The Imperial Senate

The Freeborn senators of The Brass Coast

  • Senator for Feroz: Liythos i Purjo i Guerra
  • Senator for Kahraman: Maher i Zaydan i Riqueza
  • Senator for Madruga: Anwar i Del-Toro i Riqueza
  • Senator for Segura: Avisena i Ezmara i Guerra

The senators of Dawn

  • Senator for Astolat: Bohemond de Rondell
  • Senator for Semmerholm Escaladus DeCarsenere
  • Senator for Weirwater: Valentin Ivarovich Orzel

The senators of Highguard

  • Senator for Bastion: Solomon, of the Shattered Tower
  • Senator for Casinea: Zephram, of Cantiarch’s Hold
  • Senator for Necropolis: Ianthe, of Raven's Watch
  • Senator for Reikos: Gideon, of the Suns of Couros

The senators of The League

  • Senator for Holberg: Rossalyn Jordan
  • Senator for Sarvos: Mirislav
  • Senator for Tassato: Cesare Sanguineo Rezia Di Tassato
  • Senator for Temeschwar: Gant Archama

The senators of The Marches

  • Senator for Bregasland, the Dour Fens: Orrick
  • Senator for Mitwold, Pride of the Marches: Bridget Eastville
  • Senator for Upwold, The Silver Chase: Silas

The senators of the Navarr

  • Senator for Hercynia: Ranulf Pridestalker
  • Senator for Miaren: Llewellyn Leafstalker
  • Senator for Therunin: Caerwyn Summer Crow

The senators of Urizen

  • Senator for Morrow: Ariadne
  • Senator for Redoubt: Probus of Shattered Spire
  • Senator for Zenith: Tanwyn Ankarien

The senators of Varushka

  • Senator for Karsk: Radomir
  • Senator for Karov: Maximov Strascovich
  • Senator for Miekarova: Dušan Otecovna Zlata
  • Senator for Volodmartz: Juha the Cave Spider

Senator Dušan was revoked by the Imperial Synod but then re-elected to the post; he cannot be revoked again until after the next time the Senatorship would be elected normally.

The senators of Wintermark

The senator of the Imperial Orcs

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Other Senate Titles

The Military Council

The Generals of The Brass Coast

The Generals of Dawn

The Generals of Highguard

The Generals of the Imperial Orcs

The General of The League

The Generals of The Marches

The Generals of Navarr

The General of Urizen

The Generals of Varushka

The Generals of Wintermark

Other Military Council Positions

The Imperial Synod


  • Cardinal Olek La Maschera Sorridente de Temeschwar of the League
  • Gatekeeper Silent John of the Marches
  • Virtue Inquisitor Serrusto Caeli Rezia di Tassato of the League


  • Cardinal Asher of Felix's Watch in Highguard
  • Gatekeeper Agnieszka Katrinova Prochnost of Varushka
  • Virtue Inquisitor Lady Eleanor de Rondell of Dawn


  • Cardinal Jared of the Suns of Couros, Highguard
  • Gatekeeper Anna-Valeria Cascade of Urizen
  • Virtue Inquisitor Julius Cavita of the League


  • Cardinal Ozren de Orzel of Dawn
  • Gatekeeper Lady Josephine Novarion of Dawn
  • Virtue Inquisitor Ephreal of Highguard


  • Cardinal Ophelia Sanguineo Rezia Di Tassato
  • Gatekeeper: The Civil Service is awaiting confirmation of the appointment of Gatekeeper from the new Cardinal. Currently held by Wilhemina Maryenkovich Poltova of Varushka.
  • Virtue Inquisitor: The Civil Service is awaiting confirmation of the appointment of Virtue Inquisitor from the new Cardinal. Currently held by Vauraus Korppitkotka of Wintermark.


  • Cardinal Silas of the Suns of Couros, Highguard
  • Gatekeeper Aarne Ceorling of Wintermark
  • Virtue Inquisitor Irada von Temeschwar of the League


  • Cardinal Agnetha De Rondell of Dawn
  • Gatekeeper is vacant
  • Virtue Inquisitor Ana-Marina Ferreira da Mestra of the League

The Way

Other Synod positions

The Imperial Conclave


Grandmasters of the Orders

Other Imperial Conclave Positions

The Imperial Bourse

Imperial Bourse Positions

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