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The Freeborn Senators

The Dawnish Senators

The Highborn Senators

The Imperial Orc Senator

The League Senators

The Marcher Senators

The Navarr Senators

The Urizeni Senators

The Varushkan Senators

The Wintermark Senators

The Freeborn Generals

The Dawnish Generals

The Highborn Generals

The Imperial Orc Generals

The League Generals

The Marcher Generals

The Navarr Generals

The Urizeni General

The Varushkan Generals

The Wintermark Generals


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  • check data for new titles and commissions
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  • Sort Roll of Honour shit.
  • Update commission list to include follies
  • Add nationality to recent election table for Imperial titles
  • More all data pages to archive
  • add title holder to sinecure, ministry and army
  • Add commission output - "additional small donations"
  • Create Election schedule page
  • Edit election system to mandate character ID and default description
  • Complete Table for Category:Title page
  • Need to update Election Results code - for this page 383YE_Autumn_Equinox_Imperial_elections
  • Add voting scores into Archive:All election results

Accessibility – Possible Spoiler

Combat Unlikely or Contained May use the non-contact gesture as needed. Comes with same risk as if in Anvil; any combat will be in a contained area that is easily avoided both IC and OOC.
Walking You will need to travel a couple of hundred yards to the start of the encounter, but once started it is designed to take place in a reasonably contained area.
Light Encounter takes place late at night and will be poorly illuminated.
Smoke Encounter will include significant use of smoke as an essential component of the encounter.
Mobility Encounter takes place in the woods which can be difficult underfoot with rough terrain and other obstacles.
Accomodations Possible If you wish to partake in the encounter but the combination of poor light, distance and mobility will make that a challenge, please talk to us well beforehand. We will try to arrange for you to travel earlier than the other players, by a separate route with better illumination.