish magicians in the hour of triumph. However the outcome is not guaranteed. The eternals are the Summer Realm are fickle beings, many of them are prone to tempestuous outbursts. Some have already offered their aid, others might still be persuaded... or perhaps the enchantresses of Dawn will look elsewhere for patrons for the Eastern Sky?

You can read about a couple of opportunities related to the Eastern Sky, and the enchantresses of Dawn, in The two of us.


  • Traders and merchants of every kind; the Imperial Synod; puzzle aficionados; covens who can curse; Winterfolk

With the Winter Solstice drawing close, Imperial movers and shakers set off for Anvil along roads busy with the kind of people these gatherings always attract - people with goods to sell, or problems they wish to make other peoples' problems. They include an opportunity to purchase horrifically cursed curios; the chance to buy copious amounts of foreign narcotics; a visit from priests of the Broken Shore; feuding (?) Faraden nobles keen to secure the aid of covens who can help them engage in a curse-duel; a puzzle-challenge wrapped up in a will; three Suranni siblings risking everything to trade at Anvil; the question of the shaggy goat-bear-man; and a round up of things happening at the Bourse this coming weekend.

You can read all about these tempting (and not so tempting) offers and visitors in Gorgeous.

Shake It Off (Winds of Magic)

  • Imperial Conclave; Celestial Arch or Shuttered Lantern orders; Tarik of Ashenhall, Eadric of House du Froste, Eadric Fjellravening, Rin Geirskogul, Adón i Martán i Erigo, and the Voices of the Unbound Storm; the Weigher of Worth; Bartimaeus of Zenith Ascendant; Torbjörn Raedrigsson, Safir du Cercle; Archmage of Day; Urizen

While foreign nations engage in politics and diplomacy with the Empire, the eternals of the six realms hatch their own plans. Most formal contact between the Empire and the eternals goes through the archmage of the appropriate realm, but eternals who have not been marked as enemies can still send their heralds to bring messages on their behalf. These eternals love to meddle in Imperial affairs, sometimes via the Imperial Conclave and sometimes directly with Imperial citizens. Here is a roundup of eternal requests and challenges, relating to the Brother of Wizards, the Wise One,the Sovereign Lord of the City of Chains, the Lord of the Crossroads, the Master Strategist, the Pure Morning, and the Scoundrel-Capering-in-the_Shadows.

You can read about the opportunities these offers and messages represent in Shake it off.

Enchanted (Winds of Magic)

  • Imperial Conclave; Imperial Senate; citizens of Madruga; people with chaos fruit; Arcane Architect; holder of the Brilliant Star bourse seat; diviners; practitioners of Urizen lore; sorcerers including Lady Rosalynne de Guavin, Lord Sidlore Edric Charge de Gauvin, Ephrael, Jaylus and Keritoth of Zephaniah's Lament, Aethelric the Grounded, and Renee du Loire

With the Winter Solstice fast approaching, there are a number of magical matters that might be of interest to the magicians of the Empire. The Imperial Conclave, of course, has undergone some significant changes, the impact of which will be felt most strongly at the first actual meeting since they took place. There are also a number of pressing matters that might be of particular concern to the Imperial Conclave; a spreading blight in Madruga for example. The matter of the odd fruit gathered in Brocéliande during the daring adventure there. As well as a number of developments following certain declarations at the Autumn Equinox.

You can read about general magical matters, as well as some information about ongoing enchantments and similar details, in Enchanted

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Trade Winds)

  • Traders; Imperial Senate; Valerius the Spiral Envoy, Senator Sejanus of Redoubt, Esteban i Del Rio Blanco i Guerra, Imperial Fleetmaster Ezro i Alvera i Erigo, Andronikos of the Lighthouse at Nikephoros; Grandmasterrs of the Rod and Shield, Unfettered Mind, Celestial Arch, and Golden Pyramid

The winds of trade and the currents of international politics are pretty much interchangeable at times. Right now the Known World is adjusting to a post-Rachensgrab situation with the Liberty Pact in the ascendant and the Freedom Accord licking its wounds. How long will that be the case? Difficult to guess. Here you can learn about the situation between the two rival alliances, as well as find out about diplomacy with the Grendel, the Free Bregas, and the Sarcophan Delves, as well as find out about Iron Confederacy Lawkeepers on their way to Anvil to cooperate with the magistrates in rooting out malefactors.

Details of international trade and foreign diplomacy abound in We are never ever getting back together.

Other Events

There are a number of other events and situations which are noteworthy, but which for whatever reason have not led to a full Wind of Fortune in their own right.

The Kahraman Problem

  • Damage to the roads and bridges of northern Kharaman has made the plans for the Cinnabar Roads obsolete
  • The Imperial Senate could appraise methods to restore the routes through the Kahraman mountains
  • A Senate Motion could be passed to assign funds towards payment of additional caravan guards
  • In addition to the military impact, caravans from the Great Mine of Briante and Serra Damata have been placed at risk of attack from raiders and brigands

The Cinnabar Hills are home to two of the Empire's richest Bourse seats - the Great Mine of Briante and the Damatian Cliffs. Earlier in the year the Lasambrian Jotun and their Yegarra allies engaged in a widespread campaign of sabotage and destruction aimed at the roads and bridges through the mountains. Travel through Serra Damata, Serra Briante, and Braydon's Jasse has been made extremely difficult. The impact of this destruction has primarily been felt by the Military Council, with armies struggling to move through the mountains and the effectiveness of Fort Braydon greatly reduced.

Worse from the point of view of the Imperial Bourse is that the caravans carrying mithril and white granite cannot take the direct routes to Tassato they once used. Now they need to go out of their way, down onto the plains, and south-east through Madruga. This unfortunately leaves them easy prey for orc raiders out of Reinos or Liathaven; at risk from the opportunistic smugglers still believed to be active in the area; and easy pickings for any bandit keen to secure a spectacular payday. All this on top of the dangers of using less well-maintained routes down out of the mountains. The Lasambrian Jotun are already taking advantage of this situation to strike against caravans leaving Serra Briante from a base in southern Liathaven.

In Autumn last year a proposal to shore up the roads in northern Kahraman was put forward. Unfortunately, even a cursory examination by the civil service indicates that the damage Stephen of Sarcombe and his orc allies have inflicted makes the original designs obsolete. If the Cinnabar Roads are to be built, it will require a new set of plans and likely an exhaustive assessment of Serra Damata, Serra Briante, and Braydon's Jasse (as the result of an appraisal).

In the meantime the Imperial Senate could use a motion to make funds available for the hiring of sellswords, mercenaries, and independent warbands to protect the caravans coming down out of northern Kahraman. This would incur an ongoing cost of 5 Thrones each season to the Imperial treasury. As long as the Senate continued to pay, there would be no further risk to the produce of the mine and the quarry from casual raiders - although the Jotun might still threaten the two Bourse seats if they acting on a larger scale (one that might provoke a major conjunction of the Sentinel Gate for example)..

It would also create a new opportunity. Any military unit could take advantage of these lucrative contracts and play a part in protecting the caravans from raiders, smugglers, bandits, and accidents. A new paid work option would appear on the downtime dropdown called Kahraman Caravan Guard that any Freeborn or League military unit could take for as long as the Senate paid the upkeep. A standard military unit would earn 90 rings and five random metals for undertaking this adventure, with an upgraded or enchanted unit gaining proportionally more.

Under the Imperial Mint

  • The flooded chambers under the Imperial Mint dating back to the time of Emperor Giovanni are being carefully pumped out and shored up against the river water

Following the supernatural floods that struck the city of Tassato over the Summer, a series of flooded "secret chambers" were discovered beneath the Imperial Mint. The Master of the Mint.authorised the deployment of pumps imported from Holberg - similar to those used at the Great Pits of Ennerlund - at great personal expense. A team of merrow reclaimers are currently exploring the chambers as they are secured, working with a reputable firm of builders to shore up the rooms once the waters are cleared away. They have so far found little of immediate interest - it seems the top level of chambers were used as document storage and the documents are predictably ruined from having spend three centuries underwater. They are confident they will have cleared all the rooms by the Spring Equinox - unless they encounter any horrible subterranean/underwater monsters lurking in the depths of course.

The Tamazi

  • The Tamazi sept are settling in among the Imperial Orcs of Skarsind; many have chosen to become Imperial citizens

At the Autumn Equinox, a representative of one of the Tamazi families visited Anvil and spoke with some of the Imperial Orcs. In the months since, even more of the former Axou orcs have spoken with the egregores of the nation, petitioning to become Imperial citizens. It's believed that perhaps as many as half those Tamazi brought to the Empire have become part of the Imperial Orcs, with many choosing to take up the offer of tutelage at the College of Warcasting. Others are still considering their situation, making especial effort to speak with Imperial Orcs shamans and oathwrights. A few have shown interest in the Thule merchants from Otkodov, while others have been fascinated by opportunities to visit and speak with the Illarawm sept in Southpine about their shared appreciation of bone as a medium.

Regardless of where their affinity may lie, black-robe-clad orcs are now a familiar sight on the streets of Gildenheim.

More of our cousins now attend Anvil. Our people should be represented by those who know them best and live amongst them, rather than simply seeking a Senator's lifestyle. We call upon the civil service to assess the viability of a change in our election process to require candidates to live in the territory they represent.

Vinras Resnov, Varushka National Assembly, Autumn Equinox 384YE, Upheld (Primacy 180-0)

We the priests of the Coast are deeply concerned about the virtue of our Senate elections. They are stifling the Ambition of our citizens. We want this method to change to better reflect the spirit of our nation.

Finna i Fijadoz i Guerra, Brass Coast National Assembly, Autumn Equinox 384YE, Upheld (Primacy 184-20)

Senatorial Elections

  • The national assemblies of Varushka and the Brass Coast have expressed concerns about the nature of their Senatorial elections

Two national assemblies - the Varushkan and the Freeborn - expressed concerns about the way their nation elects its Senators during the Autumn summit. The Imperial Constitution mandates that the election process must be in accordance with the traditions of the nation, and if the nation as a whole agrees with their national assembly, this may lead to a shift in the way the elections take place. At the moment the egregores are still consulting with people all across the respective nations as to whether there is, indeed, widespread concern about the election methods.

OOC Note: As has happened in some previous cases, the "egregores speaking to the people" is an in-character explanation for discussion within the game team. If a chance is made, the in-character explanation will be that having carried out the consultation, the egregores now believe that this new method best reflects the traditions of the nation - so it will be adopted accordingly. It is important to understand that if a change is made, it will be for reasons of out-of-character game design criteria - it is an out-of-character decision taken by the Empire game team to improve the game. We will continue to consult with the crew who play the egregores, discussing the way the system works at present and taking their thoughts on possible options, but this is not a decision made by the crew members that play the egregores. You're also welcome to share your experiences of the elections in your nation via


  • Smuggling has lessened, but still continues, across the western borders of the Empire

Magistrates and militia continue to investigate allegations of smuggling involving Imperial citizens of the Brass Coast and the Marches, and Faraden traders. With the recent ratification of the Gloaming Treaty, the profits from smuggling Imperial goods to Faraden and vice versa have dropped, but there are still tariffs to be paid and where there are tariffs there are people who want to avoid them. Plus, of course, there are goods that are legal in one nation, illegal in the other, but for which demand still exists. As such, while there is less illegal activity overall, the problem persists although magistrates in the west are confident they are closing in on the ringleaders.


  • The cost to create new commissions in marshy areas has been increased permanently

The supernatural storms of 384YE have turned large sections of the Empire's marshes into boggy swamps. Any commission built in a region with the marsh quality will see an additional fifth added to the labour cost to construct it, to reflect the extensive draining and building of levees and dams needed. At first there were optimistic projections that the problem would persist only until the start of Winter 384YE, but all the indications are that the change will be permanent.

While the conjunction meant that the rituals used didn't directly effect territories outside the Empire, the additional water has broadly ignored territorial boundaries. As such, this change to the labour costs of commissions in marshy areas does apply to Bregasland, Zenith, Liathaven, Brocéliande, and the Barrens.

Floods in Ossium

  • Floods in Ossium are causing problems in the south of the territory

Obviously, the entire Empire has recently been recovering from widespread flooding, but for the most part the waters have receded. Marshes remain treacherous and boggy, but the Empire has weathered the storms and the rising waters with minimal long-term damage. As a consequence, it is particularly noticeable when the flooding starts to get worse in parts of Ossium. Varushkan traders visiting the town of Lanit, and residents of the Nearwold Forest have reported rising waters. The rivers of Nearweald are not going down, and part of the problem appears to be related to swatches of felled trees cutting through the damp forests. There are concerns that if the flooding continues to spread northward, it may even begin to impact the production of the Crawling Depths. The rising waters have also seen numbers of Varushkan settlers having to abandon their homes - hopefully temporarily. The egregores are believed to know more.

Winter Conjunctions

  • Conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate for the current event are on the Winds of War page

During the Winter Solstice there are a number of conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate that will allow Imperial heroes to visit locations around the Empire. Many are combat skirmishes against the Empire's enemies, but some are more diplomatic or investigative in nature. A list can be found on the Winds of War page for the event.

Trade Summary

Rather than spread this information out around the various foreign nations, we've collected it here for ease of reference.

  • Free Trade: Imperial ships trading with Commonwealth, Axos, Sumaah, or Sarcophan Delves receive a +1 rank bonus until the start of the Autumn Equinox 385YE.
  • Asavean Archipelago: The port of Nemoria is closed to Imperial trading vessels.
  • Axos: The dreadful docks at Issyk remain a problem. While the impact of recent events continues to fade, the Axos are now angry about revelations relating to Imperial involvement in the failure of their joint venture with the Grendel into the Mountains of the Moon. Consequently Imperial fleets suffer significant penalties to trade with Axos. A fleet captain trading at the Towers of Kantor suffers a -3 rank penalty, while trading at the Chambers of Issyk suffers an incredible -5 rank penalty.
  • The Commonwealth: Commonwealth citizens remain enthusiastic about trading the Imperial fleet captains. Fleets trading with Leerdam receive an additional dram of Bladeroot, while fleets trading with Volkavaar receive an additional vial of Artisan's Oil on top of their normal production.
  • Principalities of Jarm: The ports of Kavor and Vezak remain closed to Imperial fleets.
  • Sarcophan Delves: Imperial captains continue to be welcomed in the Delves. Fleets trading with the great port-city of Sarcophan receive an additional dose of Marrowort and an additional dose of Imperial Roseweald on top of their normal production. The new port of Betovering is newly open to Imperial fleets.
  • Sumaah Republic: Imperial captains are free to trade with the Sumaah Republic. Fleets visiting Zemeh receive standard production.
  • Grendel: The port of Oran is closed to Imperial fleets.
  • Iron Confederacy: The port of Robec is available for Imperial fleets.


  • You can find details of the mandates, along with the rest of the Synod judgements, here.

Nine mandates were successfully upheld in the Imperial Synod last season. All mandates have been automatically enacted as long as the named priest has sufficient liao in their inventory before Downtime opens. Some mandates were upheld by their respective assemblies but not enacted.

Autumn Conjunctions

  • Last event there were a number of conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate; their known outcomes are listed here

During the Autumn Equinox, there were a number of conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate identified by the Imperial prognosticators. In each case a band of Imperial heroes used that conjunction to travel to a location far from Anvil and intervene in a ongoing situation. These are the known outcomes of those conjunctions.

# Location Responsibility Overview Result
1 Kahraman, Gambit, Talaeiros Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills Rescue the Damatian Cliffs forewoman Catalina i Burna i Riqueza was rescued, and has returned to work at the Damatian Cliffs. Her grateful colleagues have arranged for a reward to be delivered to the Dhomiro
2 Sermersuaq, Stark, Avointaivas Champion of Wintermark Recover the relic Tuuli's Eye The Jotun were unfortunately able to escape into Skallahn still in possession of the stolen relic
3 Zenith, Occursion, Tower of the Fall Medical Officer of the Pegasus Respite Intercept Druj supplies, exorcise tortured souls The heroes of the Empire were unable to significantly disrupt the Druj preparations
4 Karsk, Lestazny, Pyotr's Square Burgher of Ketsov Investigate why the Ketsov of the Mir Mozga are acting a little strange A small group of Varushkans visited the Mir Mozga; the outcome is not common knowledge
5 Zenith, Iteri, Pallasian Steps Captain of the Sea Wolves Destroy miasma pillars, exorcise tortured souls The pillar still stands in Iteri, and continues to anchor the Druj miasma
6 Zenith, Lustri, Rift in the Veil Knight Protector of Winter Slay the Endless Stalker, exorcise tortured souls The Endless Stalker has ravaged the Imperial armies and remains a threat to the people of Lustri
7 Madruga, Calvos Sound, Calvos Freeborn Sutannir Lift spirits and investigate Imperial heroes freed the Sumaah pilgrims from the machinations of a malicious creature, and drove it off
8 Ossium, Drownbark Forest, Petka's Path General of the Northern Eagle Protect vital roads and bridges in Ossium The Druj were unfortunately able to dig in; the Winter Sun moved to Ossium to deal with the growing threat
9 The Barrens, Dawnguard, Aurelius Estates Member of House Aurelius Summon Sorin's hungry wolves to the Barrens Sorin unleashed his hounds to aid the Imperial armies, and some remain to protect the lands of House Aurelius
10 Zenith, Lustri, Spire of Twisting Shadow Raewyn Eternal Destroy miasma pillars The Lustri pillars still stand, continuing to anchor the Druj miasma
11 Zenith, Proceris, Plantation of Tall Ferns Aurum of Nightingale Temple Destroy miasma pillars, intercept marshlings The pillar still stands continuing to anchor the Druj miasma in Proceris
12 Sarangrave, Whisperwood, Karliss Dredgemaster of Feverwater Rescue Navarri vates from Sarangrave The Navarri vates remain at the mercy of their Druj captors
13 Spiral, Screed, Kephalos' Delve Archmage of Night Ash and Dust The outcome is not public knowledge; the Archmage of Night surely knows more
14 Zenith, Occursion, Field of Celestial Mist Warmage Destroy miasma pillar, stop weapons reaching the battle The heroes of the Empire were able to destroy the miasma pillar, but unable to stop weapons reaching the battlefield
15 Bregasland, Grey Fens, Jayne's Top Copse General of the Strong Reeds Eliminate a Jotun outpost in Bregasland The attack against the Jotun was a success and the overconfident general of the Mandowla's Roar has paid a heavy price
16 Sermersuaq, Stark, Broken Rock Plain Senator for Sermersuaq Rescue Yanti the Storm Runner Yantl the Storm Runner was intercepted and whatever was pursing them presumably dealt with
17 Volodmartz, Brez, Urodli's Fall Vladimir Sasha Volkov All is Fair, All is Permitted Unclear; some kind of fighting took place but the exact outcome is not common knowledge beyond those who participated
18 Sermersuaq, Tanikipari, Kilpailuala Bay General of the Bloodcloaks Send Jarl Snekmar to the Howling Abyss Jarl Snekmar and his warriors are no longer a threat to the people of Sermersuaq